Jeunesse Global creates first mind-enhancing health drink

For those on a busy work schedule, one of the most critical differences between having a highly productive day and loafing around in a mental fog is how alert one feels. While overall alertness is a highly complex topic, being a function of everything from the quality of sleep one gets to the type of carbohydrates one ingests, there are now products available that have been scientifically demonstrated to increase alertness and ability to focus during the workday.

One of those products is the M1nd health drink, offered by health and beauty leader Jeunesse Global. M1nd may be the first health drink that has been rigorously shown by internal studies to increase the ability of users to focus on complex or difficult tasks throughout the workday. Many studies have shown that people’s productivity levels begin to fall off dramatically after the period around lunchtime. This presents a serious problem for those who need to maintain optimal levels of production on a steady basis throughout the day.

Now, M1nd offers a real solution to that post-lunch decline. The drink enables users to stay focused for longer, access memory more efficiently and perform calculations faster. And the best part about this drink is that it has been developed from 100 percent natural ingredients. This not only makes M1nd a healthy alternative to some of the other energy drinks on the market, but it also gives the drink a natural flavor that is simply unrivaled among competing beverages.

M1nd is just one of the many innovative products that have been created over the last nine years by Jeunesse Global, one of the fastest-growing direct marketers of health, beauty and nutrition products in the world.

Founded in 2009 by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeuensse Global has quickly grown into a company that some experts have estimated to be worth as much as $1 billion. Jeunesse has focused on going after unanswered market niches, creating some of the most innovative and revolutionary health and beauty products that the world has seen in the last decade.

For more information on Jeunesse products, visit their website or contact an authorized Jeunesse distributor.

Daniel Taub On His Historic Career Serving As Israeli Ambassador to the U.K.

Daniel Taub served as the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2011 to 2015. During his four year tenure in this role, he saw a number of huge successes including an increase in trade between the two countries that as much as doubled previous figures.

There were also trying times as well. From issues within Britain that included the controversy stirred up by Bradford MP George Galloway to Israel’s continued concerns about the state of affairs with Iran, Daniel Taub’s ambassadorship was never a dull one.

Despite the fact that there was never a lack of issues to be concerned with, Daniel always insisted that he truly enjoyed the experience and the fact that it made his everyday life a constantly interesting one. The topic of Daniel’s historic ambassadorial career coming to an end was the subject of an interview with The JC.

Daniel Taub Says Farewell After a Storied Tenure as Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom:

As Daniel Taub moves on to the next phase of his life, it is fitting to talk about his career, his thoughts on life and where he sees the state of affairs between the U.K. and Israel. It is poignant to reflect on the earliest moments of Daniel’s tenure as ambassador.

His initial meeting with the Queen left no doubt as to his pride in his Orthodox Jewish traditions. He has proudly stated that “I do believe that having faith in your life can build bridges.” Daniel is British born but his faith and his commitment to his adopted nation of Israel have always been proudly on display.

During his time as ambassador he has been happy put forth Israel’s position while talking to the government as well as media outlets, academics and businessmen and women.

The United Kingdom and the State of Israel do not always see eye to eye on every issue but Daniel points out that in his opinion relations between the two are as strong as ever.

He always likes to keep in perspective the historical importance that Britain has held for Israel, stating “For Israel, Britain is, not just in an historic way, a very important country. It plays a very critical role in Europe but beyond that, British media is effectively the world media, Britain is the financial centre of the world…” Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

On the topic of the state of the Middle East, Iran still ranks high on Israel and Daniel Taub’s major concerns list. He has been well documented on this issue as believing that the Iranian government is not to be trusted to honor the recent agreements made in Geneva. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

This has been a sticking point between Israel and the U.K. None the less, he maintains that the relationship with Britain is good, and stresses that the good side of the coin on the issue is that traditional enemies of Israel such as Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and Egypt now find themselves with mutual interests along with Israel.

The thought of a nuclear Iran is not desirable to any of the aforementioned parties and the situation is giving Israel new opportunities to forge alliances thought impossible in past times. This is something Daniel Taub takes great pride in.

Now that it is all coming to an end for Daniel in his role as ambassador, he contends that it was the opportunity to speak to so many different people from different walks of life on a daily basis that made the job the most fulfilling.

Matt Badiali the Founder of Real Wealth Strategist

Matt Badiali has spent his career life carrying out research on natural resources and writing his findings. His work has taken him to many countries including; Switzerland, Haiti, Hong Kong, Singapore, Iraq, Guinea and many other natural resource mining sites across the world. He has had countless visits to mining sites and oil wells across the globe. In his line of duty, he has been interrogating mining and oil drilling CEOs while analyzing geological data. For more than a decade, Matt has combined his geological knowledge with his investment training to uncover enormous profits that come from natural resource investment.

