Milestone Triumphs Of The Serial Investor Adam Goldenberg

The co-CEO of JustFab recently launched the firm’s El-Segundo membership fashion line on Instagram. The serial entrepreneur has done an excellent job in creating successful start-ups, one after the next. This trend started way back in 1999. His first notable accomplishment came at the turn of the millennium. Adam sold his barely two-year-old gaming network, Gamer’s Alliance, to Intermix Media.

The Beginning

The sales proceeds from the gaming network enabled him to diversify his portfolio further and expand on his interests. In 2006, Adam got credited with the founding of the Internet branding franchise known as Intelligent Beauty. This firm eventually paved the way for the setting up of JustFab.

JustFab started in 2010, and astonishingly, by 2014, the establishment had already managed to acquire well over $55 million in capital funding. Adam Goldenberg’s previous achievements served as the real icing to the cake. They recently purchased the shoe making business, ShoeDazzle, to the franchise. Asides, JustFab has carved a name for themselves for being the only fashion line which specifically targets celebrities both in the US and worldwide.

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Adapting Quickly

Recently, the co-CEO held an interview with Built in LA and here are some of the interesting caveats espoused in the talks. One of the first comments, Adam Goldenberg made was about his company’s ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and trends. Additionally, the CEO remarked about his constant transparency in highlighting all the dealings inside his firm. To him, transparency goes hand in hand with achieving one’s objectives.

Customer is King

The interview outlined how JustFab always places the interests of the clients first. Listening to customers has helped them in coming up with reasonable prices for their products on Matrix Partners. For job seekers interested in working with the fashion titan, the co-CEO reminds them of the importance of being passionate about whatever it is they choose to do. A passionate worker is self-motivated and ever determined.

About Adam Goldenberg

In the interview, Adam revealed a key ingredient to the success of his firm. They have always paid more attention to what they are selling as opposed to obsessing on how to drive up the sales. Quality comes first, and that is what has made the company such a success story at

Adam is one of the three co-owners of JustFab. The company has grown to now have a valuation of close to $300 million. Adam has remained friends with Don Ressler for ages. Together, they have invested in dozens of start-ups mostly focused on e-commerce retail. These include, Intelligent Beauty, DERMSTORE, and SENSA. You can keep up with the legendary investor by following him on Twitter and Facebook.

Don’t Be Left Out Of The Mix, Join And

Welcome to the world of JustFab, where you can buy all kinds of beautiful shoes, clothes, jewelry, and handbags. Those who choose to join JustFab, as well as the other companies represented by JustFab Inc., will be able to get a membership that allows them to continuously by low-cost goods that come with free shipping after minimum purchase. For those who are not familiar with JustFab, here is a quick introduction. A person can go to to sign up for a new account. Sign up only takes a minute, and once you’re signed up, then you can begin shopping around for shoes, clothes, bags and more.

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For those who are interested, JustFab Inc. has several companies, such as JustFab, FabKids, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle. All of these companies are fashion related and can allow a person to find the best fashions out there today, and even men can get in on the fashion craze by going to FL2, which can be found on or by visiting Another great venture that has been created by JustFab is Fabletics, which is now extremely popular, especially amongst those who need activewear. Since activewear can be hard to find or expensive when it’s purchase anywhere else, Fabletics has activewear available at great prices.

With the major discounts, as well as free shipping that’s available at Fabletics, why not choose to purchase your activewear on the site? Membership at Fabletics is similar to the memberships that are available for every other JustFab company, so there’s no need to worry about being canceled ahead of time or without notice, but you can continue using your membership to buy items that you want at a low cost. JustFab has so much to offer its customers that tens of millions of them have joined in the membership of these websites and continue to join because they know the value of the products they purchase from JustFab and its other sites.

Adam Goldenberg Making Waves as CEO of JustFab

Adam Goldenberg currently serves as the co-CEO of JustFab, an online fashion retail giant that is gaining in popularity for its affordable prices and wide selection of fashion favorites. Goldenberg has a proven track record of success as a leader in business, so the fact that he is on an amazing roll in his position at JustFab should come as no surprise. At a very young age, Goldenberg was already forming and selling his own companies. He sold his gaming company after only 2 years of existence in 1999 to Intermix Media. Adam Goldenberg also founded Intelligent Beauty in 2006 before coming on board with JustFab.

Goldenberg started out with a bang at JustFab at He raised an impressive $55 million in funding for the company in 2013 alone. In that same year, he managed to oversee the acquisition of Shoe Dazzle by JustFab to expand its online fashion market share. Under his stellar leadership, the company has expanded into an international presence and continues to increase its customer base.

Goldenberg has shared some of the secrets to his success in running such a large corporation. He says that constantly paying attention to data has helped him navigate through and even avoid tough situations as a CEO. According to Adam Goldenberg, it is crucial to be able to react quickly to whatever the numbers show in running a corporation. One of the best ways he recommends to make this happen is to create and maintain a culture of transparency within the organization. This prevents major surprises on down the line and makes sure that all members of the organization at different levels are contributing to the long term success of the company.

Goldenberg says that customer feedback has played a vital role in directing the decisions at JustFab. He makes sure that the company is in tune with customer attitudes toward price, quality and service before making any major decisions about the direction of the company’s line or pricing. Adam Goldenberg says that he fosters this understanding of customer-driven choices at JustFab by establishing a mentoring system between employees. Seasoned employees guide newer hires through the decision making processes at JustFab and make sure that they are assimilating into the corporate culture and continuing the company’s mission.

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