EOS Takes Things to the Next Level

EOS lip balm is a great brand, and no one can dispute that fact. After all, how often is a new startup brand like EOS able to outdo a top-selling brand that led the lip balm industry for more than 100 years? Obviously, EOS is doing something right to accomplish such a great feat.

The lip balm brand currently sells more than one-million lip balm units per week, making them the second leading beauty care brand of its kind. Chapstick is the third-leading lip balm brand, while Blistex follows in fourth place. EOS accomplished this feat in just seven short years.

The brand didn’t do anything that great, or that any other brand should be afraid to do. They simply listened to consumers, and tailored their product to those wants and desires. The result is a lip balm that people love using -and it shows!

EOS has eight brands to choose from. When the balm was first made available, Chapstick had an original and a boring cherry. The flavor change was welcomed. The company delivered a lip balm made with all-natural, organic ingredients, and consumers wanted a product they could use without worry of parabens and other toxins. EOS products are available online on Amazon and http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm.

EOS did everything right and it shows. There can only be great things ahead for EOS if they continue with the same framed of mind. And, they’ll tell you, they don’t plan to change the way they’re doing things any time soon. When it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. EOS is certainly well put together and on the right track for bountiful success for a long time ahead. Visit the EOS Facebook page for more details.

The Strategy Adopted By Warren Buffett

Tim Armour is a highly respected investment manager. Hence when he speaks, people listen. He talks about Warren Buffet comments on expensive and mediocre funds as these tend to shortchange investors.

He is committed towards simple and low-cost investments that should not only be bought but held for a very long term. He is aligned with Warren Buffett’s approach to analyzing the companies before investing. This is the only way to build a durable portfolio as has already been well-proved by him over so many decades.

Tim Armour clearly indicates that Americans need to start saving much more for retirement. They need to invest and stay invested for a long time.

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Armour says that investors should be wary. There are a number of mutual funds that are providing mediocre or even poor returns, either due to high management fees or because of excessive trading. There are the volatility risks that need to be considered. There are the opportunity costs in case of passive index investments that tend to be typically underestimated or they may even be unknown. Hence rather than focusing on active or passive, it needs to be all about long-term returns on investment. Here low costs will be playing a major role in determining these returns.

Just saying blindly that passive index returns are safe and hence perfect for a better retirement is not true anymore. The fact is that index funds do help, but they will provide no support in case the markets are down. This is because they are completely volatile leading to losses when the market is down.

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