How Adam Milstein has Helped in Preserving the Jewish Identity

The role of Jewish People in the U.S has been extensively important in various industries. These include art, business, and education among others. Even in adverse situations, the Jewish people always appreciated their culture.

Adam Milstein first went to the United States as a student in 1981 but never went back. He ambitiously involved himself in real estate business. For three decades, he advanced Hager Pacific Properties together with his wife. Despite living in the U.S for long, he has never abandoned his culture.

Since his arrival in the United States, Adam Milstein has appreciated and recognized the role Judaism plays among the Jewish-American community. Lately, he has been focused on philanthropically causes. He believes that philanthropy is vital in promoting the identity of the Jewish community in the U.S.

Adam Milstein has made this possible through the following;

  1. a) Revitalizing Jewish Pride

Despite their small number in the U.S, the Jewish community is among the highest performing individuals. Adam Milstein, for instance, is performing well in real estate and has never been ashamed of his identity nor faith. The Jewish community’s pride has been revitalized through the confidence that he has in his roots.

  1. b) Promoting better Relationship between Israeli and the U.S

Adam Milstein is among the 200 top most philanthropists worldwide. He has played a significant role in preserving the relationship between the U.S and the Israeli government. The two nations have therefore been able to work together toward many issues. Such includes culture preservation, promotion of world peace and protecting human rights.

  1. c) Fostering Vital Education Measures

He has always ensured that Judaism education materials are always available and accessible to the all the American Jewish community. Together with his wife, he has donated to more than two hundred Jewish organizations which are involved in educating the young about their culture.

  1. d) Sponsoring Young Jewish American to Israel

Milstein believes that the interest if the young in Israeli Culture is possible through the first-hand contact. Milstein and his wife through their organization have sponsored many young people to visit Israel. He has sent more than a thousand young people to visit their mother country and learn more about their culture.

Adam Milstein the boldy spoken author on JNS

Adam Milstein an Israeli-American was born in Haifa. Milstein is passionate about humanitarian acts and serves in worthy courses like fundraising, as well as partnering with like-minded people for the good of society, Adam supports Jewish education and is a pro-Israeli activist.

Adam Milstein is also an entrepreneur, he co-founded Adam and Gila Milstein foundation and also serves as the national chairman of Israeli- American council. Follow Adam Milstein’s profile on

Adam Milstein’s views; Jewish News Syndicate.

This article was written on February 7, 2018, where he outlined the sources of anti-Semitism to it being the corner stone of radical Muslim movements, being present on the radical right and growing on the left as well. It contributed to reinforcing a wave of hate, racism and bigotry, as well as sharing of ideas. The radical leftist had joined the radical Muslims in the acts of stoning women, condemning gays and undermining the rights of the minorities and the less privileged.

Nations thus, decided to hold hands and become one since they share a common goal; the desire to achieve freedom of speech, tolerance and also anti-Semitism. This alliance is typified by a number of people, one of them being a political activist, Linda Sarsour, who called a Jewish journalist a member of the Semitic alt-right, and praised Saudi Arabia’s treatment of women.


A similar guide at New York University myopically condemned Israel, referencing it 55 times more that the number of references to Trump, alt-right, racism, and supremacy. Two recent rallies in Chicago further illustrated the condemnation, during an LGBT gala; three people were barred for having the Star of David on their flags. In another occasion meant at opposing sexual violence, some of the Jews who tried to take part and show their support in the walk were condemned by the organizers and it also led to their deportation.

Adam Milstein’s work is very significant in the society today. And his aim to educate people on this happening around them is very helpful in eliminating hatred and discrimination. Adam’s work as an active humanitarian and activist deserves to be recognized as it an eye opener for many people around the globe. Visit Adam Milstein’s Youtube channel.