Ted Bauman’s Advice in The Bauman Letter

Ted Bauman is a certified investment adviser. He has gained great skills and experience by serving in various jobs during his teenage life. Ted has been recognized in several journals that are prominent in the whole world. He has also engaged himself in extensive study research and writing for the South Africa Government, United Nations as well as various nonprofit funding agencies that are based in Europe. Bauman also participated in Banyan Hill Publishing where he runs three newsletters. He joined this publication in 2013 where he has massively contributed towards investment industry. In one of his newsletter, The Bauman Letter, he outlined the strategies suitable for the disaster-proofing valuables. He introduced this article with a story of a relative who died recently.

Ted Bauman had made a store of the premises that could never be reached by the financial institutions. In his story, he stated that one of his close relatives had collectibles, cash, precious metals and gems at home. However, these assets were smashed in his office, and thus they could easily be stolen by burglars. They were also highly vulnerable to all means of destruction. Ted Bauman recalled an instance when the house of his relative almost burned down to the ground. Despite that there is a low possibility of theft, Ted Bauman always advice that everyone needs to secure their liquid assets. The Bauman Letter, he had some few ideas to share out.

His first idea was the use of a lockbox or a home safe. He stated that you need to invest in a waterproof and a fireproof lockbox or home safe. Bauman recommended for a personalized safe that can be fixed down for the storage of substantial assets such as guns and artwork. He added that your home is not the most suitable place that you can store your incredible monetary valuable assets. Although many people feel comfortable having their valuables close to them, it is not the safest place. The most diverse areas are the ideal places to store them. He also stated that you should never store all your assets in one place. It is very risky as it can result in total loss I just in case the unexpected happens.

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