Medicare Advantage plans is a kind of Medicare health plan offered by private companies that contract with the federal government to provide additional services and give patients the program benefits above those provided in standard Medicare health cover. They come along with extra premium in addition to the monthly part A premium. If you are enrolled in one of the Medicare advantage plans all of the services and expenses are paid for by the plans and not the original Medicare plan.

The Medicare Advantage plans include:-
Health maintenance organizations where prescribers remit predetermined monthly premium for a range of medical services from health workers and physicians registered with the company. This type of health insurance plan restricts its coverage if the patient gets the service from out-of-network doctors who do not have a contract with health maintenance organizations unless it is proved that the services were given in an emergency case.

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Provider preferred organizations constitutes of health institutions like hospitals, medical doctors and health care providers who have entered into a contract to create a network of participating providers. The advantage is that when you get services from this network, you pay fewer amount compared to those who do not have membership programs. If the insured seek care or a physician out of the plan, he pays more since the benefits are only restricted only to the services in the network.

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Private Fee-for-Service Plan is offered by health insurance companies, and they get to determine the amount the doctor, hospitals, and other health providers will be paid and assesses the amount to be paid for the care.

Special Needs Plans is a Medicare Advantage plan that limits its coverage to persons with certain characteristics such as a certain disease, provider choices, and drug formularies to offer excellent services to the respective groups.

Special Needs Plans are services offered to improve the efficiency and to optimize the services provided by using proper management techniques of record keeping, dedicated accounting, billing and maintaining financial management services.

InnovaCare health is a leading company which offers the Medicare advantage plans after contacting with respective third parties. They have been rated as the leading organization in providing quality services despite the current settings by using advanced technology to offer all services that are necessary to the well-being of their patients. InnovaCare Health operates two medicare health plans in Puerto-Rico, which include :- MMM Healthcare that provides health cover to eligible members and PMC medical care whose membership entry is about 20,000 members.

InnovaCare is led by Rick Shinto, an ambitious and talented leader who holds the position of President and Chief Executive Officer and managing director of InnovaCare, who has served the company for some time. Penelope Kokkinides is the current Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare health also doing a recommendable job. Visit her profile page on Pinterest.

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