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So you have a few mental or emotional blocks you are facing, but you don’t want to share them with just anyone. Maybe they are more sensitive than what you want your best friend to hear? You’ve kept putting them off and now you feel you are in a corner and there is no way to get out? Maybe you are even wishing you had your own genie in a bottle at this point. Did you know you can have a personal therapist come to your home anytime you want and at a cost suitable to almost anyone?

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Therapy on Demand

That is why Talkspace has won over one million of its first subscribers to its professional therapy services. Yes, Talkspace, an app for online therapy, is changing peoples lives one text at a time. Talkspace has over 2000 professionally registered therapist that offer their services thru Talkspace. Talkspace interviews clients for Licensed Therapist and fits them with clients looking for the service they are trained to offer.

Is that all?

Money is an issue for people seeking professional therapy. Often a therapist can charge as much as $250 per hour. This is possibly one of the reasons why Talkspace has found success because their services are between $49-79 a week. Every service comes with an individual therapist, but whether the client needs more individualized sessions, like one on one once or up to five times a month, brings the costs of therapy within most persons spending for these services.

Professional and Timely Feedback

The great thing about Talkspace is that your text to your individually assigned therapist is handled with the utmost privacy. Therapist responds to their clients within the day and sessions can carry on for as short or as long as needed. People who have used Talkspace have been pleased with the amount of comfort in being able to share their individual needs with a licensed therapist from the ease and comfort of home.

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Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a company that holds interests in assisted living homes, eldercare, hospital, nursing and residential care in Sussex, United Kingdom. Their legal name is Sussex Healthcare Limited. They currently employ a roster of 500 to 1000 people throughout their many facilities. Their CB Rank is 75,484. Their IPO status is “private” and their company type is “for profit.”

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Sussex Healthcare has been providing award winning services in the care homes industry for more than 25 years. These services are person-centred, so they focus on the care essentials of the individual resident.

Sussex Healthcare, an independently operated company, trains its staff to their highest skill levels. Included in the training is the necessity for compassion in care giving and the importance of making the home care resident a priority. With the knowledge that the mental acuity of the residents requires plenty of activities and coping skills, there are many programs in place that are directed toward accomplishing these and other essential care goals. the “at-home-like” atmosphere adds to the comfort and ease that the residents experience.

The Sussex system in healthcare is viewed as the best possible in residential home health that could be found in the Sussex area. More individualized attention given to the residents puts them over the edge where there is competition in this area and it is what makes them the best in their class.

Building relationships is important in any business. The healthcare business is no different. Building and cultivating long-lasting relationships ensures that residents will not only be happy there at the facilities, but that they and their families will not hesitate to recommend the facilities to others. Repeat business makes businesses sustainable and longer in business. Happy, satisfied customers is always the key to sustainability in business. The business side and the care side is why Sussex goes the extra mile when treating the residents in the facility with the best possible care.

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Neurocore Careers: Revealing the Best in People

The goal of Neurocore, which is part of Windquest Group, is to increase people’s performance by boosting the brain’s ability to reach its utmost potential. The company uses various technological devices as well as brain performance expertise to identify and understand the symptoms that customers have and then create customized programs that will be of use to these clients. When one joins Neurocore as an employee, they become part of the team that will help the company’s customers to live their best life possible.

Various employment opportunities are available at Neurocore due to the dynamic nature of the company. Whether one has expertise in technology, the neuroscience field, accounting or other areas that characterize a company’s growth, Neurocore might have an opportunity for such a person. When one becomes part of the team, they also enjoy other benefits such as free Neurocore services as employees and discounted services for their friends and families.

They also get the 401(k) match as well as dental, vision, and health plans. They also have paid time-off, and they receive discounts for Reserve Wine & Food, hotels, gym membership, Boxed Water, as well as Stow EasyClosets. Employees have also indicated that one not only has an opportunity to work with great colleagues, but Neurocore also provides a relaxing working environment.


