A Man Called Michael Nierenberg

New residential investment is importing to the building of new homes has the population increases. One of the leaders in this field is Michael Nierenberg, CEO of New Residential Investment Corp. This multimillion-dollar company has a lot of money to invest a new housing.

Michael Nierenberg is also a Managing Director at Fortress. He had held the same position with both Global Mortgages and Securitized Products while he was at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Before November 2008, he headed up Global Securitized Products of JP Morgan.

Despite this, there is a little personal information on Michael Nierenberg such as education. He was born in 1962 while his place of birth does not seem to be available, but he is worth over 41 million dollars much of it in residential homes. New Residential Investment Corp, itself is doing quite well under his leadership. The reason for the lack personal information seems to be the fact that he is not much of a public figure. He does his job of running the company quiet enough not have much written about him personally. He is, however, married with two children and based on available information they do seem to be rather happy.

Michael Nierenberg has truly prospered has CEO of New Residential Investment Corp with much of his current wealth in new residential homes. He has done well in his other positions, but its current position seems to be his most profitable both for the company and himself. Is probably no coincidence that is CEO of a major residential Investment corporation but he would have a lot of wealth in residential homes. After all, it is natural as a CEO to invest in the company, you work for as well as the main product of. that Company.

Michael Nierenberg is clearly an able business leader in family man. While we do not know much about him there doesn’t seem to be anything bad that he has been involved with. While is not the richest businessman he is doing a good job running his company and that is all one can really ask of any CEO.

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Gareth Henry: Strategizing Private Investments

In the financial history of the world, we have experienced quite a few financial breakdowns and crises that were experienced by governments and communities all around the world. One of the most famous financial breakdowns was The Great Depression. From which after it was followed decades after by one of the worst financial crises that were experienced by the community was the events of the fairly recent crises from 2008. From 2008, the market experienced a huge amount of decline from publicly traded stocks – specifically 777 points just because of investor clamor and panic. At the peak of the crisis of 2008, publicly traded stocks ultimately fell into a deep freeze where no one can invest on it and no one was able to take money out of it. In the case of broken or frozen funds, no one is able to transact anything and the money is either lost or held stagnant.

One of the key people who has swept through the financial crisis of 2008 and has devised risk aversion programs for these employees is Gareth Henry. Gareth Henry is one of the most proclaims, most exalted and most recognizable people in the period of the 2008 financial breakdown of the economy.

Gareth Henry has single handedly managed to put private investments back in the map of the economy. During the freeze of publicly traded stocks, Gareth’s work and expertise on utilizing private stocks have been more than handy to the economy then. Gareth Henry, because of his excellent work on financial management and his exceptional strategies regarding private funds have made him a go to individual when it comes to cases like such.

You would expect nothing less from a global leader like Gareth Henry, he is well versed in global relations and he serves as an alternative investments manager for companies in the US. Needless to say, he is a a very talented individual when it comes to financial and investment management, most especially for investments that concern private funds. A fun fact with Gareth is that he is a mathematics and arithmetic geek when he was a child and this came useful in his later years.

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Why Is Hussain Sajwani The Damac Owner Backing Down Despite Market Uncertainties?

In the last one decade, businesses and the world economy have been rocked by some of the most challenging factors. It all started with the financial crisis in 2008 and just as the markets recovered from this hit came Trump administration’s trade tariffs and tiffs against a dozen other major global economies, Brexit challenge in Europe and China’s reaction to United States economic sanctions.

These haven’t favored multinational tradesmen like the Damac owner, Hussain Sajwani. This however hasn’t stopped from planning projects, pushing on with existing ones and doubling down on luxury property development in Europe. But how does he remain unshaken in the face of all this uncertainty:

Markets always change

Asked about keeps him going despite the many uncertainties, Hussain Sajwani alludes to the clinging on the hope that things will always get better. He believes that just like the dot-com bubble, financial crisis and Middle East wars ended and markets stabilized, the current political tremors affecting the market won’t last forever. The Damac owner, who has deep ties with the Trump Organization, supports President Donald Trump’s reaction to Chinese one-sided trade deals. He believes that free trade is the key to the success of the global economy.

More than just profits and net profit

Damac properties reported a 33 percent decline in the last quarter profits. The company shares, in turn, took a similar plunge slashing the Damac owner’s net profit by over a quarter by bringing it down to $3.6 Billion. But Hussain Sajwani argues that profit and net profits slumps aren’t enough to force him to back down on his future plans. Pointing to the lives that depend on the sustainability of his company as well the need to grow his brand further, the Damac owner argues that there is more to his business interest than profits and net profit.

