The Role of Drew Madden at Evergreen Healthcare Partners in the Consumerization of Healthcare

Amazon and CVS have set the healthcare industry abuzz following reports that the two companies are looking into making major moves in the sector. CVS is considering purchasing Aetna, a health insurance giant, while Amazon has obtained pharmacy licenses in different states not to move into the distribution of prescription drugs, but to instead move into the distribution of healthcare-related equipment. How are these two occurrences related? They both tie into who will own the healthcare consumer. For CVS, combining insurance services, pharmacy, and routine care at a location near you will make it a one-stop shop for the consumer. On the other hand, Amazon which is known as the everything store, will upend the healthcare market given its already expansive retail footprint. Both companies are, therefore, working at consumerizing healthcare by bringing different elements of the healthcare ecosystem under one umbrella, while offering consumer-centric goods and services. Additionally, almost all players in the industry are looking into offering consumer-friendly services in the healthtech space just as Amazon does.

Drew Madden at Evergreen

Drew Madden is an executive and entrepreneur in the healthcare industry. He is a healthcare information technology expert currently serving as a managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. The company offers multiple EHR platforms, advisory and implementation services in the healthcare industry. Drew Madden’s work at Evergreen Healthcare Partners is centered around building an attractive corporate culture, team building, and working on trusted client partnerships. His work is also to ensure healthcare IT expertise while highlighting the importance of individuals in specialized healthcare technology. He is bringing to the firm expertise in electronic medical records (EMR), Epic systems, HIPAA, CPOE, business development, process improvement, and software documentation and implementation, among others.

Previous Work Experience

Drew Madden pursued his education at the University of Iowa where he graduated with a BSE in Industrial Engineering (focusing on Medical Systems). He started his career at Cerner Corporation to work as an integration consultant. From here, he proceeded to companies such as Nordic Consulting Partners Inc. and Ingenix Consulting. At Ingenix, he served as a senior Epic consultant and a regional sales director, while at Nordic he served as a vice-president and president of the firm. Everywhere he has worked, he has contributed to the growth of the firm and impacted positively on the company’s leadership.