William Saito- The Renown Japanese Businessman

William Saito is an experienced and knowledgeable Japan-based businessman who has established a couple of fruitful companies. He has been both the investor and initiator of these companies giving him great insights into business creation and success.

He was born in 1971 on March 23rd in Los Angeles, California. His parents moved from Japan to The United States in1969, two years before his birth. He joined Damien in California for his high school where he graduated in 1969 and later California University till 1992. He began venturing into computer security since high school. He has been the Japan Airlines advisor, JAL’s adviser on IT strategy and Japan Times advisory board member among others.

In 2011, William Saito was recognized as a Young Global Leader in a world economic forum. He was also in the list of the great influential personalities in Japan on Nikkei’s list. He is a renown setup investor, and he was a ministry of economy and cabinet’s cyber-security advisor in Japan. William Saito has been a great investor in the biotech, batteries and security industries. He believes that the greatest source of success in Japan will be the Robot and 3D printing industries.


According to William Saito, marketing is vital for business growth. He believes that a brand message and an inimitable business plan should be incorporated to reach the target group of customers. Marketing should be incorporated from the beginning to the end even if after the business picks up. One should deploy experienced, and extensively knowledgeable personnel to handle the marketing since they are more likely to predict what works best for the company and failure or success of the business will be highly dependent on them.



Acquisition of capital is also a major threat during business start-ups. William Saito suggests that a business should look for more natural ways of maximizing less initial capital rather than borrowing money in large amounts when starting a business. This will reduce the risk if things turn sour and also increase business flexibility in managing the business.


Business culture is also vital since it determines the type of employees the business is likely to attract and this can have a long-term effect on the business. The business should, therefore, be a clear reflection of the entrepreneur and the people involved in the business too. Diversity also makes a business thrive according to William. He has fifteen out of his nineteen investment companies being run by women, and this has extensively outgrown his business.



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