More about Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani was born in Dubai but would soon leave for the United States after receiving a scholarship to study at Washington University. He, however, came back to the city after graduation and started a catering company, Global Logistics Services, which eventually birthed Damac properties. Today, the real estate company is recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

What You May Not Know About Fortress Investment Group

Did you know that a Fortress Investment Group is a firm that focuses majorly on things like buyout, turnaround, and capitalization situations? It specializes in investments of financial services, particularly loan servicing among others.

The main objective of many Fortress Investment Groups just like other companies is to increase profits and to minimize losses. But do such companies mind their customers? Well, the majority do not have in mind the effects of maximizing the profits to their customers. There are some of the businesses who take the other direction from the others and consider their customers in whatever they do. Manaria shopping in Brazil for instance.

You will be surprised to learn that this Fortress Investment Groups has a large space, it is about 12000 square meters just to ensure that its customers have a good space for their own entertainment, dining option included, it was also meant for commercial features. This Fortress Investment Groups was ranked one of the best shopping centers since it was the only shopping complex that had special features. It had served as the major centers for commerce in the region.

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I know that are waiting to hear on how it values their customers. Well, has managed to make their customers smile by doing renovation after a certain period of time. For instance, expansion as made in 1993, 1997 and also 2002 and other renovation that happened after those years. This renovation and expansion of space have made the shopping complex increase the number of customers each year.

Did I tell you that the same Fortress Investment Groups has a slogan “Always Thinking of You, “just to optimize the approach taken in strengthening many offerings that have been established over the years in the space. Domus Hall, for example, is the most impressive and attractive part of the features and there are many additions that have made Manaria shopping complex be ranked as one of the largest investment and making it go beyond the normal space to purchase consumer goods.

Entertaining large groups of people is one of the activities that the mall has been known for. It has several screens not to mention the cinema facilities that offer a key part of this pursuit; it also has an onsite arcade with a wide range of electronic games that one can select from. In addition to screen-based entertainment, the facility also offers an indoor space to let adults and families have group activity together.

Learn more about Fortress Investment Groups: https://www.wsj.com/articles/wesley-edens-is-an-investor-with-an-affinity-for-the-underdog-1532111122

Marc Beer set to revolutionize women’s healthcare through his MedTech startup

Marc Beer is the co-founder and CEO of Renovia; a biotechnology company focused on addressing medical problems facing women. Marc has been in the healthcare sector as an executive for over 25 years. March has dedicated most of his career towards the development of biotechnology and it’s commercialization. Renovia was founded by Marc and his business partners Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias who is currently the Managing Director in August 2016. Under the capable leadership of Marc, Renovia has grown to one of the most notable MedTech companies and successfully completed its Series A financing attracting notable healthcare venture capital funds. Before this venture, Marc worked as the Founding CEO of ViaCell and Founding Chairman of Good Star Genetics board of directors.


The women’s healthcare revolution


Recently, Marc Beer conducted a Series B financing campaign for his Renovia biotech company and successfully raised $32 million. He was also able to raise another $10 million as part of venture debt totalling his collection at $42 million. Marc plans to utilize these funds to help his company develop new products to address various medical issues related to pelvic floor disorders in women. This medical condition is known to affect at least 250 million women worldwide. Renovia, which is based in Boston is committed to developing diagnostic and therapeutic products that that can remedy pelvic floor disorders especially urinary incontinence.


A united front


During a press release announcing the collection of the funds, Marc Beer announced that his companies fight against this dreaded condition. He said that some of the company’s Series B investors had shown interest in uniting with them to help women globally manage pelvic floor disorders. Marc particularly pointed out the Longwood Fund as their partners in this united front against this condition.


The Renovia co-founder and CEO went ahead to state that this new investor will be very vital in the development of the second edition of their first product, Leva. The FDA approved the first edition of the Leva product in April, and Marc wants to make significant improvements to it on its second edition. The Longwood Fund’s long-term experience as a healthcare-focused investment firm will play a significant role in this according to Beer.


Cheaper healthcare


Beer went ahead to state that by Renovia working closely with the Longwood Fund, it will be possible for them to lower the cost of this healthcare for women across the globe. He stated that by the two companies combining their proprietary innovative sensor technologies, they could come up with affordable treatment options. Marc Beer said that his company planned to use its digital health platform to provide its customers with valuable data that will help them make informed decisions. Learn more: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2013/01/23/aegerion-ceo-on-promise-of-biopharma.html


The Work of Marc Beer

Marc Beer and his company Renovia Inc. recently made major news. The company is moving forward with plans to produce several new products for pelvic floor disorders. This comes as the company closes multiple million dollar deals including a thirty-two million dollar series B deal.


