Eric Leftkofsky Co-Founded Tempus To Aid Cancer Patient Treatments

Eric Lefkofsky Co-founded the company Tempus with Brad Keywell and he currently operates as the company’s CEO. The technology behind Tempus is being used to compile large amounts of molecular and genomic data into a single database that can be used by doctors to create more precise treatments for cancer patients. Eric is well-known in the business industry as a successful entrepreneur today, having started several of his own companies before Tempus. The majority of people know him from his majority successful Groupon platform, which offers coupons to customers around the world for better deals on everyday things.

Advancements are coming to the fields of healthcare and technology on a regular basis, but there are still many things that are under par that need some serious focus. This was the reason behind Eric’s desire to start up Tempus for cancer treatments. Eric saw cancers disastrous effects up close in his personal life and he noticed the lack of proper data organization and patient dedicated treatments. Eric has stated that data is one of the biggest problems currently facing the medical world. Eric Lefkofsky has been working on structuring data for more than 2 decades, so he knew there was technology available that would make accumulating medical data possible while simultaneously organizing it and bringing it all together.

With the latest rounds of funding over, Tempus has had more than 130 million dollars raised in funding since first starting up in 2015. Eric has said he is willing to personally invest more than 100 million into Tempus to make sure the company can complete its goal. Since Tempus already has the technology it needs to structure and compile data, Eric is working on building a data set. Once this is completed, the end result will be more precise patient information for doctors to use in their cancer treatments for patients around the globe. In the future, Eric believes Tempus will focus on more than just cancer data, but data from many other diseases as well.

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Clayton Hutson Helps Stars Sound Their Best

Clayton Hutson is one of the luckiest people in the world. He does what he loves, engineering and live shows. He is an artist and a creator who gets to work with many of the top talents in the music world. He gets to travel and party with them, while remaining the true force behind the scenes. He is the man the stars rely on to make them sound their best when they are performing concerts live in front of their fans. He does not experience the fame and fan adulation the stars receive, but he also does not suffer the risk of losing popularity and becoming out of date or out of fashion. He doesn’t have to worry about his appearance or about growing old. He doesn’t have to give interviews. He just has to do what he loves, using his technical expertise to enhance the talents of the stars to give the fans the experience of a lifetime.


One of his favorite brands of consoles is DiGiCo. On a tour with Aaron Lewis, the founder and frontman of Staind following his debut solo album, Hutson wanted a console small enough to store under the touring bus or even to check as baggage when they flew to a performance date. Hutson wanted to be in control of how Lewis sounded to his fans, not at the mercy of local production companies and in-house systems with less than optimal equipment. Hutson would function on this tour as both the FOH/Monitor engineer and the Production & Tour Manager. Hutson is a true professional. He gives his best to every performer he works with, and so he does not accept a result that doesn’t serve the performer and the fans. He needed to bring his own console, but he didn’t have many options because the tour did use both buses and planes, and he had to remain under budget.


Luckily, Hutson had read about the DiGiCo SD11. The 19″ version is the smallest console made by DiGiCo, as well as the least expensive. Yet it offered all the DiGiCo functionality Hutson already knew about, wanted and expected. Therefore it seemed the perfect solution. Best of all, it offered the features and sonics Hutson needed. And he knew he could rely on DiGiCo, so he took an SD11 out for its field debut on the tour with Aaron Lewis. Although small, it performed like a champ. Learn more:

Leadership Skills of Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes has marked perfect leadership in several companies that she has led. She has experience of more than a decade serving in the same field. Some of the organization that Stokes has steered them to the peak point includes Disaster Relief Construction Industry. She has earned an excellent record in the field of management. As a versatile leader, there are several projects that she runs with the aim of creating a perfect transformation in the community. He studied Biomedical Engineering and Physics from the Mercer University and graduated in the year 2001. Read this article at

