The Establishment of JetSmarter by Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is the founder and CEO of JetSmarter. He attained his BS in business Administration, Finance from the University of Florida. His dreams started to materialize in his University days; he participated in the live-chat startup and established various computer and tech projects. He had also co-founded the Federal System of Distance Education and LiveContact before he started working with JetSmarter. The idea of building JetSmarter came in as he was working as a board advisor of a company that dealt with private jet operations mainly on the Gulfstream. JetSmarter is a privately-owned company dealing with private and shared jet services.

The idea of starting JetSmarter came as he was flying on a private jet. He immediately spotted various challenges and difficulties in the process of boarding a private plane. Due to the emerging demand for mobile marketing, he decided to try to fix the tedious and cumbersome process of booking charter flights by use of technology. For the planning phase, he gathered his previous projects’ team and invested his capital in starting an app that could connect customers with private jet operators. In 2012, they developed the beta-version of the app as evidence that the app could be made.

To improve the first version, Sergey Petrossov raised a considerable amount of funds and connected with various investors and vendors. In 2013, he officially launched the JetSmarter app to the public. The app stands gracefully from the efforts, technology, management and advice from renown project teams from Nokia, NASA, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Uber. These firms contributed to the JetSmarter project by bringing in their experience in technology as well as private air services and logistics to the program. The efforts of these stakeholders combined brought up the currently used remarkable JetSmarter App.

Since its foundation, the company has grown substantially, accommodating 14,000 paid subscribers, 670,000 registered users and attends to more than 3,200 private jets. Sergey Petrossov plans to open up JetSmarter’s own branded aircraft in the future. Sergey Petrossov has received various awards and accolades. The recent awards were from Forbes’ 30 under 30 in Consumer Technology and the Sun-Sentinel’s South Florida’s Top Working Professional.

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