How We Use Securus Technologies to Prevent Crimes

My task force is responsible for locating dangerous fugitives and bringing them to justice. We have a number of resources at our disposal that can make the job easier, and we try to access them all during each case. The case we were dealing with today involved a very dangerous fugitive who was robbing stores at gunpoint, and he was not concerned about concealing his identity during the process. We knew this fugitive would kill if pushed, so we tried to work around in the shadows and catch him off guard.


This was a case where our resources were limited. We could not ask his family or friends for help because they would wither be harboring him or tip him off to what we were doing. This was not the case for informants to come forward because they all fared for the safety of their own families. That being said, we did have an ace up our sleeve I was thrilled to be using.


Securus Technologies was installing a call monitoring system in the local prison, one that happened to be housing the fugitive’s brother. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, says his Dallas-based company is dedicated to making our world safe, we were about to put those claims to the ultimate test. When the brother would get on the phone, he was very cautious about speaking about his brother, but there were times he just could not refrain from saying things that were helping the authorities.


One night he mentioned how he missed hanging with his brother at the old farm-house on a friend’s acre of land. This was a place not on our radar until that night, and we swarmed that location and found our suspect hiding like a scared rat under a few bales of hay to try and avoid capture.


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