ClassDojo – Using Technology to Empower Teachers

Technology-based solutions are making lives easier all over the world. Technology-driven education is the most recent zone to make waves in the investment arena. This is because of the significant interest it has generated among investors for its novel ideation. Many technology-based software applications such as ClassDojo, littleBits, and Nearpod are gradually becoming profitable businesses as well as contributing to the creation of unique classroom experience.

Technologic applications are not always favored by several educators because education technology developers do not communicate with teachers in actual classrooms. As a result, their products do no mirror the requirements of teachers. Further, the sheer number of classroom applications are mind-boggling, and teachers are not always in the best position to give an informed opinion about the best product.

ClassDojo is an innovative communication platform that connects teachers, their students and parents as well for a wholesome educative experience. The ClassDojo initiative was conceived by Sam Choudhary and Liam Don in 2011.

The ClassDojo provides an array of functions in its toolkit such as providing directions, creating class groups, adding music, and promoting discussions among several others. ClassDojo most significant addition to the classroom experience is the inclusion of parents in everyday pursuits of their child. A parent does not have to wait till a scheduled parent-teacher meet to discuss a child’s performance. A parent can conveniently choose to join a child’s class zone and observe his or her child.

ClassDojo helps create a positive culture with classrooms and school integrated with parents to empower a child and provide him or her with an all-around learning experience. ClassDojo stands out from its competitors because it has based its technology on advice from teachers. This has resulted in useful tools that fir teachers’ needs much better than other similar applications. ClassDojo has been received enthusiastically by teachers in classrooms in over 90 percent schools at K8 level. Sam Choudhary also believes in protecting the privacy of children by not monetizing the application through the use of confidential data.