Igor Cornelsen Believes Passive Income Is A Great Choice For Your Financial Future

While Igor Cornelsen may be a powerhouse in the world of finance in Brazil now, he originally began his education in engineering at the Federal University of Parana. He went through 2 years of the engineering program at the school before deciding to make the switch to an economics major in order to pursue the career that he wanted. While Igor Cornelsen had a talent for engineering, it was the career path that his father had chosen for him and not the career that he had wanted for himself.

Just the fact that Igor Cornelsen was accepted into the engineering program was quite impressive. There was a lot of competition of admission spots as there were only 2 colleges that offered the program throughout the entire country at the time. The native of Curitiba graduated from the school in 1970 with a degree in economics. While many would probably believe that engineering would not be very useful in economics, the math skills that are needed in the field end up being quite useful in finance as well. After he graduated, he quickly found employment in finances at the investment bank Multibanco.

When it comes to finances, Igor Cornelsen stresses the importance of creating passive income not only for yourself but for the next generations of your family. Passive income allows people to continue to bring in revenue without having to have much direct involvement. This means that after making the investment, they can continue focusing on other money making methods in their career or spending time doing what they enjoy in life. While it doesn’t require as much involvement as creating active forms of income, Igor Cornelsen states that it is still important to check on your investment to make sure that it is still headed in a good direction for the foreseeable future.

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