Jeffry Schneider Leads Full Professional and Personal Life

Ever since he graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Jeffry Schneider has been taking the financial industry by storm. He began his early career by working at several well-established firms, including Smith Barney, Alex Brown and Merrill Lynch. He learned all of the skills he would need to found his own firm later on. After Sneider completed his tenure in management at Paradigm Global Advisors, he decided to branch out and start his own company. He would rely on his in-depth knowledge of alternative investment arrangements to provide a unique range of services to his clients, many of whom Sneider already had long-standing professional relationships with.

While Sneider acquired many important skills during his time working for established firms, one of the most impactful things he learned was how to identify and develop great managers. Schneider is known for his ability to help harness professional talent and take teams to the next level through a well-developed leadership strategy. To this day, Schneider makes sure that his employees feel empowered and capable to use their assets for the advancement of the company and in service of its clients.

Another aspect of Schneider’s life that is quite phenomenal is his dedication to physical fitness. He has completed dozens of marathons over the past two decades and is currently training to run more. He remains very focused on his daily commitment to running and encourages everyone he meets to find their own passion in living a healthy lifestyle. Schneider has run in some of the most spectacular countries and enjoys combining his love of running with his interest in international travel. He has also taken his three children on many of these trips to expose them to more international opportunities and demonstrate the importance of keeping fit.

Even though JeffrySneider is very busy professionally, he still finds time for volunteering and philanthropy. He is a major donor to Camp Honey Creek’s Summer Dream program, which provides disabled and disadvantaged children the chance to participate in an amazing summer camp experience. He is also involved with Trinity Episcopal School of Austin.