Furthermore, she has enriched her skills through the side studies of Technical Communication and Manufacturing and Management. The move has boosted her management operation in several firms that she has served. She has demonstrated her abilities in the arena of leadership through the projects she had laid down at GSH of Alabama. Other projects she has carried out in the society is under the check of the Huntsville community

Barbara Stokes has put his efforts in enabling the system of the GSH of Alabama to attain its dreams. The idea aims at delivering the services that perfectly fit the requirements of their clients. There are several areas that the company has concentrated its efforts. The common ones are design and on-site constructions on matters of the modular commercial. The standardized services of the firm have positioned it at a peak point in the region of North America on issues of the in-house solutions. The other segment of the GSH that has been beneficial to the people in the community is the leadership training projects especially in the area of engineering. The step has boosted the phases of the firm in the installation and expansion of the materials in most of the structure located in the region.


Barbara Stokes and Scott B. Stokes announced the new jobs created in the eight states. The reason for the concept was to let the operation s in the community flow along the line of expectation. The primary states targeted by the projects include Alabama, Florida, North Carolina and others. The reason for the creation of the jobs was to boost the FEMA’s plan operating at the cost of $28.5 M. All the operation of the scheme were under the look of the Green Structure Homes of Alabama. The firm’s decision of investing in the community was lauded by Barbara Stokes. The business has applied the modern methods in delivering its service to the community. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

The Splendid Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani moved to the United Kingdom from Kenya to train as a chartered accountant. He later started working for KPMG.

His entrepreneurial journey began in the 1980’s when he helped co-found and started working as a managing partner of Sussex Healthcare. He would become the first London entrepreneur to pioneer limited service branded hotels in London. For the past 25 years, he has been part of similar projects.

He is the chairman of Splendid Group; a hotel chain with over 20 prestigious hotels. Splendid Hotel Groups is a privately owned group of hotels within the United Kingdom. The hotel chain has been recognized for its excellent service delivery. He is also chairman as well as Sojourn Hotel LLP’s managing partner. Sojourn Hotel was started in 2007 and is involved in hotel acquisition, development, and management. The other recent projects that he has been the developing include; Hilton London Bankside, and Conrad London. He also launched the Holiday Inn London as well as another hotel in New York, The Grand Hotel & Spa.

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Award-winning Leadership

Mr. Shiraz Boghani was recently awarded the Hotelier of the year award at the Asian Business Awards. This was in recognition of his over three decades involvement in the hospitality industry and the contributions he has made to the industry. The award panel included renowned journalist Amit Roy, Asian Media, and marketing group managing director, Kalpesh R Solanki together with the group’s executive director, Shailesh Solanki. Other panelists were the Richmond Member of Parliament Rishi Sunak and investment banker Jitesh Gadhia. While receiving the award, Mr. Shiraz Boghani expressed his thrill at winning the award and said that hotels have been a huge part of his business life, and that he was proud of the progress Splendid Hotel has made. The Asian awards are run by Asian Media Group.

Splendid Hospitality Group: Home of Splendid Hospitality

Splendid Group is the developer of a nineteen hotel portfolio, which it also operates. The bed capacity of all the hotels combined is 2000 beds. The group is one of the fastest growing groups of hotels under private ownership in the UK. The Splendid Hotel group has differentiated itself from other hotel chains through the design and operation of a range of hotel styles and good locations across the country, with services ranging from Luxury to those with Limited services. The group enjoys support from brands like IHG, Hilton, and Accor. It also has developments in Worcester Park, London Park Royal as well as London Hounslow.

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Mike Baur Career in Finance

Mike Baur is a role model to many young people in the world. The businessman and entrepreneur has led a very inspiring and impressive life. Mike was born and also raised in Freiburg. Because he was very passionate about education, the businessman worked hard in school and got an opportunity to study at an institution known as Bern University. Later on in life, Mike Baur was fortunate to further his education in one of the leading universities in the world, known as University of Rochester.


