The Journey Dr. Mark McKenna Undertook to Create OVME

Choosing a career path is one of the dilemmas anyone can face in life. In the past, the pursuit of science careers was encouraged. However, with time, arts and talent-focused careers have become more lucrative. It is common to find a person discarding their diplomas/ degrees for their passion.

What is uncommon though, is finding a person who creates an impeccable balance between their career, passion, and entrepreneurship. Dr. Mark McKenna has managed to combine three of his passions – entrepreneurship, medicine and real state – into a very innovative project known as OVME. OVME is a unique retail aesthetic company, which uses technology to connect clients with highly skilled healthcare providers.

The journey to OVME

Dr. McKenna’s journey to create OVME started as an inspiration to pursue medicine from his father, who was a doctor. While in medical school, Dr. McKenna struggled to make ends meet. He decided to do some investments in order to fix the financial problems. McKenna Venture Investments, a real estate company was born.

After graduation, Dr. Mark McKenna worked at his father’s private practice. However, the career was not as challenging and exciting as the real estate venture. Thus, Dr. McKenna decided to quit practicing medicine and run his real estate company full-time in New Orleans.

Hurricane Katrina

However, in 2005 Hurricane Katrina tore New Orleans and with it went a huge collection of Dr. McKenna’s properties. The hurricane disaster made some personal ramifications for Dr. Mark McKenna. House prices had plunged following the hurricane but, Dr. McKenna decided to buy the destroyed properties, make repairs, and get them back on the market so that the displaced families could own homes again.

After a few years of rebuilding his hometown, Dr. Mark McKenna decided to return to medicine and be an advocate to patients. Only this time he combined his passion for entrepreneurship and medicine to form OVME.


OVME is a medical technology company on aesthetics that seeks to connect clients with skilled healthcare providers. OVME has an assembly of the highest qualified professionals . Dr. McKenna’s technological innovations allow the aesthetics providers to have remote consultations with their clients. Dr. Mark McKenna is working to create an app that will allow customers to schedule appointments at their convenience and place of preference.

Dr. Saad Saad: A Doctor who Loves to Invent

Dr. Saad Saad is a Palestinian doctor and an inventor who is known in the medical field as someone who loves to innovate things. He has a certification in the field of general surgery and pediatric surgery, which he received after he trained in the United States. Dr. Saad Saad is currently on a global mission to provide medical assistance to those who do not have any access to doctors and other medical services. He assembled a team of physicians from the United States and traveled to Palestine to deliver the medical services needed by the people. He used his skills and expertise in the field of medicine to treat those who are injured, and the people of Palestine thanked him for the medical assistance that he brought for them.



Dr. Saad Saad spent most of his childhood in Kuwait after his parents left Palestine to provide a better life for their children. As a child, he always thought that he would become an engineer, just like his older brother. However, he came to realize one day that being an engineer in the Middle East would subject him to elements like heat and the scorching sun, so he decided to try out a new profession. He noticed that doctors are comfortable working inside the air-conditioned hospitals, and it influenced him to become one. He told his parents about his decision and his reason for choosing the field of medicine rather than becoming an engineer. His parents gave their permission, and the young Dr. Saad Saad thanked his parents for their support.



He enrolled himself at a local university once he reached college, and took up a pre-medical course. He continued his studies in Egypt, where he enrolled at the Cairo University. During his medical proper, the young Dr. Saad Saad put a lot of focus on studying, and because of his hard work, he ended up as the second best in his class. After graduating, he went to London for his internship. He managed to get his medical license after he managed to complete all of the requirements. He migrated to the United States after an opportunity came, and he decided to settle in America for good. This is where he met new people who became his mentors, and he also used his expertise in the field of medicine to create new inventions that would provide additional safety and relief to patients going under operations.

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