The Center Of The InnovaCare Team: Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides

At the heart of the InnovaCare team would the CEO Rick Shinto and the COO/CAO Penelope Kokkinides. With these two individuals at the helm, this company continues to be dedicated to providing the best quality healthcare for people throughout the United States. InnovaCare primarily operates with individuals who are participating in the Medicare Advantage Plans and who need quality physician care plans. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides truly make a great team, and one of the main reasons for that would be because of their combined experience in previous positions.

First of all, Rick Shinto brings a wealth of experience to his current position. Before he became CEO of InnovaCare Health in 2012, he was CEO of Aveta, inc., joining them in 2008 and working in management. Dr. Shinto has also served as chief executive officer of MMM Healthcare and was the CMO and Operations Manager for Pathways Management Company. However, before he rose to his current positions in medical leadership, Dr. Shinto had started out as an internist and pulmonologist in Southern California.

Of course, Penelope Kokkinides has a resume that is every bit as impressive. Kokkinides has twenty years of experience working with government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. She also worked as Chief Management Officer for Centerlight running the entire managed care division of the facility. She then graduated from that position to work as Touchstone Health as the head of operations. She also has held a position as a corporate VP for the care management and disease management area of AmeriChoice. Interestingly enough, she has held two stints within the InnovaCare health company. The first time she was chief operating officer and then she left for another position. When she returned, she became the new chief administrative officer of InnovaCare.

Dr. Shinto knows that he couldn’t effectively run the InnovaCare health team without the help of dedicated professionals like Penelope Kokkinides. He, himself, is also a dedicated professional, and he has won many awards during his career. One of the most memorable ones would have been the coveted Entrepreneur of the Year award, which he earned in 2012 just about taking on his present role at InnovaCare Health. With these two leaders, InnovaCare Health will continue to reach for the sky.

InnovaCare Health Provides Affordable Healthcare For Eligible Individuals

The success of many companies is largely based on the competency of the person, or person, in the leadership positions. InnovaCare Health has grown immensely over the years, and in doing so, has provided much needed health care plans and services to tens of thousands of people in Puerto Rico. InnovaCare is a Medicare Advantage plan provider that also includes physical practice services. Under the current leadership of Dr. Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides, the company provides a myriad of Medicare advantage plans and other health services for eligible individuals. Providing affordable healthcare for all residents is the ultimate aim of InnovaCare Health.


The entire leadership team of InnovaCare Health has a total of over 120 combined years of experience in both managed care and delivery of care. The company is committed to improving the lives of their members by way of value based care. Dr. Richard Shinto serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health. He brought with him 25 years of experience in clinical and operational health care service. Before InnovaCare Health, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Aveta, Inc. Dr. shinto also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the InnovaCare Health subsidiaries located in Puerto Rico. These are facilities through MMM Holdings, which provide for the island’s oldest Medicare Advantage Plan, MMM Healthcare, also one of the island’s first.


Penelope Kikkinides came back to the company as Chief Administrative Officer, and like Rick Shinto, she was also with Aveta, Inc. previously. She has over 20 years of managed care experience which was deemed excellence in quality as shown by her appointment to her new position. In an announcement made by the President, Penelope was one of three people to be awarded leadership positions. In 1998, the foundation was laid by Dr. Rick Shinto for InnovaCare Health when he joined the organization, North American Medical Management in California. Through the dedication of the leadership team and the over 7,500 plan providers, InnovaCare Health has significantly increased it’s revenue. You can visit their website



Dr. Rick Shinto and his leadership team lead with a track record of proven innovative care that is physician led to improve the quality of the financial performance and patient satisfaction. In 2017, Rick Shinto received the honor of being elected to serve as a member of the Board of Directors with America’s Health Insurance Plans which is the largest trade association in the industry. You can follow their Twitter page.


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Eric Leftkofsky Co-Founded Tempus To Aid Cancer Patient Treatments

Eric Lefkofsky Co-founded the company Tempus with Brad Keywell and he currently operates as the company’s CEO. The technology behind Tempus is being used to compile large amounts of molecular and genomic data into a single database that can be used by doctors to create more precise treatments for cancer patients. Eric is well-known in the business industry as a successful entrepreneur today, having started several of his own companies before Tempus. The majority of people know him from his majority successful Groupon platform, which offers coupons to customers around the world for better deals on everyday things.

