The Establishment and Product Lines Manufactured by Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse Capital is an East Coast-based firm that falls under the categories of fitness, wellness, and healthcare. Jeunesse Global was established in the year 2009. The founders of Jeunesse Global are long term partners; Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. Randy Ray serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer while Wendy Lewis serves as the Chief Operating Officer.

Jeunesse Global was established with the aim of enhancing youthfulness and healthy living as well. Jeunesse Global runs a direct selling platform that serves a variety of clients from different parts of the globe. The company also owns three mobile phone applications namely; Jeunesse Anita found on iTunes Connect, Nilopolis RJ available on Google play and Japeri RJ also available on Google Play.

Jeunesse Global products

The most popular products manufactured by Jeunesse Global are supplements, Hair care products, and skin care products. The hair care products are the most recent entry in their list of products. The Reveal Advanced Hair Care System is the name of the hair care line manufactured by Jeunesse Global. This line consists of a serum, a leave-in conditioner, and a shampoo. The serum is used as a scalp infusion treatment kit. The manufacture’s advice is that this product is used twice a day on either dry or wet hair. It is guaranteed to help the clients achieve a fuller hairline and density as well as volume. The shampoo, on the other hand, is to be daily and methodically as per the instructions. Finally, the conditioner can be sprayed on wet or dry hair. This Hair Care System was developed using polypeptide technology to ensure its efficiency.

The other products by Jeunesse Global are supplements. The line of supplements manufactured by this company is aimed at helping the bodies acquire energy, relax when needed to, keep healthy and also maintain growth. The supplements include AM and PM, Zen Body, Nevo and Reserve. Finally, there is the skin care line by Jeunesse that works on youth enhancement. These products include a make-up line, anti-aging products, and rejuvenation products.

All these products are available at the Jeunesse Global official website at affordable prices.

Equities First Holdings is a Company that People Trust

Equities First Holdings have made quite a name for themselves in the lending industry. Many banks are taking notice of what they are doing because they are giving people another lending option. Equities First Holdings is a stock-based loan company that continues to help people to get the funding they need. It does not matter what the money will be used for. Equities First Holdings does not give restrictions on the money.

Most banks require people to use the loan that is given on a particular thing. Equities First Holdings has been able to help people to receive a loan who have previously given up on ever being able to get a loan. Equities First Holdings wants to be the first company that people think about when they want to get a stock-based loan. Many of their customers come back to them because they have such a great loan process.

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Fans across the world are excited after hearing that the upcoming film, Isn’t it Romantic will be starring Rebel Wilson. She is a fan favorite and her mad acting skills are sure to bring an interesting twist to the movie. From acting musicals like Pitch Perfect which was a hit, Rebel Wilson is now playing lead actress in this rom-com.

She never disappoints in all her films, and this will be another proof of her raw talent and skills. Over the years she has featured in hit after hit and has become a fan favorite. Isn’t It Romantic will be released in a week in the United States. Fans in other countries will have to wait for 28th February when Netflix will cast the movie. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

Isn’t it Romantic revolves around the life of Natalie who works as an architect for a living. The role of Natalie is played by the gorgeous Rebel Wilson. Natalie has never experienced love since she is always buried in her work and has no time for herself. One day while going home she is attacked by a mugger who leaves her passed out on the road.

Natalie was on her way from work and tried fighting the thief. She regains consciousness in a different universe where everything seems to be fantasy. She is caught in the middle of fiction and to get home she needs to fall in love. She has to choose the right guy from two men, Josh and Blake, who are both interested in her. The movie is filled with humor and is indeed interesting to watch.

Rebel Wilson has defied all odds to become one of the first Australian actresses to make it in Hollywood. She began her acting career back home in Australia and slowly climbed the social ladder to become one of the best actresses. She came to New York after winning a scholarship and trained with different agencies. She was hired by different agents because she was different and unique.

Rebel Wilson studied at the University of New South Wales and also the Australian Theater for Young People. At the beginning of her career, Rebel was not into comedy but after going on stage and people began laughing she decided to switch to comedy. She has won several awards from her acting fulfilling her dream of becoming a renowned actress.

To get to where she is, Rebel Wilson has had to overcome several things including her shyness. Her high school drama teacher played a significant role in helping her and Rebel remains forever grateful to her.

She is an independent woman with a clothing line in her name. She is currently single and happy. Rebel believes that the right man will come to her at the right time and focuses on herself currently.

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“CEO Marc Beer and Renovia Announce Support of Recommendations by ACOG and WPSI “

When Marc Beer co-found Renovia in 2016, he was on the mission of developing digital therapeutic and diagnostic devices to treat pelvic floor disorders. Research sources reported a common disorder, known as urinary incontinence affects over 20 million women in the United States. Approximately 61 percent of those women under the age of 60 experience leakage which is treatable sometimes through exercising and strengthening the pelvic floor. Women’s Preventive Services Initiative (WPSI) and The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) released recommendations and opinions on the importance of urinary incontinence screening. Renovia is supporting the initiatives of the organizations to improve and maintain the health of women.


