Ryan Seacrest: The Jack of All Trades

Ryan Seacrest is a jack of all trades with roles in cable television, broadcast, national radio. He has been nominated to be part of the Emmy-winning team in the show “Live” where he will be the permanent co-host together with Kelly Ripa.

Owing to the various entrepreneurial exploits by Ryan Seacrest, it led him to a wide host of entertainment and media firms. He also has a strong philanthropic background which focuses on the youth-based initiatives which are aimed at creating essential impacts across the nation.

He doubles up as the host of the infamous radio talk show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” which ranks as nationally-syndicated LA morning drive time radio show under the iHeart Media’s 102.7 KIIS FM. This is as well as among the Top 40 radio show.

Over a decade ago, Ryan Seacrest launched the productions firm which went on to win an Emmy award. The production firm focused on the creation of unscripted, digital and scripted programming. It went on to produce the infamous reality show on the Kardashians. It also hosted the red carpet events together with the other shows that went on to be a huge success.

Part of his entrepreneurial exploits includes the investments in the entertainment and media firms which forms part of the marketing service firm. He also had investments in Pinterest and the current Seacrest Global Group.

Back in 2014, Ryan Seacrest launched the men’s version of clothing together with accessories items. This was made available at the Macy’s. It became the followed men clothing which was launched at the Macy’s over the last ten years. This motivated Seacrest to launch another skin care products line. The product line was formed due to the collaborative effort put together by prolific doctor Lancer.

Part of Ryan Seacrest’s philanthropic efforts included serving as the chair of the charity foundation. Over the decade, the foundation has opened several media centres under the Seacrest Studios. Through the foundation, the youth are inspired with the education-based initiatives with entertainment. Through the studios it allowed the youth to explore their interests in the media such as through television and radio.

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