Renovia Inc. is a Boston-based medtech company that has made a name for itself by developing a variety of products that treat pelvic floor disorders. These disorders, which include urinary incontinence, affect more than two hundred and fifty million women across the world. Renovia is working together with the The Longwood Fund. This group got in early on the investing process along with New York-based Perceptive Advisors and Missouri-Based Ascension Ventures.


When speaking of the event, Marc Beer had lots of good things to say. “We are thrilled to have the support of this group of leading healthcare investors,” says Beer. Beer went on to explain these companies share the same vision to better diagnose, treat and improve the lives of women affected by these disorders. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/marc-beer/


Marc Beer has built an impressive career as an entrepreneur. Beer is the CEO and nd Co-founder of Renovia Inc. He has more than two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology world. Beer has also spent time as the CEO of ViaCell. This biotech firm specializes in the development and preservation of stem cells. Under Beer’s leadership this company has grown to more than three hundred employees. Other notable achievements during Beer’s career including being chairman of the directors’ board for Good Start Genetics Compensation Committee and founding chairman of the compensation committee of Minerva Neurosciences Inc Audit Committee.


Marc Beer believes his success is a result of his daily schedule. His typical week is focused on talent acquisition, organizational structure and process around operations. Beer believes if you have the right talent you can build success in healthcare. Beer believes he has put a good leadership team in place at Renovia and this is a big part of their early success. Beer’s approach is to build a successful leadership team and keep them focus on the overall long term vision

Dick DeVos Has Always Been There For His Home State Of Michigan

Dick DeVos is a man with a big heart who has been serving his home state of Michigan for many years. He has supported the Education Freedom Fund in the past, which offers private scholarships to economically challenged Michigan families. He did so by matching a grant for more than $7 million that was provided by the Children’s Scholarship Fund, which helped the Education Freedom Fund to continue helping families in Michigan.


Dick DeVos always has his eye on the happenings in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. When something strikes him as out of place or not good for the city, he takes action. In 1991, he was alerted to an idea that was in the works to build a sports and convention arena outside of the city’s downtown area. He had already seen a similar plan devastate the city of Detroit when the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills was constructed.


The problem wasn’t with the arena itself but had to do with the fact that the Detroit Lions and Pistons left the city during the 1970s. This left the city with a huge bill to pay for the arena and no income coming in from sports games at the arena to pay for it. With this knowledge, Dick DeVos began making phone calls and started up a lobbying effort to counter the construction of the arena and convention center in Grand Rapids.


Dick DeVos helped to gather together a group of local business leaders during this time who were motivated to improve Grand Rapids. The group is called Grand Action, and it has been responsible for many buildings in the city, which have made it a better place to call home. DeVos, also helped to create the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, which has donated millions of dollars to many different causes that are important to the people of Michigan and the United States, at large.


In Grand Rapids, Dick DeVos has done more than just donate millions of dollars to its educational sector. He started up a charter school named the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is a nonprofit school that started out in an office space in the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. The school started out with just 80 students but now boasts more than 600 students who come from all over the world to attend the school.


Dick DeVos is an aviation enthusiast and pilot himself who also helped to put together the Great Lakes Education Project. This project has helped to continue to allow new charter and private schools to be built in Michigan. Due to the popularity of his charter school, there is a drawing every year to see which lucky youngster gets to become a student there. There is no tuition costs to attend the school, just like any other public school, and students get to learn about aviation facts in an environment that spurs their imagination. DeVos hopes to be able to continue to help the students by encouraging them to dream big.


Read http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.

Alastair Borthwick: Famed Scottish Storyteller

Alastair Borthwick was a famous writer from Scotland. He dropped out of high school at the age of 16 in order to work for the local newspaper which was called the Glasgow Herald. He would collect stories which he would later use to publish his first major book titled Always a Little Further.

It was the year 1939 that Alastair Borthwick first published the book Always a Little Further. It was later described as a masterpiece which was capable of allowing people to take a view into the climbing culture in Scotland during the 30s. The book was actually composed of a series of articles that Alastair Borthwick had written for the Glasgow Herald. The famous poet T.S. Eliot actually helped Alastair Borthwick combine these articles to become a full-length book. The imagery that he showed during his book had the characteristic of bringing his readers to the adventures themselves. His readers would find themselves climbing mountains and traveling through valleys the places that they could only dream. It was not surprising whenever the storytelling of Alastair Borthwick would quickly become very popular throughout the region. Eventually, the book would travel throughout the country and throughout the years as well.

