Mike Baur’s Insight on Entrepreneurship

The ability to help others grow as entrepreneurs is the driving force of many established entrepreneurs today. Mike Baur falls into this new breed of successful businessmen who are sharing not just their money but also their expertise to help other startups grow.


A Brief Background


Mike Baur is a renowned business personality in Swiss. He has worked for about 20 years in the Swiss banking industry, during which time he worked at Sallfort and Clariden Leu. In 2014, he exited his successful career in banking and partnered with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister and together they founded Swiss Start-up Factory AG.


The Startup Incubation


 Swiss Start-up Factory AG mentors young entrepreneurs that are developing digital products. The company takes the technology entrepreneurs through the structured SSUF Accelerators program. The program is made up of processes that entail idea prototyping, accelerating, shaping and proving the business concept. This three month program is also made up of courses, which include startup mentoring, entrepreneurial coaching, and exposes the young tech entrepreneurs to industry expertise. During the program, the selected entrepreneurs are tested and promoted through its various stages. The tech entrepreneurs are then provided with forums for networking with their potential partners, investors and customers—through presenting their business ideas to them.


Swiss Start-up Factory AG differentiates itself from other startups in Swiss by being independent in the sense that it has no any political affiliations. Besides, it founders have invested both their skills and money in helping young startups thrive.


Some Take-Homes for Entrepreneurs


Mike Baur worked with entrepreneurs during his time in the banking industry. Mike believes that you can only teach entrepreneurship to make and build awareness rather than creating an entrepreneurial mindset. He acknowledges that the two critical elements that make startups succeed are the hard work and passion. He argues that many young entrepreneurs are “spoilt” in the sense that they want instant success without putting in their time, effort, and passion. His take is that money flows to where passion and hard work is invested and the sooner young entrepreneurs know this, the better it becomes for their ventures.

Undoubtedly, Mike Baur’s way of giving back to the Swiss society is through investing in the next generation of young entrepreneurs. The expertise and funds that he is availing to these entrepreneurs will definitely go a long way to boost the survival rates in the Swiss startup ecosystem.

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