Entrepreneur Alex Hern Gives Insight Into His Success


Alex Hern is the Chief Executive officer of Tsunami XR. Hern has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. Hern helped found YESM, an email marketing company. Hern also helped co-found Military Commercial Technologies, a technology commercialization incubator. Hern served on the boards of Zero Knowledge Systems and Triton Network Systems. Read more about Alex Hern at bloomberg.com.

Hern says that the idea to create Tsunami XR comes from the fact that there was demand for new software platforms as a result of the transition from the CPU era to the GPU era. There was a need for new software applications that were able to maximize the capabilities of the graphics on tablets and mobile devices. Hern likes to brainstorm ideas at night. Hern enjoys the quiet time and also says that brainstorming at night is perfect for him because there are limited distractions. Hern often brainstorms about other applications that could potentially help the company.

Hern advises other entrepreneurs to focus. Wake up every day with a clear goal in mind and do everything to obtain it. Hern tries to make decisions that he feels are in the long term best interests of Tsunami XR. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin. Hern believes that multi-tasking is not beneficial to a person’s career. Hern advises his peers to stay off social media and focus on creating bonds in the real World. Hern tries to stay prepared for any circumstances that may arise. Sometimes businesses will be negatively impacted by things that they cannot control.

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead to the future, Hern is excited about the future of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Hern wants to see how AI can be applied to XR. Hern seeks to continue to partner with solution providers. Hern would like to see an entrepreneur create a business that brings together big data and accounting.

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Victoria Doramus, Marketing Guru turned Philanthropist

Victoria Doramus may not be a household name, or even on that you recognize yourself right off of the bat. However, just because you don’t know the name doesn’t mean you haven’t seen the work and imagery. It also doesn’t mean you haven’t felt the impact of what she has been able to accomplish so far. The reason for this is that while Victoria Doramus has many talents and has spent the early part of her career doing all things marketing, she has continued to change the culture and the way of doing business in general when it comes to helping nonprofits and other cause-based organizations to get off of the ground and grow.

According to Medium, it is extremely difficult for small businesses to be able to run a professional marketing department because when an organization is small, the resources just aren’t there to cover the full spectrum of marketing services needed. Imagine what a nonprofit then has to deal with because the truth is they are solely relying on donations. However, if you can find someone with the ability and experience of Victoria Doramus, a consumer trends expert, and have them plug into your organization, their direction can turn a virtual unknown into a powerhouse when it comes to helping.

The reason Victoria Doramus, a digital and print media professional, has done so well is because she simply understands people. She gets them well enough to understand a marketing campaign, and she knows how to make them understand and see her point. But it’s not just the marketing she has come to know. Victoria Doramus understands people so well that she has started to understand the areas society is lacking in, the areas that need help the most, and the areas she can make a difference in. That’s exactly why she is pushing forward for help and for working within the nonprofit sector.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/iamvictorialynn/

Bruno Fagali Made Sure He Understood the Laws

Starting out as a lawyer, Bruno Fagali wanted to make sure he knew everything he could about being in the legal industry. He also wanted people to understand how hard he worked to make sure he knew a lot about laws and other things. For Fagali, this meant he had to try to help other people understand the laws while he was also still learning about them himself. He made sure he had a good handle on the different things he wanted to do and that helped propel him in the right legal direction. No matter what Bruno did, he felt he could make positive changes that would have a good impact on the way things worked. As long as Bruno kept working in the legal industry, he would be able to help more people make valuable connections. He believed the work he put into the business was something important for him and for the people he worked with. Learn more about Fagali at crunchbase.com.

Now that Bruno Fagali does urban law, he feels good about what he’s doing to make a difference for other people. He also feels there are ways he can make sure others understand he’s doing things that will continue helping them. No matter how hard he has to work or what he does with the type of work he’s involved in, he will continue growing his legal expertise. It’s part of who he is as a person and that’s something that makes his job easier. Visit guiamais.com to know more about Fagali.

As things continued changing in the industry and Bruno Fagali knew just what he wanted to do, he realized helping make the laws in Brazil was something he could get behind. He felt he had a chance to keep showing people the positive experiences that would come from everything that was going on. It made him understand there were things that would make his career better. Bruno saw a lot of chances to learn how to be successful and took them so he could make sure he had the reach he needed to be a better lawyer. Doing this helped make him a better choice for the Brazilian government.

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Sheldon Lavin Turns OSI Group Into Global Business

For the first several years of his professional career, Sheldon Lavin was a financial advisor. He first entered the processed food industry in 1970 when he was asked to help out a company called Otto & Sons. This company was one of McDonald’s suppliers and needed to build a new processing facility solely dedicated to this part of the company. In order to build this facility, they needed a business loan which is how Sheldon Lavin got involved. He found a bank that would lend them the money and the plant was built.

A few years later Otto & Sons, now named OSI Group, asked Sheldon Lavin to join them as a partner and as the new CEO. He accepted this offer and wholly joined the food industry. Right from the start, he wanted to expand OSI Group into a far bigger company. He has been wildly successful at this endeavor over the past 40 years. His company now has facilities around the world in countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, India, China, and Australia among others. His company employs over 2,000 people and is now one of the biggest food companies in the world.

