Fortress Investment Group on Becoming a Leading Private Equity Firm in the Industry

Fortress Investment Group is a privately-owned firm that specializes in turnaround situations in addition to recapitalization, and buyouts. The company invests in unique financial services including loan servicing, real estate, gaming, leisure, media, telecommunications, and healthcare. It also invests in power generation equipment, healthcare facilities, renewable electricity procedures, and consumer discretionary. Fortress takes up investments in different regions such as North America, Western Europe, in addition to the Caribbean. It also addresses distressed situations and corporate ownership control through working with the board of directors. Fortress invests in undervalued assets as well as tangible and intangible assets. It offers its financial services to individuals too. From the moment it was established in 1998, Fortress Investment Group has become the leading private equity firm in the industry. The management is a trendsetter. This was established in 2007 when the company was listed in the New York Stock Exchange. Currently, Fortress Investment is an internationally recognized investment management company that caters to more than 1,700 investors in permanent capital vehicles as well as hedge funds. The company helps its clients to venture into low-risk investments.

Key Expert Areas

Fortress Investment operates in the following key areas:

• Industry-specific knowledge regarding institutions
• Corporate mergers in addition to acquisitions
• Asset-based investing

In asset-based investment, Fortress Investment Group invests via private equity coupled with credit funds. These elements are composed of a broad range of products in real estate, financial vehicles, in addition to capital vehicles that can create a long-term flow of money. The firm has significant expertise in owning and pricing. In operations management, the private equity company has successfully developed reliable tools and techniques to extract vital information from the complicated investments it makes. The firm excels at structural as well as strategic facts based on the operations available on the ground. Over the past two decades, Fortress has developed significant expertise in acquisitions and mergers. The personnel has a clear understanding coupled with a great relationship with corporate board members and different management professionals.

Fortress Investment Group was formed by Randal Nardone, Rob Kauffman, in addition to Wes Edens. The founding fathers of the organization had garnered vast expertise from their initial positions at Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs. Their objective was to establish a company that provides its consumers with alternative-asset strategies and investing in various cutting-edge vehicles.

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