Entrepreneur Alex Hern Gives Insight Into His Success


Alex Hern is the Chief Executive officer of Tsunami XR. Hern has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. Hern helped found YESM, an email marketing company. Hern also helped co-found Military Commercial Technologies, a technology commercialization incubator. Hern served on the boards of Zero Knowledge Systems and Triton Network Systems. Read more about Alex Hern at bloomberg.com.

Hern says that the idea to create Tsunami XR comes from the fact that there was demand for new software platforms as a result of the transition from the CPU era to the GPU era. There was a need for new software applications that were able to maximize the capabilities of the graphics on tablets and mobile devices. Hern likes to brainstorm ideas at night. Hern enjoys the quiet time and also says that brainstorming at night is perfect for him because there are limited distractions. Hern often brainstorms about other applications that could potentially help the company.

Hern advises other entrepreneurs to focus. Wake up every day with a clear goal in mind and do everything to obtain it. Hern tries to make decisions that he feels are in the long term best interests of Tsunami XR. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin. Hern believes that multi-tasking is not beneficial to a person’s career. Hern advises his peers to stay off social media and focus on creating bonds in the real World. Hern tries to stay prepared for any circumstances that may arise. Sometimes businesses will be negatively impacted by things that they cannot control.

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead to the future, Hern is excited about the future of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Hern wants to see how AI can be applied to XR. Hern seeks to continue to partner with solution providers. Hern would like to see an entrepreneur create a business that brings together big data and accounting.

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