Clay Siegall Leads Seattle Genetics in finding Cancer Therapies

Dr. Clay Siegall, the CEO, and founder of Seattle Genetics is an influential role player in a team of researchers trying to find cancer treatment. In a recent interview on the plans by Seattle Genetics to develop cancer drugs, Siegall expressed hope about Seattle Genetics announcing the discovery of more cancerous tumors medicine soon.

21st Century Drug for Cancer

Under the leadership of the legendary Dr. Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics seems well-positioned to revolutionize the targeted methods to treat cancer in the 21st Century. Seattle Genetics is a Seattle-based biotech company specializing in the research and development of therapy medicines to cure the diseases contributing to high mortality rates.

“The traditional cancer treatment strategies, such as chemotherapies, belong to the dustbin,” says Siegall. “Only targeted therapies and drugs will cure tumors, effectively.”

Dr. Siegall, who graduated from The University of Maryland with a B.S. in zoology and also holds a Ph.D. in genetics from the George Washington University founded Seattle Genetic in 1998. Siegall’s firm was the first to develop an antibody drug conjugate approved by the FDA. In collaboration with reputable drug manufacturers, such as Pfizer, Bayer, and Genentech, Seattle Genetics has over 20 drugs in the pipeline.

Deep Interest in Medicine

The inspiration to start Seattle Genetics in 1998, explains Dr. Clay Siegall, arose because of his interest in technology, medicine, and the desire to cure people who without any intervention would just die. One of Siegall’s family member struggled with cancer as Dr. Clay Siegall studied zoology. The family member endured brutal treatment regimens, which led to the development of severe anemia.

After seeing the harmful effects of chemotherapy, Clay started to think of better ways to cure cancer. Under the guidance of Dr. Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics has several antibody-based cancer drugs to its name, for instance, ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin), which the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved in 2011.

Clay worked for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, National Cancer Institute, and National Institutes of Health between 1988 and1997. Dr. Siegall has 15 patents to his name and has authored over 70 publications.

George Soros; the Making of the Man, the Wealth, and the Legacy

There is nothing that is more encouraging than seeing the wealthy people in the society take up causes that change the course of humanity for the better. Well, George Soros has been involved in Open Society Foundations for the past few decades and during this time; his influence has been felt in the US, Eastern Europe and even Africa and the rest of the third world. George had contributed more than $6 billion to different charities through the Soros Foundation. The latest from foundation indicates that he has given away $18 billion of his $25 billion estate to fund different charities. This is the true definition of a leader who wants to create a legacy in advocating for the rights of the less fortunate in the society.

Perhaps his love to help others was sparked by the events that marked his childhood. Soros grew up in Hungary during the Nazi occupation. He was forced to flee his own country because as a Jew, his life was in danger. When he got to England, he had to do menial jobs to earn a living and an education. George enrolled at the London School of Economics and was very successful. He has been managing hedge funds for the past six decades. When he made the Black Wednesday sale in England, he made a profit of a billion dollars in a day. He moved to the US soon after and had been operating from New York ever since then.

George started getting involved in philanthropy a long time ago. There was a time when he championed the rights of South African students who were being denied scholarship due to their skin color. In Europe, George Soros is a household name, because of his endless efforts to destroy the Marxist regime bring a free and just society to the marginalized region. He even has a University in his name in his home country of Hungary.

George has always followed the Democratic Party and their ideals. He has given a lot of money in support of their initiatives. For instance, he was one of the people that supported Senator Kerry to run against Bush in 2004. After Kerry lost, he disappeared from politics, only to reappear in 2007 during the Clinton/Obama campaign. Hillary did not receive the nomination, but George supported Obama fully. In 2016, he is said to have given more than $25 million towards Clinton’s campaign. He supports Clinton strongly because he strongly believes in her style of politics. He likes the way she champions the rights of the migrants and the LGBTQ community. and more information click here

Now that Clinton lost the race to the White House, Soros has had to use the open society foundations more in his bid to maintain some form of sanity in the American Society and beyond. He does not like the style of politics played by Trump, mostly because Trump preaches inequality. Soros hopes that through his contributions to the George Soros Foundation, he will manage to make the world a better place than the way he found it. and follow him

A Brief Overview of Depression By Neurocore

After reading the following, you may start looking at depression differently. Depression affects sixteen million American adults, which is almost seven percent of the entire population. It can come for no seeming reason. It is more likely to occur if the person is undergoing stress or some other difficult time in life, but it can happen without any third party occurrences. In addition, not everyone is going for treatment, perhaps because there is a stigma involved with mental health problems. However, it is something that can not be ignored, as it can lead to suicide if it gets serious and is not treated. Suicide is the number one cause of death among young Americans. In addition, depression is the number one disability among young people between the ages of fifteen and forty four. It is a leading issue that causes problems in the workplace. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

Depression comes in many forms. There are various depressive disorders. It can last for just a few weeks, or it can last for a few years. It can come as a result of pregnancy and birth, or it can be the type of depression that is not seen on the outside, the type that is suffered by a seemingly well functioning individual.

