Rebel Wilson: 4 Important Things You Should Know in Your Acting Career

There is no doubt that Rebel Wilson is one of the most talented actors in Australia. She has been able to move from being a local actor to making it happen in Hollywood, which is considered to be the center of all actors.

This has led to many people asking multiple and very sincere questions such as what makes great actors? Here are some of the points that make you stand as a unique actor in a pool of the thousand aspiring actors.

  1. Being Unique

Everybody knows that being unique is an important aspect in the world of business. Unique businesses record high revenues and sales as compared to general businesses.

The same applies to act; you must be unique in your way for you to make a great actor. Rebel Wilson highlights that Hollywood directors and producers readily accepted her because she was unique. There was no one else registered by the company who had the same size.

  1. Know Your Type

In a film, several characters are needed for the script to be complete. For you to fit in a particular character, you must possess specific knowledge and skills regarding that character.

A considerable number of people fail in the acting industry because they do not know their strength and weaknesses. Therefore, you should make sure that you know what you can do in a movie. Rebel Wilson has made a name by being humorous in any appearance. It is a character she associates with her physical appearance.

  1. Hard Work Pays

There is an agreed consensus around the world that every person is talented but only those people who polish their talents succeed. This means that you can easily understand your roles in a film but fail to work hard, which will lead to negative results. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Review and Pitch Perfect Star – Rebel Wilson Talks Clothing Line Hair Secrtes | Today

Therefore, you need to make sure that you harness and polish your talents and skills by working hard. You should always consult your directors and teachers on what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

  1. Create Yourself a Good Reputation

You should know that for you to be a good actor, you must be a good person. You must be able to communicate with people in a professional manner. Nobody will want to work with you for a movie if you are always late or sometimes being involved in arguments with your fellow actors. In other situations, you will be involved in a series that might take seven years.

You’re going to be a thorn into other peoples fresh if you cannot observe basic rules. However, if you are talented and have enough humility, you will easily succeed in the acting industry. Rebel Wilson has achieved much success through sacrifice, humility, and remaining humble.

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Ryan Seacrest: The Jack of All Trades

Ryan Seacrest is a jack of all trades with roles in cable television, broadcast, national radio. He has been nominated to be part of the Emmy-winning team in the show “Live” where he will be the permanent co-host together with Kelly Ripa.

Owing to the various entrepreneurial exploits by Ryan Seacrest, it led him to a wide host of entertainment and media firms. He also has a strong philanthropic background which focuses on the youth-based initiatives which are aimed at creating essential impacts across the nation.

He doubles up as the host of the infamous radio talk show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” which ranks as nationally-syndicated LA morning drive time radio show under the iHeart Media’s 102.7 KIIS FM. This is as well as among the Top 40 radio show.

Over a decade ago, Ryan Seacrest launched the productions firm which went on to win an Emmy award. The production firm focused on the creation of unscripted, digital and scripted programming. It went on to produce the infamous reality show on the Kardashians. It also hosted the red carpet events together with the other shows that went on to be a huge success.

Part of his entrepreneurial exploits includes the investments in the entertainment and media firms which forms part of the marketing service firm. He also had investments in Pinterest and the current Seacrest Global Group.

Back in 2014, Ryan Seacrest launched the men’s version of clothing together with accessories items. This was made available at the Macy’s. It became the followed men clothing which was launched at the Macy’s over the last ten years. This motivated Seacrest to launch another skin care products line. The product line was formed due to the collaborative effort put together by prolific doctor Lancer.

Part of Ryan Seacrest’s philanthropic efforts included serving as the chair of the charity foundation. Over the decade, the foundation has opened several media centres under the Seacrest Studios. Through the foundation, the youth are inspired with the education-based initiatives with entertainment. Through the studios it allowed the youth to explore their interests in the media such as through television and radio.

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Clay Hutson: The Sound Gem of Nashville

One of the most recognized and established people in the music industry of Tennessee is Clay Hutson. Clayton Hutson, or “Clay” is an individual that is well known for his skills in sound engineering – but not only that, he is also a household name in the industry of entertainment. Clay Hutson, because of his very exquisite talent and his unique set of skills, he is considered to be a very rare gem in the region of Nashville.

Clay Hutson is an individual who was born with an inclination to music. With very supportive parents, his passion for music and his love for the art was nurtured and sharpened – and not long after he has studied the industry, he was able to turn his passion into his career. Clay Hutson is well-versed in all the facets of production, mainly because of his all-around skills that was developed when he was studying theater production and design in college. In college, he developed skills as a sound engineer and has developed managerial skills as a project manager. Clay Hutson is a jack of all trades, and quite contrary to the cliche saying, he is also a master of some of the facets of the entertainment industry. With his mastery and versatility in the entertainment industry, Clay Hutson has also built his own live entertainment production company.

Clay Hutson, needless to say, is a very busy person and his typical day is full to say the least. Clay Hutson has recently been doing a lot of stage management and being on top and hands on, on the floor of his events, from ingress to egress. Clay Hutson is always the first one in, and the last one out. Clay Hutson makes sure that he plans out the day and makes uniquely curated task list for all of his team members. He does this in order to make sure that everyone is well guided and they know what to do – this is to maximize the efficiency and effectivity of the company. Clay Hutson knows that the completion of the tasks of his team mates will lead to the perfection of the event.

Ryan Seacrest, Television Host and Radio Personality

Ryan Seacrest is a successful entrepreneur, broadcaster, and a host-producer in local radio as well as cable television. Ryan Seacrest has been awarded many prizes since he is very inventive as well as creative.Seacrest operates a wide range of entertainment media where his primary focus is on the youth by creating job opportunities for them nationwide.

Work wife comedy

ABC currently is in the process of developing a comedy, ‟work wife” that will be featuring true and long-term friendship of Kelly Ripa and Seacrest. This comedy revolves around the daily life of working spouses and how their relationships influence their profession as well as the way they relate with colleagues. Michael Ian Black will participate as the writer and the executive producer. Black is a well-known actor in various state films like ‟Another period film.” Ripa, Milojo Productions, Ryan Seacrest productions along with RSP`s Nina and Andrea will oversee the production. Once the comedy series completed ABC studios will produce it.

Live with Kelly and Ryan Seacrest show.

Since 2001, ABC studios hold a show every morning known as ‟Live with Kelly and Ryan” that is co-hosted by Ripa Kelly and Ryan Seacrest. ABC studios also host a program of icon music competition known as the ‟American Idol” presented by Ryan Seacrest.

‟On air with Ryan Seacrest” is a morning drive-time show broadcasted in iHeartMedia`s 102.7 KIIS-FM a local radio station. It is among the top 40 radio shows that`s syndicated nationally.

Ryan Seacrest also owns and chairs a production company known as the Seacrest helms foundation. Seacrest`s foundation has succeeded to establish ten more broadcast centers in pediatric hospitals all over the country. This company produces movies such as shades of blue, NBC drama series and shows that involve prominent celebrities like the Kardashians also the red carpet awards show. Ryan has partnered with Dr Lancer who is a global dermatologist to establish a lifestyle enterprise that deals with men’s clothing and skin care oil.

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Clayton Hutson Helps Stars Sound Their Best – UPDATED

Clayton Hutson is one of the luckiest people in the world. He does what he loves, engineering and live shows. He is an artist and a creator who gets to work with many of the top talents in the music world. He gets to travel and party with them, while remaining the true force behind the scenes. He is the man the stars rely on to make them sound their best when they are performing concerts live in front of their fans. He does not experience the fame and fan adulation the stars receive, but he also does not suffer the risk of losing popularity and becoming out of date or out of fashion. He doesn’t have to worry about his appearance or about growing old. He doesn’t have to give interviews. He just has to do what he loves, using his technical expertise to enhance the talents of the stars to give the fans the experience of a lifetime.


One of his favorite brands of consoles is DiGiCo. On a tour with Aaron Lewis, the founder and frontman of Staind following his debut solo album, Hutson wanted a console small enough to store under the touring bus or even to check as baggage when they flew to a performance date. Hutson wanted to be in control of how Lewis sounded to his fans, not at the mercy of local production companies and in-house systems with less than optimal equipment. Hutson would function on this tour as both the FOH/Monitor engineer and the Production & Tour Manager. Hutson is a true professional. He gives his best to every performer he works with, and so he does not accept a result that doesn’t serve the performer and the fans. He needed to bring his own console, but he didn’t have many options because the tour did use both buses and planes, and he had to remain under budget.


Luckily, Hutson had read about the DiGiCo SD11. The 19″ version is the smallest console made by DiGiCo, as well as the least expensive. Yet it offered all the DiGiCo functionality Hutson already knew about, wanted and expected. Therefore it seemed the perfect solution. Best of all, it offered the features and sonics Hutson needed. And he knew he could rely on DiGiCo, so he took an SD11 out for its field debut on the tour with Aaron Lewis. Although small, it performed like a champ. Learn more:

Clayton Hutson Update:

Clayton Hutson works hard to listen to his artists and give his audience a unique experience each performance. He started his company after years of experience in the industry. The recession caused him to branch out on his own. He has worked as a stage manager for Kid Rock.

Hutson observes what happens before a show in order to determine how the show will turn out. He also directs his team on what to do after a show. He envisions what a set will be like, and as it comes to fruition, he uses a CAD design. He is excited about the revolutionary advancements in technology that make his job easier. He hopes to get away from huge video screens and give the audience a reason to get excited through things like acrobatics and aerial stunts. He loves how Pink and Lady Gaga are innovating to express themselves.

He always works ahead of the present and plans his whole day. He would tell his younger self to be honest and put family first. He thinks people who go with the flow are more likely to get a gig, even if they are not the best at what they do. He believes a talented person loves their job and has the drive to be the best. Skill is more important than enthusiasm.

He obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Design and Technical Production from Central Michigan University. He obtained his Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

Since 1999, he has worked for Getagrip Touring as a production manager. Since 2001, he has been the Ronin Event Creative’s vice-president of production. He was also Jennifer Nettles and Prince’s production manager. He was Kanye West’s stage manager. His has worked with Guns N’ Roses, Kid Rock, Garbage, Pink, and Billy Graham’s traveling circuit.

He manages Halsey’s “Hopeless Foundation Kingdom” global tour, which has 4 female vocalists joining her. Halsey promotes her songs via social media. Hutson contacts clients through LinkedIn, and gains work by word of mouth. His clients spread the word about his managing talent and expertise.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation and Seacrest Studios

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation is an outstanding, non-profit organization dedicated to motivating the youth of America through entertainment and education focusing.

The foundations first priority was to build broadcast media centers, named Seacrest Studios, within different pediatric hospitals so patients could explore the creative side of the entertainment world, like the radio, TV and new media. Seacrest Studios collaborates with local journalism schools to provide firsthand experience in broadcasting, programming and operating a multimedia center. They are aiming to have a positive experience in the healing process for children and their families during their stay at these facilities. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation believes that access to different multimedia experiences will bring patients a new, fun, and exciting adventures in hopes of creating an optimistic atmosphere.

On the welcome page, Ryan wrote a letter, talking about how through his life he had visited several hospitals across our nation that are caring for children facing life-threatening problems. he goes on to talk about how amazed he is by the courage of those children and their outstanding families and the upmost dedication of all the doctors and other hospital staff members. As a result of his journey through these hospitals, Ryan Seacrest had decided he wanted to have an ever lasting impact on the kids. So, over a dinner with his family, they had decided he wanted to make a foundation that would help these youngsters. With the help of his parents and sister, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation was born.

Ryan (@ryanseacrest) has heard from many families that the studios are nothing less than a blessing. He was ecstatic to see how much of a positive thing they have been for these children and has several plans to continue growths of the Seacrest Studios. Hoping to bring them not only to hospitals but to having them available to anyone! Ryan’s also busy with is newly-launched clothing line called Distinction.

If you want to be as fit as Ryan, you should follow his workout routine: