A Closer Look at Telereal Trillium Company and Graham Edwards CEO

When Graham Edwards, the CEO of Telereal Trillium first took this position as CEO, his first impact was his influence on the culture and makeup of the company. In 2001, Graham Edwards, created Telereal and uncovered the value of the company and found strategic ways through partnerships to enhance the company’s growth.

Before becoming CEO at Telereal Trillium Graham Edwards was chief investment officer of Talisman Global Asset Management. During his time there he established Pears FSA registered asset management arm. Earlier Graham Edwards also held positions at Merrill Lynch as a Fund Manager he then went on to become the head of finance for BT Group Plc property department.

Because of Graham Edwards’s background in investment, he was more than capable of realizing the value in the BT holding successfully, and it brought 2.28 billion which Telereal Trillium acquired 6,700 properties in an area of 59.2 million square feet.

With Graham Edwards at the helm of Telereal Trillium, he has been a great asset to the company for bringing clients on board from different industries such as Virgin Media, Barclays, Royal Mail, BT, The Birmingham city council he also brought The Department of Work and Pensions a board on his successful venture. All of these companies have great faith and trust in Telereal Trillium and Graham Edwards abilities for accomplishment as the CEO of the company (Glassdoor).

Another achievement Graham Edwards Telereals brought about for Telereal Trillium was his orchestration of the charitable program named “Donation Matching Scheme.” The Donation Matching organized in 203 is Telereal Trillium most significant success for the corporation charity platform. Telereal Trillium employees are allowed to donate money to any of their charities. The Donation Matching had given the employees a sense of pride to be apart of such a responsible company precisely what Graham Edward was hoping for when he organized the charity. The charities are also pleased with the donations they are receiving Telereal Trillium company. Graham Edwards has led Telereal Trillium to tremendous growth which is shown by the increase in their charity matching donations.