Rebel Wilson Shows A Softer Way To Exercise

Rebel Wilson is well known in the acting world for her comedic rules such as in Isn’t It Romantic?, but she is now showing the world her musical chops in the newest version of theatrical favorite Cats. As part of her 39th birthday celebration, Rebel Wilson made several posts on Instagram to show the world what she was doing on her special day.

She and the rest of the Cats cast have been working hard to get their dance moves right and she shared 2 videos of some of her friends performing songs from the movie in cat gear. This included Rebel Wilson wearing cute cat ears and pink armbands.

The dance routine was part of a celebration that her friends threw for her in Beverly Hills. They called the routine CATZERCISE and showed the world a new way to get in shape.

While the rehearsal and warmup may have only lasted 30 minutes, Rebel Wilson and her friends created an entertaining and hilarious workout routine that featured interesting ways to get in shape for the summer.

While the routine might not be as effective as some other popular workouts, it will still definitely get your blood pumping while you are having fun and celebrating cats! The producer, actress, and writer has experience in musicals already including in the Pitch Perfect series that now features 3 different popular installments.

Rebel Wilson wasn’t always considered a career in acting. In fact, her original plan was to get into the world of mathematics as she had always had a talent for numbers. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Fortunately for the world, she pursued an education in acting and theatre and earned a bachelor’s in theatre and performance in 2009 from the University of New South Wales alongside a bachelor’s in law as well.

Her impressive education shows that she is not just a fantastic performer, but is also highly educated and intelligent. She moved to New York City in 2003 where she continued to train and began to perform even more. The Australian native first developed a name for herself for The Westie Monologues in which she wrote.

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