Sean Penn: Writing the Book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn is an American actor who recently released his new book; a novel entitled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” The novel’s main character is Bob, and he has similar characteristics with Sean Penn, giving the readers an assumption that the novel is all about the American actor. The critics who have received their copy of the book have released their reviews about the novel, saying that the story provides the readers with a trippy story, and how it would evoke different emotions including delight, amazement, and disbelief. The novel is also seen as a parallel to the cult classics that has gained fame through the years, and Sean Penn assures the fans of this genre that they will surely enjoy his first novel. Each page of “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is portrayed in a satirical manner and the readers need to analyze every passage to find out what the author wanted to tell them. The novel also requires a deep state of understanding, so that the readers could have a good time reading the book.


“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” was originally released as an audiobook. It became available for download in 2016, and because Sean Penn wanted to reach more people, he decided to translate the audiobook into a written novel. Readers pointed out that the book includes a lot of symbolism about the presidency of Donald J. Trump. The novel is also set in the dystopian America, where the environment is chaotic, and the society has fallen on its knees. The book revolves around the story of Bob, who has to face all of the challenges encountered in a post-dystopian world where the Republican National Convention rules everything. There are other lovable characters found inside the book, including Fletcher who was widely reported as being parallel to Mexico’s El Chapo, one of the wealthiest drug lords on the planet. To prepare for the novel, Sean Penn also had to travel to Mexico to meet the drug lord and to conduct an interview about his life story.

Meanwhile, the supporters of President Donald Trump are crying foul over the novel written by Sean Penn. They pointed out how disrespectful the story is, and Sean Penn should apologize for what he has written. Sean Penn stated that the book is fictional, and it is up to the reader whether they would take every word of the book as a literal example or as a metaphorical one. To promote the book to a broader audience, Sean Penn has already asked his friends in Hollywood for assistance. Many celebrities have already gotten their copies of the book, and most of them are saying that the story is excellent.