Inside Wengie’s Apartment: Simple, Serene and Stunning

YouTube phenom Wengie knows more than beauty. The Australian blogger takes her global fan base on a big apartment tour, where you get to look inside and see Wengie’s beautiful cat, her taste in furniture, her favorite things and a majestic city view.


The Australian-Chinese beauty and lifestyle YouTube sensation happens to run one of Australia’s top blogs, The Wonderful World of Wengie. She’s delightful, engaging and shares so much beauty, fashion and lifestyle knowledge to her almost 1.4 million YouTube subscribers.


So, let’s go on Wengie’s 2015 cozy apartment tour. As Wengie opens the door, her cat Mickey is always there to greet her, and we find a modern apartment gorgeous in whites and creams minus the clutter.


Wengie’s kitchen is situated to the left of the door way, offering the YouTube beauty guru lots of space and a long counter. There are shelves to the right for shoe and boot storage where Wengie has neatly positioned her best footwear.


The apartment features a delightful and airy open space concept. There is nothing too large or bulky to squeeze the space in her cozy apartment. The living room leads into the small sunroom whose wide, tall windows add an elegance to her living quarters.


Wengie especially adores the white double ladder shelf that stands proudly in the living room. It’s where she stores some of her favorite pieces like teapots, a bottle of Santorini perfume oil, Chanel bag, pair of sleek Louboutins, candles and flowers. The comfy couch has a large white coffee table to complete the picture.


Wengie’s sunroom offers a suuny view of the city from her high-rise apartment, where she has her office located with a computer and storage nearby. Wengie also placed a high cafe table with stools in front of the windows.


Her white bathroom is adorable, neat and tidy with the basics of a vanity, shower and toilet. Walking into her bedroom is dreamy with her large bed, dressing table and pretty nightstands. Wengie loves using fairy lights placed in vases around the bedroom for a romantic glow.


It’s 58-square meters of cozy living.