You Can Now Use ClassDojo at Home

There is good news for parents who love the ClassDojo and app that are used in schools around the country. It is now possible to take it home with you. It has long been used as a communication tool to be used between parents, teachers and students. It is used in almost 95% of elementary and middle schools in the United States. As it is impractical for teachers to meet with parents that often, it is easy for parents to keep track of their students using the ClassDojo app.

It is a great way for students to remain motivated at school. Students gain immediate feedback, and the reward system means that they associate the learning with praise. It is also a valuable tool to hand in assignments or obtain notes from a class. ClassDojo has even put together lesson plans for teachers and students to use.

The app can be used in much the same way at home. It is not something that should be used throughout the day, but it is perfect for parents to use when they see a moment that could be used as a lesson. The app is also a way for children to become more mindful of their surroundings. There are times that a child can create short videos in which they can talk about emotional issues. That may be as simple as discussing what they are grateful for. It is a good way for parents to begin discussions with their children.

The founders of ClassDojo, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, have always been firm about their desire to keep the app free for schools, but at some point they needed to make money for their investors and to keep the company going. The answer lies in charging parents money to be able to use it at home.

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