When Mike Baur was only sixteen years old, he realized that he wanted to venture into the banking world. According to the Wall Street Journal, the businessman was already experienced in the industry by the time he was turning twenty years old. By 1991, Mike was serving as a financial expert at a company called Union Bank of Switzerland. There are very few people who will venture into the corporate world like the young mike. Although Mike was young when he ventured into the market, he was promoted to several top positions in several companies. Mike gained a lot of expertise in the firms he worked for.


Baur was fortunate to work at UBS for a long time. After several promotions, the talented banker realized that he could offer advice to investors who wanted to start investments in the country. By the time he was turning thirty, Baur had realized that he had made a huge impact in the society, and some of his clients had become very wealthy. The businessman was at the peak of his career when he decided to resign from the company so that he could look for greener pastures. Baur joined Claride Leu where he managed to hold top ranking positions for over five years.


Working in the banking world was not giving the businessman the experience he was looking for. After being in the finance industry for more than twenty years, the businessman decided that it was time to start his company. At thirty-nine, Mike Baur began the Swiss Startup Factory. The company has registered a lot of success in the complex market, and it has been recognized as one of the leading startups in Zurich. The company focuses on offering support to newbies in the business world. The firm conducts three-month programs where the businessmen are coached and offered capital to start their businesses. At the end of the program, the young entrepreneurs are given great office spaces at the heart of Zurich town.


An Important Conversation with Felipe Montoro Jens

In an auction schedule announced in August by the federal government, Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens, a specialist in Infrastructure projects stated that most projects are scheduled for the second half of 2018. In total, there are 57 projects that are to be granted to the private sector. These will involve an investment of R$ 44 billion in 22 sectors listed by the Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI).

Some of the projects are the Congonhas airport auction in São Paulo; and the sale of Infraero’s stake in the airports of Brasilia, Confis (Belo Horizonte), Galeão (Rio de Janeiro) and Guarulhos (São Paulo). The public company currently has a 49% interest in the consortiums that have the concessions of these terminals. The BR-153, in the stretch between Anápolis (GO) and Aliança (TO), which had the previous concession revoked of the Galvão Group is also on the list of concessions. According to the Ministry of Transport, the bidding is scheduled to take place in the last three months of Michel Temer’s government. Another highway that will be granted to the private initiative, with an auction scheduled for the end of 2018, is the stretch of BR-364 – between Comodoro (MT) and Porto Velho (RO), almost 800 kilometers long, says Felipe Montoro Jens.

The same period will see auctions for the port terminals concessions of Belém (PA), Vila do Conde (PA), Paranaguá (PR) and Vitória (ES) are expected to remain.

At the time of the announcement of the concession schedule in August, the government had not explained how it intends to sell companies such as the Mint, Ceasaminas, Casemg and Docks of Espírito Santo, but announced the privatization of these state-owned companies are scheduled for the end of 2018, points out Felipe Montoro Jens. At the occasion, the Minister of the Secretary General of the Presidency , Moreira Franco, explained that the sale of the Mint – responsible for the production of money and the making of passports in the country – is due to the advance of technology.

The terminals of Maceió (AL), João Pessoa (PB), Aracaju (SE), Juazeiro do Norte (CE), Campina Grande (PB), Recife (PE), Várzea Grande (MT), Rondonópolis MT), Alta Floresta (MT), Barra do Garças (MT), Vitória (ES) and Macaé (RJ) will also be granted by the government, Felipe Montoro Jens list .


Created by the federal government, the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) intends to broaden and strengthen the relationship between the State and private initiative and generate jobs and growth for Brazil. This, through new investments in infrastructure and privatization projects.

The PPI aims to guarantee the expansion of public infrastructure – with quality and adequate tariffs. The program also aims to ensure the stability and legal security of projects, with the guarantee of minimal intervention in business and investments.