Depression can cause many problems. It can lead to weight loss, as a person may lose interest in eating. It can cause someone to feel exhausted, and it can cause someone to lose sleep. It can even cause headaches and stomachaches. Follow Neurocore on

Neurocore is a leader in the field of neurofeedback. This is a method that can be used to treat depression. Special technology, such as qEEG, is used.

With Neurofeedback, the brain is analyzed and the symptoms are revealed. A customized therapy treatment is then developed for the patient. By following this treatment, the patient is able to see long lasting results.


A Glimpse of Securus Technologies Correctional Services

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of parolee tracking, detainee communications, and government information. The technology company has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. Apart from its main offices in Dallas, it also has regional offices in the Dallas Metro area and another one in Atlanta. Securus was founded in 1986 and has employed at least 500 personnel. The company currently serves more than 2600 facilities spread over 45 states in the United States. It has also expanded its operations to the Districts of Columbia, Mexico, and Canada. Securus Technologies currently serves more than one million inmates.


Numerous correctional facilities in the United States have relied on the services offered by Securus Technologies for over a decade. They are impressed by the continuous upgrading of services by the company and its commitment to revolutionize the prison environments. Owing to their quality services and products, the technology company has received numerous comments and reviews from their clients nationwide. The investigative tools provided to correctional facilities’ staff makes it easier for them to carry out timely investigations in the facilities. Correctional services have also been fascinated by the reporting data that has promoted and enhanced measures for monitoring and discouraging the use of contrabands in the facilities.


The inmate communication provider offers extensive phone services to inmates. The company offers various payment product options for inmate phone services. The options make it easier for the detainees to choose the perfect calling options that suit them. The communications are monitored and some of them that include drug selling and alcohol use in the facilities are dealt with to ensure security and calmness at all times in the penitentiaries. The LBS software has also enabled prison staff in recovering money, drugs and other assets worth millions. Securus Technologies has promoted public safety as well as the safety needs of inmates in the incarceration environment.


George Soros’ Amazing Generosity

It was a small task, but no small feat that George Soros awarded more than 80 per cent of his overall wealth to charity. This enormous movement is just one for the ages. He’s been known as a national hero and lots of associations are grateful because of his incredible contribution. George Soros is a well-known billionaire who built his own riches over the duration of his life by pursuing the American Dream. Now, he’s made it feasible for the others to pursue the exact same fantasy.

Foundations have benefitted from the philanthropy of George Soros for many years. The charities containing are the base of many democratic endeavors and are dispersed across multiple businesses across the entire world. George Soros believed that this is a superb expense for his lifetime’s work. More than a hundred countries have profited due to this generous contribution. Nearly all the task done from the charity contains donations made in areas such as public health, refugee aid, and instruction.

Donating $18 billion isn’t a little accomplishment. The vast amount of currency reflects the huge bulk of George Soros’ net worth. It’s strictly 80 percent to give a clear mark.

Due to the remarkable contribution to Open Society Foundation the world has become a vastly better place. The single charity tracking more resources in their books compared to Open Society could be that of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They’re liable for deploying the enhanced educational centers in public schools and providing more security for refugees. They’ve funneled money into associations to medical maintenance and are the most important reason of advanced facilities. The associations which benefits from their paychecks and generous gifts have managed to take care of far more patients and have engaged more staff in meaningful ways. They have even been able to construct fresh wings in the hospitals. Research has been done to decrease the frequency of debilitating diseases; their efforts have been successful and beneficial.

George Soros has given a whole lot to foreign nations. His first charitable contribution was given to South Africans. He gave funds to boost education throughout apartheid. In addition, he donated food and healthcare items for those same South Africans. As a result, with the very first contribution, his livelihood being a philanthropist was born.

George Soros has also contributed photocopiers to individuals living in the Eastern part of Europe. All these photocopiers were highly instrumental in helping disperse freedom of language in an oppressive communist regime. Due to his gifts, Eastern Europe had been equipped to overcome the shackles of communism. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

George Soros has had the joy of assisting lots of men and women throughout his life. His gifts will likely always be recalled as valuable to society. He has done great things for the enhancement of all human kind. George Soros can be called an inspiration for all that he has done for the world. His philanthropic endeavors are nothing short of great and many international people have personally benefitted from his generosity. Visit this site to know more at

The Beauty and Wonder of the Might Fortress Church

The state of Minnesota has some beautiful churches. It is hard to narrow it down to only three to five of the most beautiful.

The Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church, Minneapolis, has an air of old time England. With its Gothic architecture, it was built at the beginning of the 1900 century era, in 1916. With “pointed spires and a central steeple” it resembles the iconic churches in Cambridge, England.

The Church of St. Mary’s, New Trier church is a quaint, yet pretty church, which sits on the top of a hill in the small town of New Trier, just north of Cannon Falls. Minnesota. It has all the beauty and elegance of the French Beaux Arts style of architecture and its history dates back as far as 1909. Visit to know more.

St. Andrew’s Church, in St. Paul, Minnesota, is not an active church any longer; however, it’s architectural design is still very striking and unique. Using a combination of Spanish Mission Revival and Romanesque architecture.

Then there is the Mighty Fortress Church, which is a very unique house of worship. This is a church in which you may confirm what has been said about Christianity and get to know Jesus Christ.

The atmosphere within the Mighty Fortress Church is unlike any other. We ant people to “come as the are”; Church should be an enjoyable experience, allowing everyone who comes to share and contribute to “The Body of Christ” in their own unique manner.


The worship service is a focus of God and how He has been an important part of each one of our lives. You will enjoy every moment of our service, from the band and choir, to our worship team; in which it all brings God’s presence into the atmosphere of the church.

The word of God is Spiritual and uplifting to each person present.

The Mighty Fortress Church is not going to “judge” anyone, you are invited to “come as you are.”

Bishop Thomas Williams is the senior pastor, as well as the founder of the Mighty Fortress Church. He has earned a ministerial degree at the Rhema Bible Training Center located in Tulsa, Oklahoma; a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications at the North Central University in Minneapolis; a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from the Bethel University and Seminary, St. Paul; as well as two honorary doctorates from the Midwest Christian College & Seminary and St. Thomas College, in Jacksonville, Florida. He and his wife, Sabrina R. Grant-Williams have three children and together they share a deep commitment for serving God, family, and the ministry. Watch this video on Youtube.

Grey Secker, a Passionate Businessman in Forex Market

If you want to learn more about forex trading, then Grey Secker has good tips on how to be successful in forex. He says that after signing up your account in forex, there are various and similar equities. However, there is difference in these equities, and the best thing is to start with a small investment. Greg Secker argues than forex trading is right for everyone so long as you like looking into charts and answering various questions.

He went further and explain that forex market changes depending on major events like job numbers and retail sales and nothing much to worry here because many software and programs will help you predict what will happen in future. Greg Secker argues that many individuals have a misconception that forex trading is not safe and tend to lose hope immediately. However, if you are a robust strategist and risk taker, then forex market will be a safe place for you to invest. He recommends indicators such as option, Scholastic Oscillator, Bollinger Band and much more.

Grey Secker is an international speaker, entrepreneur, master trader, philanthropist based in London and was born in 1975. In 2003, he started Action Group that include several giants groups in many states. Action Group received an award in 2009 and also in 2010 the group was listed among top 100 groups. Greg Secker also started his organization called Grey Secker Foundation. Grey Secker Foundation is a non-profit organization which only strive in improving lives of needy people across the world.

Secker also worked at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He eventually shifted to forex trading as he ran a business called VTD. VTD was the first online platform for real-time forex trading. This platform assist clients get an opportunity to receive instant quotes in various foreign transactions. After succeeding in VTD business, he became the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation. As a Vice president, he worked with world`s best traders and discovered new strategies through traveling to international conferences and floors. He left Mellon Financial Corporation and started his company called Learn to Trade and has been growing rapidly for the last 13 years.

Rushed Service For Sentient AI Conversion Rates

Let Sentient Bring AI Technology To Your Doorstep

It’s best to have a partner when you win big in business. Getting more done with little is a strategy for winners. Let artificial intelligence succeed for your business online.

Building a platform on the Internet requires that you scale.

Scaling is the ability of a business function to become easier. Sentient AI makes marketing online easier for you and your financial returns. You start with the knowledge of conversions and then perfect it with smart AI technology.

What Is The Art Of Higher Conversion Rates

Higher conversions means you’re getting more rewards from the same effort or package. Business philosophy considers this scaling or scalability. This stage is when one business function becomes easier and without adding to an infrastructure. Better revenue is what conversion rates create.

Conversion rates act as access-ways to more money online. The technology at Sentient AI is special because it automates your marketing. You won’t struggle or work aggressively, and the upgrade to Sentient technology is easy.