The geological expert, Matt Badiali attended the Penn State University and graduated with a degree in BS, Earth sciences. In 1998, he enrolled for his master’s degree in geology at the Florida Atlantic University. He later attended the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill for his Ph.D. dissertation and graduated in 2005. Upon graduating, he first worked as a geology professor at the University of North Carolina. Visit the website to learn more.

His career as a geology analyst officially started when he got a call from his friend who was a financial expert. His friend approached him seeking his help in natural resource since he wanted to invest in mining, energy and natural resource sector. Matt’s primary role was to examine oil wells operation, assessing samples from goldmines and analyzing on-site filed maps. He eventually became a natural resource investor.

In May 2017, he launched his newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist with the Banyan hill publishing. In a short period, Matt built a pool of loyal readers. In his career as a geology analyst and writer, he has helped potential investors across the nation by advising them on the best natural resource to invest in at a given time. His readers are eagerly waiting for his natural resource book Stock Recommendation. Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunbchbase.

In his recent articles, he has talked about freedom checks, which he described as the fantastic investment. The concept of freedom checks was to accomplish the desire of the Americans to have independence in the energy sector. Matt Badiali also writes for In his recent article at medium, he expressed the need for investors to invest in copper in 2018. Cooper has outshined lead and zinc. In 2017, the copper price was high due to supply destruction in China. Codelco, which is the world’s largest copper producer, expects its costs to reach 10,000 dollars per metric ton, which is equivalent to 4.55 dollars per pound.


A Closer Look at Telereal Trillium Company and Graham Edwards CEO

When Graham Edwards, the CEO of Telereal Trillium first took this position as CEO, his first impact was his influence on the culture and makeup of the company. In 2001, Graham Edwards, created Telereal and uncovered the value of the company and found strategic ways through partnerships to enhance the company’s growth.

Before becoming CEO at Telereal Trillium Graham Edwards was chief investment officer of Talisman Global Asset Management. During his time there he established Pears FSA registered asset management arm. Earlier Graham Edwards also held positions at Merrill Lynch as a Fund Manager he then went on to become the head of finance for BT Group Plc property department.

Because of Graham Edwards’s background in investment, he was more than capable of realizing the value in the BT holding successfully, and it brought 2.28 billion which Telereal Trillium acquired 6,700 properties in an area of 59.2 million square feet.

With Graham Edwards at the helm of Telereal Trillium, he has been a great asset to the company for bringing clients on board from different industries such as Virgin Media, Barclays, Royal Mail, BT, The Birmingham city council he also brought The Department of Work and Pensions a board on his successful venture. All of these companies have great faith and trust in Telereal Trillium and Graham Edwards abilities for accomplishment as the CEO of the company (Glassdoor).

Another achievement Graham Edwards Telereals brought about for Telereal Trillium was his orchestration of the charitable program named “Donation Matching Scheme.” The Donation Matching organized in 203 is Telereal Trillium most significant success for the corporation charity platform. Telereal Trillium employees are allowed to donate money to any of their charities. The Donation Matching had given the employees a sense of pride to be apart of such a responsible company precisely what Graham Edward was hoping for when he organized the charity. The charities are also pleased with the donations they are receiving Telereal Trillium company. Graham Edwards has led Telereal Trillium to tremendous growth which is shown by the increase in their charity matching donations.


The Environment is Safe with the Waiakea Water Company

The water bottle industry is growing at a very high rate. The value of the sector is approximated to be $100 billion across the globe. The variety in the market is a pro to the clients as they chose what works out for them. It has also led to fair prices in the market.

As many companies come up with mesmerizing catchphrases to advertise their products, the truth about the Waiakea water is enough to advertise it. Many clients are fascinated by the fact that it is pure volcanic water. The brand also minds the welfare of the community.

In the past years, the water bottles company has contributed highly to the degradation of the environment. The beaches that were good relaxation joints are now littered with bottles. Things might continue worsening if no measures are taken.

The problem is that the normal plastic bottle does not decompose. This means that the bottles will keep accumulating. Waiakea water has come up with a long-term solution to the problem. They are launching a decomposable bottle this year. The bottle will take an average of 15 years to decompose, and they will be completely recyclable. 15 years may seem like a long time, but if other companies embrace the same technology, the environment will be safe years to come.

You might not understand the impact the bottles have on the environment until you go the beaches. A research that was carried out showed that last year, more than 50 billion plastic bottles were used. It is shocking to know that in the 50 billion, only 12 billion were recycled.

The project of Waiakea Company will be of positive impact to the environment. The company is also committed to serving the community. For instance, they donate Malawi with a whole week clean supply of water with every one litre of water that is purchased. They also set aside 3% of the company’s income to support the charitable organizations. Buying the Waiakea water is supporting those in need and saving the deteriorating environment. The environment is important, and we must protect it for the future generations.