A Glimpse of Securus Technologies Correctional Services

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of parolee tracking, detainee communications, and government information. The technology company has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. Apart from its main offices in Dallas, it also has regional offices in the Dallas Metro area and another one in Atlanta. Securus was founded in 1986 and has employed at least 500 personnel. The company currently serves more than 2600 facilities spread over 45 states in the United States. It has also expanded its operations to the Districts of Columbia, Mexico, and Canada. Securus Technologies currently serves more than one million inmates.


Numerous correctional facilities in the United States have relied on the services offered by Securus Technologies for over a decade. They are impressed by the continuous upgrading of services by the company and its commitment to revolutionize the prison environments. Owing to their quality services and products, the technology company has received numerous comments and reviews from their clients nationwide. The investigative tools provided to correctional facilities’ staff makes it easier for them to carry out timely investigations in the facilities. Correctional services have also been fascinated by the reporting data that has promoted and enhanced measures for monitoring and discouraging the use of contrabands in the facilities.


The inmate communication provider offers extensive phone services to inmates. The company offers various payment product options for inmate phone services. The options make it easier for the detainees to choose the perfect calling options that suit them. The communications are monitored and some of them that include drug selling and alcohol use in the facilities are dealt with to ensure security and calmness at all times in the penitentiaries. The LBS software has also enabled prison staff in recovering money, drugs and other assets worth millions. Securus Technologies has promoted public safety as well as the safety needs of inmates in the incarceration environment.


How We Use Securus Technologies to Prevent Crimes

My task force is responsible for locating dangerous fugitives and bringing them to justice. We have a number of resources at our disposal that can make the job easier, and we try to access them all during each case. The case we were dealing with today involved a very dangerous fugitive who was robbing stores at gunpoint, and he was not concerned about concealing his identity during the process. We knew this fugitive would kill if pushed, so we tried to work around in the shadows and catch him off guard.


This was a case where our resources were limited. We could not ask his family or friends for help because they would wither be harboring him or tip him off to what we were doing. This was not the case for informants to come forward because they all fared for the safety of their own families. That being said, we did have an ace up our sleeve I was thrilled to be using.


Securus Technologies was installing a call monitoring system in the local prison, one that happened to be housing the fugitive’s brother. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, says his Dallas-based company is dedicated to making our world safe, we were about to put those claims to the ultimate test. When the brother would get on the phone, he was very cautious about speaking about his brother, but there were times he just could not refrain from saying things that were helping the authorities.


One night he mentioned how he missed hanging with his brother at the old farm-house on a friend’s acre of land. This was a place not on our radar until that night, and we swarmed that location and found our suspect hiding like a scared rat under a few bales of hay to try and avoid capture.


Using Securus Technologies to Control Gangs in Prison

One of the biggest issues that I have working in our local jail is dealing with the gangs. The higher-level gang members who are behind bars are still conducting business as if they were on the streets. These inmates not only control what the low-level gang members do on the street, they do the same to those in jail. This makes for a very tense and dangerous situation for law enforcement.


Even though we separate the gangs in the jail to try and keep the peace, orders are still handed down for gang members to commit violence to one another. We spend the better part of some days looking for weapons on the inmates, in their cells, and hidden around the jail. It is not uncommon for weapons to be hid in the yard the day before a hit is ordered.


We try to check every visitor for contraband before they meet the inmates, but gang members have developed some very creative ways to get what they need. When we were told to start using the Securus Technologies inmate call system to monitor gang activity, we were exposed to information we never knew we had access to. The LBS software allowed us to pick up chatter between inmates that in the past was coded in a way to keep us off the trail.


One day while monitoring the Securus Technologies system, we overheard a top-level gang member talking about getting supplies from the metal shop that was going to be crafted to a weapon. The weapon was to be stored at the fence in the yard, and the person retrieving the weapon was to use it on a rival gang member. These gang conversations were key in us getting this situation under control before anything occurred.


We use the inmate call system today to stay one step ahead of gang violence.


The Big Technological Challenge Of Securus Versus GTL

Securus Technologies has put out a challenge to their main competitor in the field of criminal justice technology. Their competitor is GTL, who Securus does not believe has the technology to match their own. Securus wants both of their technologies placed before an impartial judge to determine whose is superior.


The technologies being discussed are their telephone calling platforms, customer service and metrics. Richard Smith holds the position of CEO at Securus and says GTL has misrepresented their technologies. He feels the investments Securus has made along with their product development and technology far exceeds that of GTL.


The technology GTL uses is older and does not have the same quality. When the platforms of both companies are compared Securus uses technologies that are not only more efficient but faster. They have their own call center which they staff. Their call answering performance is 600% better than GTL. Securus also trains their own technicians versus GTL who use contractors.


The calling platform Securus uses is a state of the art Voice Over Internet system. The system incorporates updates for software and seamlessly introduces new services and products into the system. Customers who have used both of the systems have chosen Securus over GTL three to one. This advanced system includes numerous different features.


* Managed Access Systems

* Voice Biometrics

* Payment Facilitation

* Media, Communications, and Money Transfer Services

* Managed Access Systems

* Video Visitation

* Location Based Services

* Data Analytics


Securus has a messaging system in addition to their voice system. This brings in $4.00 for each dollar brought in by GTL. Their technological capabilities are why Securus has challenged GTL. They are referring to the challenge as a bake off but do not believe GTL will accept. The CEO of Securus has admitted were he in GTLs place he would decline. When both platforms are carefully looked at is becomes obvious that Securus has the technology to win this challenge with no doubts.