Dr. Mark Holterman and Pediatric Care

Dr. Mark J. Holterman is a renowned medical care professional who puts everything he has into his work. He’s constantly studying brand new therapy options, first and foremost. He’s always conducting surgical procedures. He’s perpetually educating other people through the assistance of lectures and articles alike. He’s a proud University of Illinois professor who has a penchant for leading the way for medical students of all kinds. He regularly aids surgical residents as well. Dr. Mark Holterman is Mariam Global Health’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He has so many things to take care of a daily basis. That never stops him from giving his assistance to health causes, though. Dr. Mark Holterman aids many charitable groups that focus on the medical world. One example of such an organization is IPSAC-VN. This is short for the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance. It caters to the Children of Vietnam. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman’s profile at Health Grove.

This pediatric surgeon is based in Peoria in Illinois. He’s an individual who has spoke out about stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine for a long time. Dr. Mark Holterman works for the University of Illinois at its College of Medicine. This school is located in Peoria. He’s been working in the pediatric world for 20 plus years at this point. That’s the reason so many patients turn to him for his in-depth care and knowledge. Dr. Mark Holterman is a person who is always trying to get better. He’s always trying to expand his brain as well. Visit to know more.

He’s involved with a variety of organizations in his region. Some examples of these are the University of Illinois Hospital, Loyola University Medical Center and the St. Alexius Medical Center. He’s been the recipient of quite a few awards. People in his field are always acknowledging his pure dedication to work and to advancement in general.

This is a doctor who enjoys strong relationships with all of his patients. Patients know that they can trust Dr. Mark Holterman 100 percent. They know that he’s always more than willing to put their minds at ease with education and support. This is a surgeon who never cuts any corners.


Mikhail Blagosklonny Learns About Cancer and Aging

Rapamycin is a drug that’s called Sirolimus, too. It’s a medication that’s generally employed to stop the rejection of organ transplants. It serves as a coronary stent coating. It can even help in the treatment of an uncommon lung disorder. People who are familiar with the pharmacy world may be aware of Rapamycin’s trade name as well. This is Rapamune. It’s a cancer medication that has served many invaluable applications.

Sirolimus had initial use as an agent that possessed antifungal abilities. It was separated initially back in the beginning of the seventies. It came from bacterium that was retrieved from Easter Island. People realized soon after that that it was equipped with incredible antiproliferative and immunosuppressive abilities. Physicians, because of that, stopped using it for any antifungal purposes. Read more about Mikhail on Crunchbase.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is an employee at Buffalo, New York’s Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He’s an oncology professor with the facility. He’s been at the helm of in-depth research that revolves around cancer and all of its potential treatment and therapy options. He’s Oncotarget’s Editor-in-Chief, too. He, as a result, has performed a lot of research that pertains to the natural aging process. People respect him for his belief in Rapamycin’s ability to potentially boost human longevity. People who are familiar with Blagosklonny know that he’s done so much to enhance the science world. It’s hard to quantify and describe the positive things he’s done for science throughout his career. Rapamycin is a promising medication for a broad range of reasons. Its immunosuppressant abilities, first and foremost, are impressive. This drug can be terrific for the treatment of patients who have a condition that’s called hemolytic-uremic syndrome. It can be suitable for the treatment of a disorder that’s called LAM or lymphangioleiomyomatosis. Other conditions Rapamycin can possibly help include but are not restricted to SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus), muscular dystrophy, Alzheimer’s disease, facial angiofibromas and TSC (Tuberous Sclerosis Complex). There’s no disputing that Rapamycin is a drug that may be able to enhance well-being and health for human beings everywhere in the future. Visit ResearchGate.Net to know more about Mikhail’s latest work.

Blagosklonny is a talented researcher who is 100 percent passionate about first-rate treatment choices. He wants people to be able to access world-class treatment options regardless of how much money they have or do not have. He’s a medical research aficionado who has a zeal for topics that involve aging and cancer. He wants to get to the bottom of many topics that revolve around cancer, a disease that has been such a problem for countless individuals all around the planet for longer than most people can even understand and grasp. Cancer tends to be a bigger issue for human beings who are older. Mikhail Blagosklonny wants to determine why exactly that’s true.

