Felipe Montoro Jens: Finance and Infrastructure

Brazilian native Felipe Montoro Jens is a well-known name in the finance industry in his country. Infrastructure developments expert and consultant. He is originally from Sao Paulo but has worked across the United Kingdom, the United States and Portugal. Mr. Jens wears multiple hats. He is holding a position in boards in different companies, having gone to college at the Oregon University in the late 1990s and later moved to Santa Barbra. Felipe has held some top positions in companies such as ArborelandEmpreendimentosImobiliarios, Price Waterhouse Coopers, MarañonEnergia South Africa among others.

The education sector and education companies have risen steeply over the last four years. Unprecedented interference of government in the private sector has raised a lot of concerns among investors and companies with Brazil’s economy slowing down. Marcelo Crivella, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, laid out a plan to create partnerships between the City Hall and private companies. The International Finance Corporation was hired to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

The holder of several degrees: undergraduate and postgraduate degree in Business Administration, a graduate degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion and an undergraduate degree in Spanish have taken advantage of the Brazilian economy has acumen in finance. Felipe Montoro Jens is also known for his involvement in Public-Private Partnerships in Brazil. After completing his education, Felipe rose through the finance and infrastructure industry hence gaining immense knowledge in international markets.

In an interview with Idea Mensch, gave a few points on lessons learned in his extensive journey in the finance industry. According to him, to succeed you must put all your effort while performing anything, never give up, work with people smarter than you and focus on the present while keeping healthy and moving. When asked what his favorite quote is? “Just keep walking.”

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