Linda Owens Takes Reins of Highland’s Charitable Giving, Future is Bright!

In February of this year, Linda Owens joined the auspicious family of Highland Capital Management in the role of Charitable Giving Manager. Highland Capital Management is an impressive organization that manages well over $15.4 billion in assets. It was initially founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993 and stands among the biggest and most knowledgeable managers of global alternative credit.


Linda had spent time as the president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation and is well respected in philanthropic circles. With her in-depth knowledge of the Dallas area and a track record that shows incredible effectiveness, she’s surely an excellent choice to spearhead this aspect of their business. Highland Capital Management has always placed a solid emphasis on working with the community. Their investments include the areas where their employees live and work, and believe that volunteerism, financial donations to community organizations, and advisory board involvement are all vital to the success of these efforts.


Highland Capital Management’s efforts are international, and they’ve recently closed a healthcare-focused private equity fund with a value of $147 million. South Korea’s National Pension Service( NPS) serves as the anchor investor in this healthcare based fund. It was originally created in 1988 and now has a value of $499.8 billion. This fund was developed with the purpose of having specific objectives while maintaining positive returns on their investment. This ambitious venture serves as Highland’s first step into the Asian equity fund market.


This new direction is promising both for Highland Capital Management and the NPS, given that there is a rising need and availability of healthcare services in Korea. For investors, this also can provide some security in the face of multiple disruptive forces currently affecting the middle market of the U.S. Healthcare industry. Matt Jameson states “The demographic ‘graying’ of America and increased access to healthcare services in Asia are driving greater utilization levels… These factors combined with the evolution to value-based reimbursement models create significant opportunities for healthcare investors.”


Linda Owens has a significant challenge ahead of her in handling the charitable angle of Highland’s work, but given her background and the ambitions of the organization she’s joined, there’s little doubt that the future is going to be bright for investors and Highland Capital Management alike.

Eric Pulier Focuses on Philanthropy in Tech World

Eric Pulier has been doing great work in the technology sector for a long time. In fact, the most surprising thing about him is that most people don’t realize who he is. Eric Pulier is an innovator, entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. His career embodies the American spirit and his work ethic is something to be marveled at. All growing entrepreneurs would serve well to look at the career track record that Pulier has put together over the past several decades. Despite still looking fresh faced and vibrant, Pulier has a wealth of knowledge behind him. Let’s dig into some of Pulier’s greater works to showcase just what he’s been capable of doing in his career.


To really understand what makes Pulier tick we are going to take a look at his own day of work. Pulier says that he starts each day having gotten a solid night of rest the night before — not always easy when you have four kids in your home. In any event, every morning begins with the delegation of tasks that need to be done for the day. Then, Pulier goes on to say, he sticks to his schedule as rigorously as possible. Schedules are just for show and being able to tick off the boxes of completed task is a great motivator.


That brings us to what Pulier has been up to recently: his philanthropy and entrepreneur work. As far as philanthropists go, there are few who have managed to so hone in on what matters to them like Pulier has. Eric Pulier is the brains behind the Painted Turtle summer camp. The Painted Turtle is a wonderful camp for children who suffer with chronic illness. This camp allows the children to have fun while also raising money to treat their medical needs. The XPrize Foundation, another philanthropic venture, allows children and teenagers the chance to push their tech dreams into reality through contests and money raising ventures. Pulier firmly believes in giving children the chance to excel and his philanthropic endeavors are as effective and focused as ever. We wonder what is next for Eric Pulier and his growing career!

Karl Heideck the Ideal Litigator

Civil Litigator Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck currently works as a civil litigator in Jenkintown, PA

UPDATED May 25th, 2017 – Karl Heideck recently published a “Guide to Becoming a Successful Lawyer”. Read the full guide here.

Among the careers in law is litigation. It involves the representation of the plaintiff and the defendant in civil cases. A litigator, therefore, represents the plaintiff and the defendant before the judge. The litigators are in charge of the process of taking a case to court and seeing to it that it has come to a completion. A litigator handles several phases of a court case including pre-trial, discovery and also arguing the case for their clients in the trial. This practice depends on whether the litigator operates as an individual practitioner at a large firm, or at a small firm.

At large firms, a starting litigator does a lot of research and also writes memos. The exposure that a lawyer gains is arguing or even observing from the gallery. Once the trial is complete, the litigator handles the settlement of the case. If there happens that the other side files an appeal, the litigator will take care of it too.

Karl Heideck is such a litigator. He is well known in Philadelphia. He has a reputation as well as a wide range of experience in litigation, risk management, and compliance. Karl Heideck is currently working for Grant & Eisenhofer in compliance and risk management, as a Hire Counsel contract lawyer. He focuses on discovery phase of the court on cases involving security frauds and banking litigation.

Contact Karl Heideck online for more information.

Karl Heideck’s first legal experience after graduating was at Conrad O’Brien as an associate. Here, he took up roles as a litigator that included handling cases of government investigations as well as white collar crimes. It is this experience that enabled Karl Heideck to secure himself a position at Pepper Hamilton as a project attorney. At Pepper Hamilton, Karl Heideck handled government investigations and also white collar defense. Heideck also handled pharmaceutical litigation and bankruptcy cases. As of now, he has been licensed in general practice.



Using Securus Technologies to Control Gangs in Prison

One of the biggest issues that I have working in our local jail is dealing with the gangs. The higher-level gang members who are behind bars are still conducting business as if they were on the streets. These inmates not only control what the low-level gang members do on the street, they do the same to those in jail. This makes for a very tense and dangerous situation for law enforcement.


Even though we separate the gangs in the jail to try and keep the peace, orders are still handed down for gang members to commit violence to one another. We spend the better part of some days looking for weapons on the inmates, in their cells, and hidden around the jail. It is not uncommon for weapons to be hid in the yard the day before a hit is ordered.


We try to check every visitor for contraband before they meet the inmates, but gang members have developed some very creative ways to get what they need. When we were told to start using the Securus Technologies inmate call system to monitor gang activity, we were exposed to information we never knew we had access to. The LBS software allowed us to pick up chatter between inmates that in the past was coded in a way to keep us off the trail.


One day while monitoring the Securus Technologies system, we overheard a top-level gang member talking about getting supplies from the metal shop that was going to be crafted to a weapon. The weapon was to be stored at the fence in the yard, and the person retrieving the weapon was to use it on a rival gang member. These gang conversations were key in us getting this situation under control before anything occurred.


We use the inmate call system today to stay one step ahead of gang violence.


With NuoDB, the Silver Lining is the Cloud

NuoDB, a Massachusetts based technology firm founded in 2008, has been a leader in database development and innovation since its inception. Now, as cloud technology comes to the forefront of many enterprises, NuoDB is staking out new ground in this field.

Their system is an elastic SQL (Standard Query Language) database, designed to work within the cloud. Its distributed architecture allows it to work within the cloud, and as you add more servers to the system, the entire database will run faster. Their tiered approach allows for multiple transaction engines and storage managers within their system.

Its design aligns with the 12 principles of relational databases set out by IBM designer Edgar Codd. It combines many of the desired elements of distributed cloud databases: elastic scalability, nonstop availability, and distributed security.

It comes in a free to use version for developers (Community Edition), a standard professional version, and an enterprise version for large scale companies. Also, each version can be dynamically tuned to meet specific client needs.

Arthur Becker and His Journey of Success

The NY Daily News, Gabrielle Paluch, writes an article about Arthur Becker, “At the desk of: Arthur Becker”. She notices the unusual way his real estate office includes a complete art studio workshop, where he includes much of the sculptures and artwork he has created. His current real estate office is only blocks from his first ever, solo development project. He is building a luxury condo, with eight units, and it is expected to sell for $52.5 million.

Becker, who is 66 years old, started out as a stockbroker working for Bear Stearns. He made a lot of money buying technological companies in the 2000’s and has moved his way into buying real estate in New York and Florida. Becker was married to the infamous, Vera Wang, for 20 years, but has recently divorced. His business ventures range from participating in finance, real estate, art, and tech deals.

With a B.A. in fine art, from Bennington College, it is no wonder Arthur Becker has an affinity for sculptures made of cash, or gold bars imitating the game, Jenga in his office. He likes to sell his art and even display them in well know galleries, such as, Morgan Walker Fine Art, and Hal Katzen, in New York. He went to business school in Dartmouth, at Amos Tuck. He quickly found himself working in the real estate business and then technology, but he never gave up his passion for photography, and an interest in the arts. More details can be found on

Having grown up in Bristol, Connecticut, as a kid Becker wasn’t sure what his future would hold. So he regularly asked his Magic 8 Ball. Today he uses things like games and money in art, to contemplate the meaning behind their usefulness and infatuation by the masses, including himself. With so many of his business projects selling in the millions, Becker wanted to get away from being indispensable to so many people, and that is why he decided to go into real estate. Becker enjoys his two daughters with his ex-wife Vera Wang, and he would describe his family as being supportive of one another.

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How Jeanmarie Guenot Looks To Cleanly Kill Cancer

Dr. Jeanmarie Guenot, Ph.D., is a leader in the cancer research community. She has dedicated her career to irradicating cancer through the use of innovative drug therapies. She has years of experience as both a researcher as well as a business leader. She earned her Ph.D. at the University of California, San Francisco and her MBA at the Unversity of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School.

Dr. Jeanmarie Guenot started her career as a Principal Scientist at Hoffman-La Roche where she performed research and development into cancer drug therapies. She became an executive level leader in 2003 at PDL Biopharma where she was the Vice President of Corporate and Business Development. Since then she has also founded two companies; Guenot, LLC and SKS Ocular, LLC and served both companies as their Managing Partner. She was also the President and Chief Executive Officer of Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc., a San Francisco-based company that is engaged in developing drugs to fight cancer. At Amphivena Therapeutics, Dr. Jeanmarie Guenot was focused on developing bifunctional antibody therapies which are designed to treat different forms of blood-borne cancer.

Read more: Maverick Therapeutics and Takeda Announce Five-year Collaboration to Advance T-Cell Engagement Therapies

Dr. Guenot is now the Chief Executive Officer of another San Francisco biotechnology company, Maverick Therapeutics, Inc. Dr. Guenot has explained that a lot of drugs that treat cancer also destroy so much nearby tissue that in the end, the patient has gained little. She ends to change this state of affairs with a drug under development at Maverick Therapeutics on Crunchbase. The way her cancer drug will do this is by using the patient’s own T cells to fight cancer. T cells are white blood cells that are a necessary part of the body’s reaction to foreign invaders and make up a person’s immune system. Dr. Guenot said that her company will have a drug out within the next five years which will be able to cleanly kill cancer and not destroy other, healthy nearby tissue.

Under Dr. Guenot’s leadership, Maverick Therapeutics has raised $125 million in funding from Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, headquartered in Japan, and the venture capitalist firm MPM Capital.

Learn more about Jeanmarie Guenot: