There Are Ten Reasons Behind Rocketship Education’s Success, Says Founder Preston Smith

Preston Smith spent six years of his educational experience in low-income neighborhoods in San Jose. He started teaching in 2001, quickly finding out that students from San Jose from failing backgrounds weren’t doing well after graduating high school. He founded Rocketship Education in 2007 with help from associate John Danner, helping bring technologically-assisted personalized lessons to mainstream in the United States.

Speaking Spanish is great for Preston Smith, something he learned to do in college from 1997 to 2001, because many of Rocketship Education’s facilities are found in areas with cultural diversity. This is one of the many reasons each installment of Smith’s educational creation has safe zones for illegal immigrant parents.

John Danner is a leading technological device and software expect with many years of experience. Alongside educator Preston Smith, who had spent the first six years of his career teaching facilities in low-income areas. Thanks to the pair’s efforts, Rocketship Education has a nationwide enrollment of 3,800-plus students.

Preston Smith wrote an article a few months ago about lessons he’d learned at Rocketship Education since it was created more than ten years ago.

Kids that have disabilities spend more time in general classes than they would at most other schools. Personalized education is available for all students, rather than only those in need of IEPs – individualized education plans – that typically have such issues.

Parents are encouraged to brighten the spirit of public schools to children, rather than perpetuating the idea that some public schools are terrible because they don’t receive enough funding, or charge their students’ parents thousands of dollars each semester.

They also need to switch their kids’ enrollment to other schools, even if it is not convenient to take them out of current elementary schools

Teachers play an integral role in ensuring children finish Rocketship Education with top-notch curriculum and demanding standards. Best of all, they don’t charge anything to parents.