He has shown himself to be someone concerned about the environmental impact of his company and other sustainability issues. He makes it a priority to introduce new strategies, efficiencies, and technology into the food processing plants so their effect on the environment is minimalized. An example of this is OSI Group’s food processing facility in Toledo, Spain. This facility was 40 years old and so in need of an upgrade for a few reasons. Sheldon Lavin took this opportunity to make it much more sustainable.

The main reason he upgraded this facility was to meet the increasing demand for chicken in that part of the world. However, Sheldon Lavin introduced new technology which reduced the plant’s energy use by 20% with plans to decrease this even farther in the near future. One way he did this was by having waste-heat recycled and turned into energy that powers the equipment.

To learn more:https://discoverorg.com/directory/person/Sheldon-Lavin/6838744

How Adam Milstein has Helped in Preserving the Jewish Identity

The role of Jewish People in the U.S has been extensively important in various industries. These include art, business, and education among others. Even in adverse situations, the Jewish people always appreciated their culture.

Adam Milstein first went to the United States as a student in 1981 but never went back. He ambitiously involved himself in real estate business. For three decades, he advanced Hager Pacific Properties together with his wife. Despite living in the U.S for long, he has never abandoned his culture.

Since his arrival in the United States, Adam Milstein has appreciated and recognized the role Judaism plays among the Jewish-American community. Lately, he has been focused on philanthropically causes. He believes that philanthropy is vital in promoting the identity of the Jewish community in the U.S.

Adam Milstein has made this possible through the following;

  1. a) Revitalizing Jewish Pride

Despite their small number in the U.S, the Jewish community is among the highest performing individuals. Adam Milstein, for instance, is performing well in real estate and has never been ashamed of his identity nor faith. The Jewish community’s pride has been revitalized through the confidence that he has in his roots.

  1. b) Promoting better Relationship between Israeli and the U.S

Adam Milstein is among the 200 top most philanthropists worldwide. He has played a significant role in preserving the relationship between the U.S and the Israeli government. The two nations have therefore been able to work together toward many issues. Such includes culture preservation, promotion of world peace and protecting human rights.

  1. c) Fostering Vital Education Measures

He has always ensured that Judaism education materials are always available and accessible to the all the American Jewish community. Together with his wife, he has donated to more than two hundred Jewish organizations which are involved in educating the young about their culture.

  1. d) Sponsoring Young Jewish American to Israel

Milstein believes that the interest if the young in Israeli Culture is possible through the first-hand contact. Milstein and his wife through their organization have sponsored many young people to visit Israel. He has sent more than a thousand young people to visit their mother country and learn more about their culture.


The Journey Dr. Mark McKenna Undertook to Create OVME

Choosing a career path is one of the dilemmas anyone can face in life. In the past, the pursuit of science careers was encouraged. However, with time, arts and talent-focused careers have become more lucrative. It is common to find a person discarding their diplomas/ degrees for their passion.

What is uncommon though, is finding a person who creates an impeccable balance between their career, passion, and entrepreneurship. Dr. Mark McKenna has managed to combine three of his passions – entrepreneurship, medicine and real state – into a very innovative project known as OVME. OVME is a unique retail aesthetic company, which uses technology to connect clients with highly skilled healthcare providers.

The journey to OVME

Dr. McKenna’s journey to create OVME started as an inspiration to pursue medicine from his father, who was a doctor. While in medical school, Dr. McKenna struggled to make ends meet. He decided to do some investments in order to fix the financial problems. McKenna Venture Investments, a real estate company was born.

After graduation, Dr. Mark McKenna worked at his father’s private practice. However, the career was not as challenging and exciting as the real estate venture. Thus, Dr. McKenna decided to quit practicing medicine and run his real estate company full-time in New Orleans.

Hurricane Katrina

However, in 2005 Hurricane Katrina tore New Orleans and with it went a huge collection of Dr. McKenna’s properties. The hurricane disaster made some personal ramifications for Dr. Mark McKenna. House prices had plunged following the hurricane but, Dr. McKenna decided to buy the destroyed properties, make repairs, and get them back on the market so that the displaced families could own homes again.

After a few years of rebuilding his hometown, Dr. Mark McKenna decided to return to medicine and be an advocate to patients. Only this time he combined his passion for entrepreneurship and medicine to form OVME.


OVME is a medical technology company on aesthetics that seeks to connect clients with skilled healthcare providers. OVME has an assembly of the highest qualified professionals . Dr. McKenna’s technological innovations allow the aesthetics providers to have remote consultations with their clients. Dr. Mark McKenna is working to create an app that will allow customers to schedule appointments at their convenience and place of preference.


