Perry Mandera is a Celebrated Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Leader in the Transportation Industry

Perry Mandera has carved out a name for himself in the industry of charitable acts and philanthropy. Prominently known as the founder of Custom Cares Charities, he doubles as an entrepreneur and community project developer. Of course, he cares so much about his family and other individuals thereby replicating his care to the less fortunate people as well. Also a staunch Christian, Mr. Mandera is the perfect definition of what it entails to be a caregiver to the less fortunate.


Background Data

In addition to the mentioned roles, Perry Mandera has been a committed member of United States Marine Corps Reserve (USMC). When he is not participating in charity, he serves as the board member of Illinois Trucking Association (ITA).



When it comes to education, Mr. Mandera graduated from high school in 1975. Later on, he joined USMC as a manager at the motor pool. While on the job, he learned to drive trucks. That is how he managed to work for different companies in the transportation industry. Around 1980, Perry Mandera established his own company. After operating it for around five years, he sold it. That was in 1985. Between then and 1988, he was appointed to serve as a Republican for the ward committee in Chicago. Interestingly, he was the youngest candidate in office. This is an indication that Perry Mandera was always a few steps ahead of his age mates in matters of career and business.


The Custom Companies Inc

At the same time, Mr. Mandera worked on an independent business, The Custom Companies, in 1986. Under his leadership, The Custom Companies works with small business owners to serve clients. Apart from that, the company has created several employment opportunities for more than 300 workers. It is also essential to note that annually, Perry Mandera’s business gives him revenue of about $200 million.



Mr. Perry Mandera is a huge contributor to philanthropy and charitable works. He is confident that giving back empowers people to be better and more empowered. Majorly, he contributed to elevating people by assisting veterans and the youth to lead better lives. To support the community even better, Perry Mandera commits part of his income to donations.