Can My Business Make More Money With Conversions

Yes, it’s true. Your business can make twice to ten times the money. All you need is the conversion rates to justify it with. Here’s why conversions really matter. Every conversion is an action accomplished by your consumer. You can track conversions for sign up rates, product sells or website visits.

Each key segment affects your profit margin when you have a product.

The actions you set as goals with that product or service gets counted as conversions. This concept has a special name because of the digital infrastructure we work in. Profiting online starts with first acknowledging the Web environment and technology.

The digital world requires that we use and manipulate technology. It must be done in order to profit as a business online. These various parts that accommodate the digital infrastructure are used to achieve conversions.

You do it one time with Sentient AI. Our tools are expansive and designed to peak your marketing performance online. There’s no better way to convert, and there’s no better place to get started than here.

What If Artificial Intelligence Is Too Complicated For Me?

If you’re wondering about the reliability of AI, then don’t worry. Sentient tools are easy to use, easy to set up and even easier to see results with. Get started now.

Jeff Schneider | Setting A Positive Example

jeffry schneider headshot

Humans are born with an intrinsic desire to help others. This natural desire is what has kept our race going and it’s what will keep our race going into the future. This characteristic is held in high regard, but if we’re being honest, It’s not very common. In 2018, the world needs people with great empathy and leadership skills to improve at-risk communities and our ailing environment. As the world evolves all around us at a rapid pace, it’s up to us to make a change for the better. Jeff Schneider seeks to set an example for others to follow.

Indeed, it’s easy for humans to get overwhelmed by our daily stresses. In fact, we’re wired that way as a result of evolution. But for our future, it’s vital to not forgo taking time to help others. When it comes to putting others first, not too many people have the compassion and dedication of Jeffry Schneider. As a UMass grad, Jeffry Schneider was taught the importance and value of leadership in addition to community service. Founded in 1863, UMass has historically centered its mission around those values, and the UMass Community Action Service through Leadership and Service also known as UMass CALLS is a core part of the curriculum that Jeffry aced while attending. Even after graduating from the university, Jeff continued to give back to the world. In this way, he makes good on his goal of leading by example.

Famous actor, Misha Collins is quoted on Twitter saying, “I actually think that the most efficacious way of making a difference is to lead by example. Doing random acts of kindness is setting a very good example of how to behave in the world.”

Jeffry Schneider teaches others that if humans aim to create a positive influence on our world, we absolutely must create stronger communities. At the same time, Jeff understands and accepts that to attain this, a strong, seasoned leader must be in place and, Jeffry is more than up for the task. Over the years, Jeff Schneider has supported numerous organizations during community improvement projects. Continuing this initiative, Jeffry focuses a lot of his time on assisting communities with their members personal wellness and self-esteem. Whether he’s volunteering his time at a local charitable organization or running a marathon, health seminar, or another community event, Jeffry leads by setting an example, striving to improve our society.

Follow Jeff Schneider:

There Are Ten Reasons Behind Rocketship Education’s Success, Says Founder Preston Smith

Preston Smith spent six years of his educational experience in low-income neighborhoods in San Jose. He started teaching in 2001, quickly finding out that students from San Jose from failing backgrounds weren’t doing well after graduating high school. He founded Rocketship Education in 2007 with help from associate John Danner, helping bring technologically-assisted personalized lessons to mainstream in the United States.

Speaking Spanish is great for Preston Smith, something he learned to do in college from 1997 to 2001, because many of Rocketship Education’s facilities are found in areas with cultural diversity. This is one of the many reasons each installment of Smith’s educational creation has safe zones for illegal immigrant parents.

John Danner is a leading technological device and software expect with many years of experience. Alongside educator Preston Smith, who had spent the first six years of his career teaching facilities in low-income areas. Thanks to the pair’s efforts, Rocketship Education has a nationwide enrollment of 3,800-plus students.

Preston Smith wrote an article a few months ago about lessons he’d learned at Rocketship Education since it was created more than ten years ago.

Kids that have disabilities spend more time in general classes than they would at most other schools. Personalized education is available for all students, rather than only those in need of IEPs – individualized education plans – that typically have such issues.

Parents are encouraged to brighten the spirit of public schools to children, rather than perpetuating the idea that some public schools are terrible because they don’t receive enough funding, or charge their students’ parents thousands of dollars each semester.

They also need to switch their kids’ enrollment to other schools, even if it is not convenient to take them out of current elementary schools

Teachers play an integral role in ensuring children finish Rocketship Education with top-notch curriculum and demanding standards. Best of all, they don’t charge anything to parents.