End Citizens United Lends its Support to KyrstenSinema for the Senate Election

End Citizens United, a prominent PAC in the United States, declared its support to KyrstenSinema for the United States Senate election in Arizona. She is concerned with the unlimited money that rewrites the natural flow of campaigning process and committed to bringing accountability and transparency to Washington. The Executive Director of the PAC, Tiffany Muller, confirmed that ECU is happy to endorse Sinema for the Senate as she was claiming an independent voice for the people and families of Arizona. Sinema thinks that people should have the power in the democracy, and that inspired ECU to stand with her to fight against the interests of big money groups.

Sinema confirmed that the people of Arizona are tired of the fact that Washington sells them to large money donors, and that forced her to work for transparency in democracy to evade the money groups. She continued that she looks forward to working with ECU and bring back the voice of Arizona to the people from money donors. It should be noted that Sinema worked to stop big money into politics and voted against legislation that permitted money groups to keep their funding details and identities secret. Big money has become a huge concern in the recent years, and many people are becoming increasingly aware of the threats it creates in the democracy of the country.

A recent survey revealed that as many as 90% of the citizens think that big donors with special interests running the government. Another research conducted by ECU showed that two in every three citizens believe that flow of money into politics is affecting the daily lives. While coming to Sinema, she was supported by ECU during her re-election campaign for Congress in 2016. Interestingly, the PAC plans to connect with 88,000 members in the state to mobilize the 380,000 small-dollar donors of the PAC to ensure smooth access to campaign resources for Sinema to help her fight against special interest groups. Additionally, the PAC is planning to raise campaigns for the reform efforts through various advocacy activities in the state.

End Citizens United was founded in the year 2015 to fight against the flawed verdict of Citizens United by the Supreme Court in 2010. Sadly, the judgment gave access for money groups into campaign process as it ensured unlimited spend in the elections without the need for accountability. It provided an option for special interest groups to pump money and rewrite the election results in their favor. The PAC plans to rewrite the Supreme Court judgment by passing legislation that controls the money flow into election systems. Due to that, ECU endorses liberal candidates who are found to be supporting its cause to pass the legislation effectively. The PAC also campaigns through social media to make their message reaching every American citizen.

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Who Is The Real Eric Pulier

Having the ability to do good things for society is something that we all should strive to do. Unlike professional athletes or celebrity entertainers, the real heros are few and far between.

Entrepreneur Eric Pulier is no exception to the rule as he is one of the biggest unsung heros on the planet. The guy has done major things for mankind, but he still isn’t a household name. There are no worries here because Pulier isn’t seeking fame, he’s all about building a better future. This guy is known as a technologist, a mentor, a motivational speaker, an investor and a futurist. He has a plan, and that plan is to connect people through innovation.

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Pulier is a man on a mission. This extraordinary guy has founded up to 15 different companies that are all tech-related. This includes Akana Software, Service Mesh, U.S. Interactive, Digital Evolution, Desktone and many more. One of his most recent founded companies, vAtomic Systems, use advanced digital objects for connecting businesses to consumers. He just seems to have a hand in everything that tech-related. The power of persistence notion is what he lives by. He has stated that “technological solutions and innovation will change the game.” He was also one of the early adopters of cloud computing and how valuable it will become in future years. When it comes to predictions, this guy is generally on point each and every time. Pulier has also learned to implement reading back into his daily life. He does this every morning as well as brainstorming for new ideas.

Back in the day, Pulier arranged for a showcase, which displayed real-time actions of the astronauts in space. This was actually a live-feed also, which was unheard of at the time. Whatever the problems may be, this brilliant minded man can certainly resolve it with technological-based solutions. As of today, this loving father of four owns a popular nightclub in Santa Monica, California. Thanks to his hard work, dedication and perseverance, he can now enjoy the fruits of his labor.

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Sheldon Lavin Leads OSI Group To Success

OSI Group is a privately owned company that deals with the production of meat based protein products. The company has been operating for over 50 years. This is a clear indication that the company is manned by experienced people. For there to be such growth accompanied by tremendous success, OSI Group must be doing something right. Coupled with powerfully structured leadership, it is undisputed that the company swims in excellence. One leader who has managed to guide OSI Group throughout the many years of operation is Sheldon Lavin.


In business, there are different climates that affect operations. These climates come with economic changes from time to time. OSI Group has also been experiencing the harsh effects of economic climates. With Sheldon Lavin as the leader, the company has managed to overcome those challenges. Being the chief executive officer, Lavin ensures smooth operations in the firm. He is a team leader and project manager who aligns the structure of the firm by ensuring that all departments serve clients according to the values of the company.

Joining OSI Group

OSI Group was established in 1909. The objective of founding the company was based on providing the best services for clients. At that time, the company was known as Otto & Sons and Mr. Otto Kolschowsky was in charge. Just a mere butcher, Otto sold meat in Chicago. His leadership skills were admirable and he attracted many clients to his firm. The business grew into OSI Group and Sheldon Lavin was trusted with the management of finances. That explains his involvement with the firm. He was appointed on a proven track record of excellent performance.


Lavin is a health freak. He is the brand ambassador of green practices, sustainability as well as food safety. Lavin has surprised international entrepreneurs by his consistency in offering clients the best services. As a leader, he incorporates team work to ensure that the company yields maximum profits. Lavin applies market focuses strategies to grow the business in global markets. Presently, OSI Group has grown to different territorial levels thanks to Lavin. OSI Group has grown into an admirable business that employs masses through official channels.


Under the leadership of Lavin, OSI Group has expanded into an international service provider. He is convinced that the business will continue to expand through his ability to utilize appropriate strategies. OSI Group is a trusted food supplier. In China, OSI Group is praised for growing the state’s economy. It all boils down to appropriate leadership, something that Sheldon Lavin has managed to structure.

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The Wonderful Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is a company that hires Wine Guides. Wine Guides love to find out different things about the areas that they travel to. One of them is the Napa Valley area. This area is great for wine tasting, and there is an awful lot of other things to do and see. Here are some of the places that the Wine Guides are in agreement for being the best to see.

Take A Visit To The Napa Art Walk

When you are on the Napa Art Walk, you will be able to see great pieces from artists. They range from 3-D work to other types.

Spend A Bit Of Time At The Auberge Spa

At the Auberge Spa, you will get to have massages that will make you feel great. You will also enjoy getting baths. After some time at this spa, you will be relaxed.

A Cooking Class Is A Great Time

You will find that a cooking class at the Silverdale Cooking School will give you a creative outlet. With the foods you make, you will be impressed.

Have An Enjoyable Time At The Park

The park is great for picnicking. You will be able to enjoy it quite a bit. There is plenty of great scenery for picture taking too.

Ever Wondered If You Could Be A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide?

All that you have to do is visit their website to learn even more about the company. Once you are on the website, you will find an application that you can fill out online. They will let you know in a bit whether or not you can be a Wine Guide for them. For more info about us: https://www.directsalesaid.com/companies/traveling-vineyard click here.

How Much Do The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides Make?

The amount that you can make is all up to how much time you put it into it. You can work as many hours or as few as you want to. You are in charge of your own destiny. You should love to meet new people because you will be doing a lot of that. Loving wine is also a plus because that is what your business is all about.

When you become a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide, you will like that they offer the ability for you to utilize their social media presence for more business for yourself. They also have a great team of people that can be utilized for questions and help while you are a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide.