Whitney Wolfe Herd Rises at Perfect Time

Bumble is the app that most single professionals are using because it gives them a whole new way to look at the dating game. It also gives people a new way to look at building friendships. Whitney Wolfe Herd has even given people a new way to look at the way that networking opportunities are met. She has done so much in a short amount of time. No one can deny that Whitney Wolfe is going above and beyond when it comes to creating an environment where people can appreciate different aspects of social media. The main thing that people have noticed about Whitney Wolfe Herd is that she is a young woman that is a feminist that wants to empower other women.

This may be the thing that sets her apart from all of the other rivals that she is working against.She has an objective to empower other women, and this makes her someone to be recognized in many different circles.Her peers that have dating apps are recognizing that Whitney Wolfe Herd is a serious threat. This is one of the reasons why Tinder is creating a concept where women make the first move the same way that Bumble originated this concept with Whitney Wolfe.Other companies like Match even tried to buy Whitney Wolfe out with a reported $400 million. What this does is show people that Whitney Wolfe is a serious threat to competitor. Whitney Wolfe has also shown that she is someone that is able to help people network and find jobs as well.

This is something that makes her more than a dating app entrepreneur. When the friendship app portion of Bumble is added to the equation all of these things actually make Whitney Wolfe a powerful woman that is a triple threat in the industry.Bumble has become one of the top five dating apps, and it appears that it may be possible for Whitney to move even closer up the ladder real soon. There are quite a few people that have started to use Bumble exclusively because it allows them to do more than simply look for dates.The fact that Herd has created a dating app where women are in charge of making the first move during this type of synergy where women are coming together with the #metoo campaign makes it the ideal time for Here to rise up.

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