Renovia made the announcement in a press release on August 28th, 2018 of their support for urinary incontinence screening recommendations by ACOG and WPSI. As part of postpartum care for women, ACOG released its Committee Opinion-736 which recommends the screening for various pelvic floor disorders. ACOG leads national coalition, WPSI which released the first screening guidelines for detection and routine screening of all women including those in their adolescence. Women’s Preventive Services Initiative published the guidelines on August 14th to encourage early detection of urinary incontinence disorders and alternative treatments. Marc Beer and the Renovia team are dedicated to bringing awareness to millions of women and continuously supporting the initiatives of WPSI and The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.


During the same year of supporting ACOG and WPSI, Marc Beer helped Renovia raise $42 million in Series B funds and venture debt. These funds are for developing and testing new products for therapeutic treatments and diagnostics. Marc and his partners received funding from healthcare investment firm, The Longwood Fund. Renovia is a med-tech company in Boston, Massachusetts and producer of FDA-approved device, Leva Pelvic Digital Health System. The device is for treating urinary incontinence and stress, and for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles through exercises.


Marc Beer serves as CEO and Chairman of Renovia for nearly three years with partners, Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias. He has 26 years of experience in the development and commercialization of biotechnology, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and a variety of devices. Before co-founding Renovia, Beer earned a bachelor’s degree from Miami University and joined Abbott Laboratories working in the sales and marketing. He left Abbot to serve as vice president of global marketing for Genzyme and later years later worked as CEO for Viacell. Learn more:



Neurocore Careers: Revealing the Best in People

The goal of Neurocore, which is part of Windquest Group, is to increase people’s performance by boosting the brain’s ability to reach its utmost potential. The company uses various technological devices as well as brain performance expertise to identify and understand the symptoms that customers have and then create customized programs that will be of use to these clients. When one joins Neurocore as an employee, they become part of the team that will help the company’s customers to live their best life possible.

Various employment opportunities are available at Neurocore due to the dynamic nature of the company. Whether one has expertise in technology, the neuroscience field, accounting or other areas that characterize a company’s growth, Neurocore might have an opportunity for such a person. When one becomes part of the team, they also enjoy other benefits such as free Neurocore services as employees and discounted services for their friends and families.

They also get the 401(k) match as well as dental, vision, and health plans. They also have paid time-off, and they receive discounts for Reserve Wine & Food, hotels, gym membership, Boxed Water, as well as Stow EasyClosets. Employees have also indicated that one not only has an opportunity to work with great colleagues, but Neurocore also provides a relaxing working environment.


The RealReal: The Diverse Collections

If you are looking for genuine accessories to compliment your wardrobe, you know that trying to find these items may take some time. Then you are stuck with mediocre of what you really don’t want but will tolerate because you have to have something now. If you shop at the RealReal you can pretty much find some interesting items that would definitely fit your taste and what you are looking for in accessories. You just might see that item that you have been searching for there.

They offer some unique items that most people really like having. For instance, there are vintage Prada bags available in every color if you are into that sort of thing or need a bag to match any outfit you have. There is also a red snakeskin-embossed handbag that comes with a serpent pin on the front that is absolutely fabulous. If you are looking for some designer shoes that come with five-inch heels with a twist, you can get those there too. The RealReal is a consignment store that sells merchandise for other people. The consumer brings in their value bake brand clothing and accessories or other goods. Then the company looks through and decided what they will and will not sell. Once they make that decision, the company sets the price and both get paid from the interns. It is just that simple of a process.

So if you are wanting some Gucci fishnets or a handbag from Christian Dior, you can go to the RealReal and see what they have and make a purchase. You will not regret what you bought because it was very well kept and you found what other people wish they could get their hands on. So look at the RealReal today to make your next purchase.

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Ara Chackerian: Successful Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

Ara Chackerian is a renowned name in philanthropy and business world. He has spent most of his career working in the healthcare sector. He not only has an interest in healthcare but also in youth development and environmental causes. One of the philanthropies works he has been involved with is in Nicaragua farm. He uses environmentally friendly practices to help the environment. The farm also provides jobs to the local communities. He had an interview where he talked about his latest ventures and entrepreneurship.

On his latest venture, Ara Chackerian said that he got the idea to start the enterprise to build outpatient diagnostic centers. Together with his partner, Chackerian decided that they could create a care delivery model to help physicians and patients to get the best treatment and outcome. The company has grown and provided its services to Sacramento and San Francisco Bay area. Chackerian is also following up on the digital healthcare.

Ara Chackerian also provides a wide variety of topics on his blog. One of the issues that he has talked about is on the healthcare sector changes the dynamics of stock investment. He believes that investors do not get the return on investments they expect due to failing to reinvest their dividends. He is of the opinion that if investors reinvest their dividend, then it can increase their returns.

On his article, he gives investors of the healthcare sector some of the stocks they can invest. One of the stocks that Ara Chackerian suggests is the Welltower. The company deals in manufacturing drugs, which have high demand. Therefore, the stock has the potential to provide a return of above 5.4%. Chackerian also advises an investor to invest on Abbvie, which is also in drug manufacturing. The company has a top-selling drug, thus, has maintained an annual dividend of 4%.

New Residential Investment Corp

Few people would think of starting a real estate business in the tumultuous economic conditions of the last decade. Toxic debt and a lack of banking regulation led to the fall of the housing market. Conditions in real estate can be volatile, but the market has remained stable for the past several years and prices have started to go up. The New Residential Investment Corp did not start during the bubble, but it did grow during the financial collapse.

Growing during the result of a financial collapse is not difficult. The best time to get into any market is after such a collapse when the prices are low. People used this strategy in the 1930s and during the dotcom bubble of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century. Today, the company has a strong base and helps investors grow their portfolios.

The company helps investors find residential properties that have investment potential, and it works closely with each client. No one can predict the whims of the market, and if they could, they would find it easy to build and retain wealth. People can, however, work to reduce their risks in an ever-changing marketplace.

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Ryan Seacrest: America’s Iconic Professional Personality

Ryan Seacrest is among the most hardworking individuals in the United States managing almost ten jobs. Ryan works as the co-host of the famous live show, Kelly and Ryan besides managing iHeartMedia radio show. Besides hosting television and radio events, Ryan Seacrest manages multiple real events including hosting the Oscars and Golden Globes. His primary responsibility in the entertainment segment includes serving as the executive producer of the biggest reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In 2014, Ryan Seacrest shifted his focus from the media and commenced his clothing brand. Shortly after successfully launching the clothing brand, Ryan began a skincare line. Currently, Ryan Seacrest serves as the chairman of Ryan Seacrest Foundation alongside investing actively in other enterprises.

Working in diverse environments requires strong work ethics. Ryan Seacrest thus offers meaningful insights regarding his work ethics. His first ethical principle is rising early. Routinely, Ryan Seacrest awakes at 5 a.m to start attending to his full agenda. Ryan postulates that waking up first gives him the opportunity to manage his activities entirely given that he works in Los Angeles and New York. Besides, he states the ethics of engaging in things with a reason. In an interview, Ryan Seacrest postulated that his thinking and operations are reason-motivated. He believes that there must be a reason for every role, connection and appearance that brings more significant opportunities.

Choosing an influential mentor is the most consistent work ethic of Ryan Seacrest. He believes that individuals cannot grow alone. As such, you need guidance from an experienced person. For his case, he selected Marv Griffin for his instructor. Marv began his success as a singer and thrived into being a Television talk show host. Later, he developed his gaming shows including Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. The transformation of Marv clearly defines Ryan Seacrest transformation as he took after his mentor.

His insightful work ethics have presented numerous opportunities to Ryan including serving as American Idol and On Air With Ryan Seacrest host. His success compels him to take part in philanthropic activities. He has provided charitable services at LACMA, Ryan Seacrest Foundation and pediatric hospitals. Ryan Seacrest motivation is to work continuously for achievement.

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Ashley Lightspeed Creating A Better Future For Companies

Even though her career is still in its early years, Ashley Lightspeed has some accomplishments that she can boast about. Some of the top companies in the world have grown and developed thanks to her skills. From a young age, Ashley knew that she wanted to be an architect just like her dad. She would spend most of her time just watching him work at the drafting table. The process of turning an idea into an actual building or business model intrigued her, and she wanted to venture into the practice. As she grew up and attended Duke University, she drifted away from architecting buildings to business prototyping. Ashley is currently at the forefront of molding the world of business into something better and more profitable. Learn more about Ashley at

Ashley now works with the investing team at Lightspeed Venture Capital. It is one of the best venture capital companies in the world, and Ashley gets to put her skills and love for crafting fresh products to good use. Ashley has vast experience and knowledge in prototyping from the previous companies she has worked with. These include Bain and Thumbtack. At Thumbtack, Ashley Lightspeed worked as a Category Manager before joining the Stanford Business School. While at Thumbtack, she helped it to expand to become the best online marketplace for contracting services related to events. Ashley has previously worked with startups as a consultant while at Stanford. This was her source of income while still studying. From these projects, Ashley was introduced to Lightspeed Venture Capital by some colleagues.

At Lightspeed, Ashley partners with startups and early-stage companies to develop a growth strategy that lasts long and is less costly. Ashley enjoys using her creativity to help these startups and come up with different ideas. She is slowly crafting a better future for businesses.