Sahm Adrangi The Stock Investment Guru

Managing one’s finances is hard work. One must work to make the money in the first place and then come up with a strategy to invest it so that it can last a lifetime and then some. Most people invest their money in the stock market, but this is a risky strategy because stock values rise and fall unpredictably. For the past decade, investment managers have developed strategies to safeguard your funds in case of a decrease in share price. This process is called shorting, and it involves betting on stock prices going down. In comes Sahm Adrangi, the king of shorting to the rescue.

Sahm Adrangi is the owner of Kerrisdale capital an investment fund that manages assets valued at over one hundred and fifty million dollars. With his Yale University arsenal, this self-made guru built his company from a one million dollar startup to what it is today. He has a reputation in financial circles for his ability to short stocks. Sahm Adrangi first appeared on the scene with his success for shorting fraudulent Chinese stocks, a new phenomenon on the investing front at the time.

Sahm Adrangi has built his reputation in the industry by shorting stocks based on bad news, a technique that has been very successful so far. Based on his thorough analysis, he is revered as a financial researcher, and he is invited to speak at many conferences on the topic of short activism. A good example is the Art Pain and the Opportunity of Short Selling Conference that took place at the New York Athletic Club on the 3rd of May 2018 alongside other relevant industry players like Whitney Tilson. In this conference, he spoke about one of the emerging trends witnessed in the industry as being ad fraud and how investors can take advantage of this news to predict a shortening opportunity in a company’s stock.

Investing in the stock market is a scary task, however, based on Sahm Adrangi’s record of shorting and his unprecedented success in the field, following his advice is bound to lead others into success too.

William Saito- The Renown Japanese Businessman

William Saito is an experienced and knowledgeable Japan-based businessman who has established a couple of fruitful companies. He has been both the investor and initiator of these companies giving him great insights into business creation and success.

He was born in 1971 on March 23rd in Los Angeles, California. His parents moved from Japan to The United States in1969, two years before his birth. He joined Damien in California for his high school where he graduated in 1969 and later California University till 1992. He began venturing into computer security since high school. He has been the Japan Airlines advisor, JAL’s adviser on IT strategy and Japan Times advisory board member among others.

In 2011, William Saito was recognized as a Young Global Leader in a world economic forum. He was also in the list of the great influential personalities in Japan on Nikkei’s list. He is a renown setup investor, and he was a ministry of economy and cabinet’s cyber-security advisor in Japan. William Saito has been a great investor in the biotech, batteries and security industries. He believes that the greatest source of success in Japan will be the Robot and 3D printing industries.


According to William Saito, marketing is vital for business growth. He believes that a brand message and an inimitable business plan should be incorporated to reach the target group of customers. Marketing should be incorporated from the beginning to the end even if after the business picks up. One should deploy experienced, and extensively knowledgeable personnel to handle the marketing since they are more likely to predict what works best for the company and failure or success of the business will be highly dependent on them.



Acquisition of capital is also a major threat during business start-ups. William Saito suggests that a business should look for more natural ways of maximizing less initial capital rather than borrowing money in large amounts when starting a business. This will reduce the risk if things turn sour and also increase business flexibility in managing the business.


Business culture is also vital since it determines the type of employees the business is likely to attract and this can have a long-term effect on the business. The business should, therefore, be a clear reflection of the entrepreneur and the people involved in the business too. Diversity also makes a business thrive according to William. He has fifteen out of his nineteen investment companies being run by women, and this has extensively outgrown his business.


José Borghi is Considered One of the Influential Advertisers in the Advertising Industry

On March of this year, Grupo Abril’s CLAUDIA Magazine was more than blessed. Why was this? Well, more than anything, it was because the talented José Henrique Borghi made advertisement for women’s rights in Brazil – one of his many. This exceptional Brazilian leader has written, directed and produced countless ads in his lifetime and only continues to lead the way and show the world what can be done. In fact, he is an expert at his craft and is even world-renowned for certain past works. This Brazilian business Advertisement leader can do it all, and no ad challenge is too much for him to handle – not even on his worst day.

In fact, these are the days that push him to be even better at his craft; down days allow him more clarity of mind. This Borghi Lowe leader knows how to work with the worst and how to work with the best; he has seen his equal share of each in his lifetime and recounts that he is more than satisfied with all that life has had to offer him in more than 40 faithful years. He only looks forward to greater challenges that result in greater victories for him and his team members at Mullen Lowe Brasil; there is not a day that goes by in which this man does not consider all the blessings of the past while reigniting a passion for new excellence in moving forward into uncharted ad business territories, and this is what most people who know him love about him.

If only more leaders were like him, the world would quickly change for the better. Brazilians, follow his example. Advertising and marketing leaders on all levels, don’t fail to achieve the impossible and always aim for the highest goals as he has done.

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Alexandre Gama Receives Recognition for His Exceptional Work Within the Field of Advertising

Alexandre Gama’s career in advertising spans more than 30 decades. During this time he has been the recipient of numerous awards as recognition for the outstanding work he has done in this field. Alexandre Gama began his career after receiving his advertising degree from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation in Brazil. Soon afterward he gained employment with Standard Ogilvy and Mather where he was able to put his copywriting talents to work. His first award for excellence in writing came in the 90’s while he was employed with a company called DM9.

In 1999, Alexandre Gama decided to launch his own advertising company, which he called Neogama. Mr. Gama’s quickly rising reputation for superior creative content gained him notoriety by being the first person from Latin America to ever hold a magna lecture or master class at the highly recognized Cannes Film Festival. Alexandre Gama also joined several prestigious organizations including the Board of Brazilian Advertising Agencies and the International Film Jury of the British Association. Alexandre Gama’s company Neogama, led the Brazilian industry in growth within its first three years and later became the first advertising company ever awarded the Lion at Cannes, with the company actually taking two awards in 2003.

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