Lime Crime: Bringing Vegan Cosmetics to China

Lime Crime is an American manufacturer of vegan cosmetics and makeup products. In their recent efforts to expand into Chinese markets, they faced some challenges based on international law, and standards of operation already in place. Despite these upheavals, Lime Crime revolutionized their design strategies in unprecedented ways in order to gain a foothold abroad.

Their management team mentioned the incredible way that marketing in China took place. In order to address the market overseas, they had to forget everything that knew and practiced in the United States in order to be successful. Maintaining their brand image and values the whole way, Lime Crime has paved the way for future cosmetic brand expansion in China.

Some of the challenges they had to deal with were unforeseen. For example, a large number of counterfit lip products were being sold with the Lime Crime logo. These Chinese manufacturers did not know about the product and were selling fake items to people who were unsuspecting. Nevertheless, Lime Crime decided to move forward with plans to sell in China.

One strategy they used to conquer these con artists, was to establish a reputable place for people to buy the products online. Their partner company, Revolve, was a prominent fashion brand with an ecommerce platform already in place. Both companies had a focus on similar target audiences in China and found the mutual ground to be a good starting point for their organizational efforts.

With a reliable place for Chinese audiences to get their Lime Crime products, the beauty product manufacturer was making some headway. They even promoted the items online so that people could purchase them ahead of schedule. This process also helped Lime Crime generate buzz around the product as well as a context where potential customers could follow them online.

Effective marketing and problem solving led Lime Crime to their current position in Chinese markets. Despite counterfitters and Chinese laws that required them to ship directly from the United States, Lime Crime’s vegan products are now available for sale overseas. This case is an important testament to the way that businesses can model themselves in order to fit the customized needs of foreign markets and customers alike.

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