Madison Street Capital Succeeds in offering financial advice

Since it started, Madison Street Capital has worked with many companies. Its reputation has won the hearts of many entrepreneurs who have come to seek their services. The company has earned a reputation because of the way it operates. The focus of the company is to give its clients the best services in the financial sector. The modern markets are challenging, and if a company is not careful, there are chances of making mistakes. The company that has taken the time to consult Madison Street Capital before making a decision has succeeded in its operations. Madison Street Capital cannot be compared with other companies because of its unique business model. The organization works with a team that has the right knowledge of the market.




The experts have been working in the financial market for more than a decade, and they have acquired the best experience to help companies. Before they can make a decision, they first understand your needs as a customer. They evaluate your failures and successes to come up with an excellent solution to your problems. They know that not all customers have the same issues hence they will do their best to come up with an answer only tailored for you. They have already succeeded in providing exceptional services to their customers who are from all over the world.




Madison Street Capital has served several institutions which are recognized around the world. For example, they served a company called Professional Pipe. The organization sought the services of Madison Street Capital because it realized that the company is run by experts who are experienced in the financial sector and who know what they are doing. The owners of the international company knew Madison Street Capital could help them with what they needed. The organization is led by experts who have been in the American market hence they know it well. Professional Pipe is a company that is known to many for providing installation and piping facilities.




Leaders from the company were happy when the transaction was completed. They thanked Madison Street Capital for working with them as a team until the process was over. The company was experiencing difficulties, but things were now settled. The president of Madison Street, Charles Botchway praised the professionals from the company for working hard and being dedicated. He said they did great work and they had shown commitments towards serving customers with diligence. Madison Street Capital has continued to offer customers with the best services in the market.


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Sahm Adrangi The Stock Investment Guru

Managing one’s finances is hard work. One must work to make the money in the first place and then come up with a strategy to invest it so that it can last a lifetime and then some. Most people invest their money in the stock market, but this is a risky strategy because stock values rise and fall unpredictably. For the past decade, investment managers have developed strategies to safeguard your funds in case of a decrease in share price. This process is called shorting, and it involves betting on stock prices going down. In comes Sahm Adrangi, the king of shorting to the rescue.

Sahm Adrangi is the owner of Kerrisdale capital an investment fund that manages assets valued at over one hundred and fifty million dollars. With his Yale University arsenal, this self-made guru built his company from a one million dollar startup to what it is today. He has a reputation in financial circles for his ability to short stocks. Sahm Adrangi first appeared on the scene with his success for shorting fraudulent Chinese stocks, a new phenomenon on the investing front at the time.

Sahm Adrangi has built his reputation in the industry by shorting stocks based on bad news, a technique that has been very successful so far. Based on his thorough analysis, he is revered as a financial researcher, and he is invited to speak at many conferences on the topic of short activism. A good example is the Art Pain and the Opportunity of Short Selling Conference that took place at the New York Athletic Club on the 3rd of May 2018 alongside other relevant industry players like Whitney Tilson. In this conference, he spoke about one of the emerging trends witnessed in the industry as being ad fraud and how investors can take advantage of this news to predict a shortening opportunity in a company’s stock.

Investing in the stock market is a scary task, however, based on Sahm Adrangi’s record of shorting and his unprecedented success in the field, following his advice is bound to lead others into success too.


GreenSky Credit to Increase Job Opportunities

David Zalik is the co-founder of GreenSky Trade Credit, LLC that is currently known as GreenSky. He has been the chief executive officer of the entity since its foundation in 2006. Zalik is also the chair of GreenSky, Inc. Board of Directors and CEO of GreenSky Financial, LLC. In 1999, he co-founded Outweb Inc. and works as its CEO and chairman. While in Auburn University, Zalik established MicroTech Information Systems at the age of 14. He took part in setting up Phoenix, LLC, Resource Institute, and the Rockbridge Commercial Bank.

Mr. David Zalik served as a director at Rockbridge Commercial Bank. He has been among the Board of Directors at the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, Marcus Community Center, and Hands on Atlanta. Zalik won the 2016 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year, 2000 Abe Schwartz Young Leadership Award, and 2003 Catalyst Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

About GreenSky Credit

GreenSky credit is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The financial technology firm was opened in 2006. It provides technological services to merchants and banks to make loans to customers for home improvement, healthcare, solar, and other usages. The federally-insured, state and federal financial institutions finance the GreenSky credit programs. Around $5 billion was lent through the credit program from 2012 to 2016.


GreenSky is a renowned firm in the FinTech market. It had partnered with 14 banks as at 2016 and they include SunTrust Banks and Regional Financial Corp. They make credits on the GreenSky mobile app or online to more than 12,000 merchants ranging from individual contractors to retailers.

GreenSky credit signs up entrepreneurs who deal with furniture and home improvement items like window replacement, roofing, and aluminum siding. It also handles elective medical processes. The company supplants credit cards for more focused spending on customer projects. They have a fixed interest rate and the period for payback.

According to CEO David Zalik, the financial entity is not competing with similar firms as it is a technology company with a different lending program. In 2015, GreenSky opened a call center in Kentucky, Cincinnati area. In the same year, it announced the upcoming multi-million dollar extension that could create 350 jobs in Atlanta.