Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a company that holds interests in assisted living homes, eldercare, hospital, nursing and residential care in Sussex, United Kingdom. Their legal name is Sussex Healthcare Limited. They currently employ a roster of 500 to 1000 people throughout their many facilities. Their CB Rank is 75,484. Their IPO status is “private” and their company type is “for profit.”

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Sussex Healthcare has been providing award winning services in the care homes industry for more than 25 years. These services are person-centred, so they focus on the care essentials of the individual resident.

Sussex Healthcare, an independently operated company, trains its staff to their highest skill levels. Included in the training is the necessity for compassion in care giving and the importance of making the home care resident a priority. With the knowledge that the mental acuity of the residents requires plenty of activities and coping skills, there are many programs in place that are directed toward accomplishing these and other essential care goals. the “at-home-like” atmosphere adds to the comfort and ease that the residents experience.

The Sussex system in healthcare is viewed as the best possible in residential home health that could be found in the Sussex area. More individualized attention given to the residents puts them over the edge where there is competition in this area and it is what makes them the best in their class.

Building relationships is important in any business. The healthcare business is no different. Building and cultivating long-lasting relationships ensures that residents will not only be happy there at the facilities, but that they and their families will not hesitate to recommend the facilities to others. Repeat business makes businesses sustainable and longer in business. Happy, satisfied customers is always the key to sustainability in business. The business side and the care side is why Sussex goes the extra mile when treating the residents in the facility with the best possible care.

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