How Mike Nierenberg has Transformed New Residential Investment Corp

Trust is one of the most important things in the real estate business. For the last 22 years, Mike Nierenberg has been a perfect example of a manager that is trustworthy and who clients can trust with their investments. Although making good returns is still one of the main things clients look at an investment company, modern clients pay more attention to company structures and the sustainability of a company. Trust, good structures, and profits are the factors Nierenberg continues to invest in all of the companies he has worked with or has been a manager. As the main man in New Residential Investment Corp, he has transformed the company to be one of the best real estate companies to work with, in New York.

Mike Nierenberg understands that financing in real estate has been one of the less invested niches by management companies. Under this company, he has successfully introduced residential mortgage loans, which according to him makes the company a more client-centered company. Through this program, Nierenberg continues to empower many potential homeowners in this city through relatable and affordable housing plans. In 2019, he hopes that the company will invest more resources in this fund and therefore meet the growing demand for funding for thousands of potential homeowners. In the last three years, he has also put structures to ensure that investment partners of New Residential have a stable income from their investments. In order to achieve this Mike Nierenberg has adopted some brilliant approaches to this unpredictable market.

In the last 36 months, he has been instrumental in starting a research center in this company. Although most of the economic trends are simple to understand, he is a believer that a big company such as New Residential must have a more in-depth understanding on trends in order to capitalize on them or shield their clients from losses. Finally, Mike Nierenberg understands that in a competitive market like this one, there is a huge demand for professionals that understand all the routes of profit making. His first task as the CEO was to bring in experts and analysts that have a deeper understanding of the investment market. This decision explains the reason why New Residential is home to profits and better returns.



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