Advancements are coming to the fields of healthcare and technology on a regular basis, but there are still many things that are under par that need some serious focus. This was the reason behind Eric’s desire to start up Tempus for cancer treatments. Eric saw cancers disastrous effects up close in his personal life and he noticed the lack of proper data organization and patient dedicated treatments. Eric has stated that data is one of the biggest problems currently facing the medical world. Eric Lefkofsky has been working on structuring data for more than 2 decades, so he knew there was technology available that would make accumulating medical data possible while simultaneously organizing it and bringing it all together.

With the latest rounds of funding over, Tempus has had more than 130 million dollars raised in funding since first starting up in 2015. Eric has said he is willing to personally invest more than 100 million into Tempus to make sure the company can complete its goal. Since Tempus already has the technology it needs to structure and compile data, Eric is working on building a data set. Once this is completed, the end result will be more precise patient information for doctors to use in their cancer treatments for patients around the globe. In the future, Eric believes Tempus will focus on more than just cancer data, but data from many other diseases as well.

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Discover health problems with Life Line Screening

Our health is something we should take very seriously. It is because of our health that we are able to deal with the daily tasks that we are supposed to accomplish. It is therefore important that we take good care of our health in the best way possible. Health is crucial for our daily living. We should therefore not ignore it as just a normal thing that should be taken care after there has been a serious health concern. People should not wait until they get sick so that they can take measures that will ensure the health problem that may be present are addressed.

In the United States, there is a medical company that is concerned with addressing the health issues that are underlying and one that we may not know that they exist in our bodies. These are health issues that no one knows about but might get us by surprise. This normally comes in form of emergency health cases. Emergencies are never good for anyone. It is good to be aware of something that can catch us off guard. Health problems have been prevalent in the era we are in since most of us are leading a lifestyle that is not good for our bodies. From the eating habits to body exercising, we are ignoring important practices that should see us live healthy and stable lives.

Life Line Screening is a company that was established in 1993 in Texas. It offers services in all the states in the country. Everyone who would like to have their health checked should pay a visit to these health facilities and all the underlying health issues will be scrutinized. There will be no need to worry about problems that are underlying in our bodies and ones that can be addressed. Our health is a priority for Life Line Screening. The company is committed to seeing people lead a healthy lifestyle that is free of medical complications that are unforeseen.

Lifeline Screening has the best technology and expertise that will see no problem go unnoticed. Health issues are a concern that should be given the weight concern that they carry. Life Line screening is interesting in ensuring that no person take the risk of not observing their health status. A regular checkup is something that should be encouraged so that we avoid most of the problems that get us off guard. It will also enable us plan early in our lives.

About Lifeline Screening:

A Brief Overview of Depression By Neurocore

After reading the following, you may start looking at depression differently. Depression affects sixteen million American adults, which is almost seven percent of the entire population. It can come for no seeming reason. It is more likely to occur if the person is undergoing stress or some other difficult time in life, but it can happen without any third party occurrences. In addition, not everyone is going for treatment, perhaps because there is a stigma involved with mental health problems. However, it is something that can not be ignored, as it can lead to suicide if it gets serious and is not treated. Suicide is the number one cause of death among young Americans. In addition, depression is the number one disability among young people between the ages of fifteen and forty four. It is a leading issue that causes problems in the workplace. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

Depression comes in many forms. There are various depressive disorders. It can last for just a few weeks, or it can last for a few years. It can come as a result of pregnancy and birth, or it can be the type of depression that is not seen on the outside, the type that is suffered by a seemingly well functioning individual.

Depression can cause many problems. It can lead to weight loss, as a person may lose interest in eating. It can cause someone to feel exhausted, and it can cause someone to lose sleep. It can even cause headaches and stomachaches. Follow Neurocore on

Neurocore is a leader in the field of neurofeedback. This is a method that can be used to treat depression. Special technology, such as qEEG, is used.

With Neurofeedback, the brain is analyzed and the symptoms are revealed. A customized therapy treatment is then developed for the patient. By following this treatment, the patient is able to see long lasting results.


The wellness of LifeLine Screening

LifeLine Screening is in the fore front when it comes to providing quality health services to the community. It offers screening to people and is aimed at identifying potential health hazards which are in turn treated hence preventing the advancement of the chronic diseases. Many of the diseases that Life Line Screening screens are asymptomatic but whose health risks are preventable if their identification is on time.

LifeLine’s screening is quick, safe, painless, and one that does not invade the healthy body tissues. Equipment of high quality is used by professional technicians in conducting the screening. The results from the procedure are then used by the doctors in administering the appropriate treatment procedures. Whenever a disease has been identified, physicians often advise a change in lifestyle to prevent advancement of disease.

An E-Newsletter is also provided by LifeLine Screening that aims at guiding the patient in ensuring their health well-being. Appropriate changes in lifestyle highlighted in E-Newsletter in line to the chronic disease at hand. By doing so, they ensure that their patients are always updated regarding their health.

LifeLine Screening partners with different organizations in sustaining a program of wellness and awareness creation. The program has proved to be positive especially in the saving of funds. Members of these organizations are empowered and educated on how to lead a healthy life to learn more: click here.

The employees are educated on how to prevent chronic diseases as well as the importance of screening and the various benefits of being part of such programs. The program is also a platform of making the members aware of their current health status and the risks that they might face in the future. All this is professionally known through screening. If any risk is identified, the progression of any chronic disease is prevented as treatment commences.

The health knowledge gained by the members is used in the search for healthcare services that ensures that their normal healthy life is maintained. LifeLine Screening does different kinds of screening ranging from ultrasound, bio-metric, and blood screening. Their screening results may also include a comprehensive report which is aimed at giving details of main areas of focus.

Capital Anesthesiology

Anesthesia is administered to alleviate pain and anxiety before and after surgical procedure by a qualified anesthesiologist. The physician of Capital Anesthesiology Associates(CAA)is specialized in Anesthesiology. CAA is one of the nation’s largest independent practices. It is absolutely necessary for a qualified anesthesiologist to administer anesthesia before and after a surgical procedure. Depending on the type of surgical procedure there are different Anesthesia services provided by the physicians at Capital Anesthesiology.

Based on the Pre-Anesthetic evaluation of the patient and the procedure the patient is having and overall health of the patient the surgeon will determine the type of Anesthesia to be used for the surgery.               Follow them at their page.

Local Anesthesia: Also known as monitored Anesthesia care (MAC) this type of Anesthesia is given for procedures that involve soft tissue operations which for small areas. The first step involves intravenous administration of the anesthesia which lessens the anxiety and reduces the pain and in the second step, a local anesthetic is used by the surgeon to numb the area of the operation involving soft tissue. Throughout the procedure, the anesthesiologist will control the IV medication depending on the level of Patient’s consciousness.

General Anesthesia: This Anesthesia is used for patient’s needing extensive surgery which needs the patient to be completely unconscious during the procedure. Surgery involving major organs like heart, brain, abdomen and chest need more advanced monitoring and breathing control which is used during General anesthesia.

Regional Anesthesia: During and after surgery pain is controlled in the specific regions of the body like lower abdomen, arms, and legs. A sedative is administered IV and a local anesthetic is administered close to the nerve that controls the feeling to the specific area that needs to be operated on.

Obstetric Anesthesia: This type of Anesthesia is administered for more comfortable childbirth.

Cardiovascular and thoracic Anesthesia: During Thoracic and Cardiovascular surgery more advanced monitoring during surgery and after surgery. Capital Anesthesiology Associates provide Anesthesia services for more advanced surgeries like Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery.

Pediatric Anesthesia: It requires specialized training and certification. Capital pediatric Anesthesiologists are trained in Nation’s best children’s hospitals. Capital Pediatric Anesthesiologist provides specialized care which ensures best surgical outcomes.

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