Execution, Flexibility, Expertise.

NexBank is a large financial services company and was established on November 30, 1934 in Dallas, Texas by co-founder and President, James Dondero. NexBank’s executive management team combines industry expertise with a complete focus on serving their clients, customers and community by providing a complete array of financial services to financial institutions, large corporations, real estate investors, individuals, and middle-market companies in the Dallas area and the state.

NexBank offers a complete range of financial services including, commercial banking that includes commercial real estate lending, commercial loans, lines of credit and real estate lending, credit services and investment opportunities. Their mortgage banking includes warehouse lending, and wholesale and correspondent lending. NexBank also has a wide array of institutional services they can provide such as investment banking, credit services, agency services, real estate advisory, public funds, and treasury management. They offer a wide variety of individual personal banking solutions from checking accounts, savings accounts, online banking, certificates of deposit, commercial lending, personal mortgages and investment banking.

No matter your financial needs you can sleep easy knowing that NexBank is working for you. NexBank has assets in the amount of 5.3 billion dollars and is insured by the FDIC. No wonder they live by these three words. Execution, Flexibility, and Expertise.