The Journey Dr. Mark McKenna Undertook to Create OVME

Choosing a career path is one of the dilemmas anyone can face in life. In the past, the pursuit of science careers was encouraged. However, with time, arts and talent-focused careers have become more lucrative. It is common to find a person discarding their diplomas/ degrees for their passion.

What is uncommon though, is finding a person who creates an impeccable balance between their career, passion, and entrepreneurship. Dr. Mark McKenna has managed to combine three of his passions – entrepreneurship, medicine and real state – into a very innovative project known as OVME. OVME is a unique retail aesthetic company, which uses technology to connect clients with highly skilled healthcare providers.

The journey to OVME

Dr. McKenna’s journey to create OVME started as an inspiration to pursue medicine from his father, who was a doctor. While in medical school, Dr. McKenna struggled to make ends meet. He decided to do some investments in order to fix the financial problems. McKenna Venture Investments, a real estate company was born.

After graduation, Dr. Mark McKenna worked at his father’s private practice. However, the career was not as challenging and exciting as the real estate venture. Thus, Dr. McKenna decided to quit practicing medicine and run his real estate company full-time in New Orleans.

Hurricane Katrina

However, in 2005 Hurricane Katrina tore New Orleans and with it went a huge collection of Dr. McKenna’s properties. The hurricane disaster made some personal ramifications for Dr. Mark McKenna. House prices had plunged following the hurricane but, Dr. McKenna decided to buy the destroyed properties, make repairs, and get them back on the market so that the displaced families could own homes again.

After a few years of rebuilding his hometown, Dr. Mark McKenna decided to return to medicine and be an advocate to patients. Only this time he combined his passion for entrepreneurship and medicine to form OVME.


OVME is a medical technology company on aesthetics that seeks to connect clients with skilled healthcare providers. OVME has an assembly of the highest qualified professionals . Dr. McKenna’s technological innovations allow the aesthetics providers to have remote consultations with their clients. Dr. Mark McKenna is working to create an app that will allow customers to schedule appointments at their convenience and place of preference.

Jennifer Walden Returns To Austin For Her Practice

As a native of Austin,Texas , Jennifer Walden is used to the city’s unique culture and customs. After completing her education in Texas she moved to New York City where she practiced her aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She eventually became Program Director of the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship after her skill as a cosmetic surgeon proved she understood the ins and outs of her specialty. Feeling homesick Dr.Walden returned to her hometown of Austin to start up her medical practice there.


 As one of the 24 best cosmetic surgeons in the country Dr.Walden’s name carries considerable clout. She has emerged as a leader in the cosmetic surgery world and has even made some success as one of the few women to serve on the board of directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Society. As a woman born, raised, and educated in the Austin area it’s simply her most comfortable habitat. Her decision to move back to Austin was motivated by the arrival of her twin sons Rex and Houston. The twins were the product of IVF(in vitro fertilization) as Walden could not find a man in her life she wanted to marry. She wanted her sons to grow up surrounded by family and the culture she herself grew up around in Texas.


 Jennifer Walden’s long and storied career as a cosmetic surgeon stands out not only for her expertise, but for her willingness to go the extra mile whenever necessary. She quickly rose to the top of her field and entered positions where she would be able to prove her talent for leadership. When Dr.Walden practices medicine she does so with the intention shifting the paradigm of cosmetic surgery. Nothing less should be expect of one of America’s 24 greatest cosmetic surgeons.