Towards the end of the war, Alastair Borthwick would be tasked with creating a book where he would recount the stories that he had gathered and experiences that he had made during the three years that he served for the nation’s Armed Forces by his superior John Sym. Alastair Borthwick was right for the opportunity and it was not lost on him. He had just had enough experiences to last a lifetime and he had six months to write it.

After the conclusion of World War II, Alastair Borthwick would take his wife away from the city of Glasgow Scottland to the Isle of Jura. They would live there together for the next seven years in pursuit of a more simple life. It was during this time that they conceived their first son whom they would name Patrick. Alastair Borthwick would use the time he had on the island to continue to pursue writing as well as fishing.

The Philanthropic Deeds Of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon who has spent over forty years performing complex surgeries that have saved the lives of many children over the years. Some of his philanthropic works have been providing free medical care to underprivileged patients.

One organization that has sought him out on frequent occasions has been the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund or PCRF. This is a charity that tries to get medical assistance for poor Arab children in the Middle East. The organization has asked Dr. Saad to treat children in the United States, as well as travel to Palestine to treat needy children free of charge.

The PCRF approached Dr. Saad Saad several times to provide medical assistance free of charge for Palestinian children who were brought over to the United States for emergency treatment. The first occasion was a fifteen-year-old boy with severe gunshot wounds who had been shot at the West Bank.

The local doctors felt the wounds were too severe for them to provide the appropriate treatment, so they sent him the United States. Dr. Saad Saad examined the boy and concluded his situation was urgent. He performed a complex seven-hour surgery where he fixed the boy’s internal damage and patched the bullet holes. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-saad-saad-ys6d8 and https://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/saad-saad-md-3d5f8ce5-a764-4c86-b201-e50ec51cd7f2-overview

Another instance involved a young boy who had been hit with a bomb in his leg by the Gaza strip. The boy had been a talented soccer player but could no longer walk unless he had a complex nerve transplant. A nerve transplant is a medical procedure that Dr. Saad Saad has not performed, so he sought a doctor personally for the boy who had extensive experience performing this procedure. The boy was eventually able to return home walking and playing soccer again.

The PCRF also asked Dr. Saad Saad to travel to Palestine in order to treat children whose parents could not pay for medical care. Dr. Saad Saad believed that the most important reason for going to Palestine was to give medical assistance to those who lacked the funds necessary to pay.

Another important reason for him going to Palestine was that he felt he had a lot to offer young doctors in the form of knowledge. He credited training in the United States as one of the reasons for his skill as a doctor, and he wanted to ensure that when he returned home, the doctors would be armed with more knowledge to assist their own people.

When he first traveled to Palestine to give medical assistance in 2008, he performed the entire surgery himself, but on his last visit in 2015, he got to play an advisory role, ensuring the other doctors performed the procedure in a safe and effective manner.

Shervin Pishevar, Sherpa Capital, makes surprising economic predictions on twitter

Venture capitalist and Uber investor Shervin Pishevar is well known for his outspoken nature. Earlier this week, the businessman took to Twitter to pour out his thoughts on several burning economic issues. In over 50 tweets, the venture capitalist and Uber investor covered topics such as bitcoins, bonds, immigration to Space X.

A looming financial storm

Some of the most eye-catching tweets that Pishevar posted during his 21-hour tweet fest warned about a looming financial storm. In his tweets, he warned that the coming financial storm is going to cause chaos in the financial markets. The stock markets are bound to lose over 6,000 points as a result of the economic crash. He warned that this financial storm could happen as soon as in the next few months.

The Bitcoin and bonds crash

In his tweets, Shervin Pishevar advised those who had invested fortunes into bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency sector to tighten their belts. This is because the current crash witnessed in the past few weeks isn’t about to end any time soon. The Sherpa Capital founder stated that the bad situation now is going to get even worse.

He also stated that currently, there is a lot of volatility in the bonds market. This volatility coupled with a couple of other factors like the looming financial storm will see China outshine the United States when the economy crashes.

Silicon Valley

Shervin Pishevar also dedicated some of his tweets to Silicon Valley. He tweeted that the misfortunes that he had encountered in the last few months were as a result of some of his rivals from the valley trying to take him down. The venture capitalist and Uber investor said that their differences where purely business matters and they should stop dragging his family down the drain with him. He Pishevar had earlier gone to court and accused Definers Public Affairs of running and image-tarnishing campaign on him though he dropped the case.

Shervin Pishevar pointed out the tech innovations shining star of California especially Silicon Valley is dimming. He said that soon there would be no tech innovations light there and he won’t be surprised.