This professional has many admirers who are part of the medical world. They look up to him on a daily basis. They wait to see what he may come up with next. Blagosklonny is the kind of person who is never satisfied with anything that isn’t the best.


Lime Crime: Bringing Vegan Cosmetics to China

Lime Crime is an American manufacturer of vegan cosmetics and makeup products. In their recent efforts to expand into Chinese markets, they faced some challenges based on international law, and standards of operation already in place. Despite these upheavals, Lime Crime revolutionized their design strategies in unprecedented ways in order to gain a foothold abroad.

Their management team mentioned the incredible way that marketing in China took place. In order to address the market overseas, they had to forget everything that knew and practiced in the United States in order to be successful. Maintaining their brand image and values the whole way, Lime Crime has paved the way for future cosmetic brand expansion in China.

Some of the challenges they had to deal with were unforeseen. For example, a large number of counterfit lip products were being sold with the Lime Crime logo. These Chinese manufacturers did not know about the product and were selling fake items to people who were unsuspecting. Nevertheless, Lime Crime decided to move forward with plans to sell in China.

One strategy they used to conquer these con artists, was to establish a reputable place for people to buy the products online. Their partner company, Revolve, was a prominent fashion brand with an ecommerce platform already in place. Both companies had a focus on similar target audiences in China and found the mutual ground to be a good starting point for their organizational efforts.

With a reliable place for Chinese audiences to get their Lime Crime products, the beauty product manufacturer was making some headway. They even promoted the items online so that people could purchase them ahead of schedule. This process also helped Lime Crime generate buzz around the product as well as a context where potential customers could follow them online.

Effective marketing and problem solving led Lime Crime to their current position in Chinese markets. Despite counterfitters and Chinese laws that required them to ship directly from the United States, Lime Crime’s vegan products are now available for sale overseas. This case is an important testament to the way that businesses can model themselves in order to fit the customized needs of foreign markets and customers alike.

Eli Gershkovitch and the Success of Canadian Craft Beer

Canadian craft beer can be described as a beer that triggers feelings right from the moth and sends chills that are exhilarating down the spine of the consumer. The beer is known for its superior quality and tastes due to Canada’s weather which is extremely volatile as well as the craftsmen who have skilled hands and are committed to their work. Canadian Craft beer is also made using the delicate old tradition of making beer together with creative innovation. Canadian Craft beer is also known to effectively express the hard work of the brewers as well as the local taste. Canadian craft beer comes in different ranges that are meant to suit every consumer. Due to its diversity, every consumer is assured of getting a Canadian craft beer of their choice. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at Ottawa Citizen.

The Red Racer Pale Ale is a good example of a Canadian Craft beer. The beer is produced by the Central City Brewing which was the winner of the brewing awards in 2012. The Red Racer Pale Ale is known for its bitter taste as compared to the rest of the craft beers. The Glutenberg Belgian Double is also another popular Canadian craft beer. The beer is produced by the Brasseurs Sans Gluten, Montreal. As opposed to its name, this beer is made from barley and is not gluten-free. It is very popular amongst the traditional beer fans who are attracted t its unique taste and aroma. The Nutcracker Porter is a Canadian craft beer that has also risen in popularity. This is a type of craft beer that goes with the festive mood and is flavored using black oak. The taste of this beer is authentic and has won the hearts of many Canadian craft beer lovers. Read this article at

Eli Gershkovitch is a craft beer fan and serves at the Steamworks as the Chief Executive Officer. Due to his hard work and commitment, the company has managed to register a lot of success and growth. Eli has earned a reputation as a craft brewery veteran with a lot of skills and experience in the beer industry. He has contributed a lot when it comes to popularizing the Canadian craft beer.