Jeff Aronin, An Innovative Leader in Paragon Biosciences, LLC.

Jeff Aronin brings us, “Paragon Biosciences, LLC. A company that focuses on identifying over-looked medical needs. And bringing highly-qualified scientists to allocate to us medicines that once weren’t available. Aronin spared no expense with any resources necessary to move towards success. Due to the research at Paragon Biosciences, scientists have created 13 quality medicines made available to the people. Not to mention all the progress Jeff Aronin has brought to light in founding the non-profit organization, MATTER. Jeff Aronin has created jobs for hundreds of people in doing so.

Paragon Biosciences has made breakthroughs in science. And now leads us to medicine that holds a brighter future for all of us. Placing on the market 13 exclusive brands of medicine, all approved, that have gone through rigorous testing. While continuing on with other medicines, only some have made it through the first phase of testing. All have over gone preclinical testing, and all have promising futures ahead, as a result. Paragon Biosciences also recognizes the severity that suffering can bring and emanates ways to alleviate it. Thanks to Jeff’s support, the people at Paragon Biosciences continue having jobs. Not to mention do their work in making the world a better place (

Another outstanding feat that Jeff Aronin has overcome was founding “MATTER” a healthcare incubator community of healthcare innovators. Also creating many jobs for young and ambitious entrepreneurs who wish to be in the field of bioscience. Once again paving the roads for those in need and helping the economy as well. We could all only be so fortunate to have etched a path as did Jeff Aronin. Especially in a field like this.

Not always does the existence of life give us someone special like Jeff. He has pushed to create a world free of suffering and pain. He has to spent countless hours of his time to make these findings come to life. Jeff Aronin and his company Paragon Biosciences, LLC is doing all of this and more, for this reason. We should take lessons from a man who’s done all of this and learn to give back as he did.


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