Carsten Thiel Is Interested in Going With Your Gut In A Professional Sense

Carsten Thiel lived in the present all throughout his life and this has served him quite well. He learned that one could gain significant value if they were able to excel in each and every aspect that they put their mind toward. This may seem as if it is a simple statement but it is a rather profound one in an era rife with many different distractions. Staying focused and living within the present with a direct concentration on the present tasks at hand provide individuals with a higher sense of progress. It helps them to work in a more deeper and connected manner allowing them to learn more and produce more quality work.

Go With Your Gut and Do What You Do Best

Carsten went with his gut by following what he was good at and this has served him well. It was on these premises that Carsten Thiel was able to move from one country to another country and follow his interest in science and chemistry. Carsten was interested in expanding his horizons in a specific and focused manner and he did this by leaving Germany and moving to the UK. It was in the UK where he was exposed to the Anglo-Saxon educational system and it was here where he would study organic chemistry.

He didn’t finalize his studies with the four-year degree, he would press on further and dive further into the sciences by pursuing biochemistry. He did so well in these further studies that he was able to become part of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. He would attend the school for a while and earn his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology.

He was interested in how healthy cells could go bad and made sure to dive even deeper into these studies while pursuing his higher education.

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