Vijay Eswaran Helps People To Live More Productive Prosperous Lives

In countless communities throughout Asia, QI Group chairman and co-founder Vijay Eswaran is seen as an inspiration and a role model. Raised in a working-class community in Penang, Malaysia, Eswaran went on to earn a socio-economics degree from the London School of Economics and an MBA from Southern Illinois University in the United States. Even thought he was forced to work as a laborer, pick grapes and drive a cab to survive, Eswaran always had a picture in him mind that he would be very successful and prosperous. That vision is now a reality. Vijay Eswaran is now one of Asia’s richest men.

Although Vijay Eswaran gives money to a wide array of charitable causes and organizations, he has been able to give an even more important gift to millions of people. That gift is sharing the philosophy that has led to his success. While giving people food, clothing and shelter will take care of their short-term needs, by sharing his philosophy Eswaran has been able to transform the lives of millions of people. Vijay Eswaran burst onto the scene when he shared his philosophy with the staff of the QI Group and they were able grow to generate almost a billion dollars a year in sales while the economy throughout Asia was in a slump.

The key to the philosophy of Vijay Eswaran is having the focus to be able to create an image in one’s mind of things going the way you want them to go. That vision must be supported by proper planning and consistent, targeted work. In his books ‘In the Sphere of Silence’, ‘In The Thinking Zone’, ‘On The Wings of Thought’, ’18 Stepping Stones’ and others, Eswaran helps readers to understand how to get in the right frame of mind to clearly visualize their goal and believe it will come to fruition. This is a very important element of the process of creating enduring success.

Vijay Eswaran also helps people deal with fear. Fear can crush people’s will and prevents them from takin action. But in his articles ‘3 Ways Fear Drives Success’, ‘Two Minutes From the Abyss’, ‘The Stages of Change’ and others, Eswaran explains fear can be an excellent motivational force. There are many examples of people driven by fear performing superhuman feats. Vijay Eswaran helps people to understand how to change their reaction to fear and use it to their benefit.

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