Gareth Henry Successful Journey in the Global Relations Industry

Gareth Henry has been on the global relations for so many years and has worked for many companies which he believes has changed the way he looks at things. He is a great expert when handling clients in the finance industry.

Gareth Henry graduated from the Heriot-Watt University in 2001 with a bachelors degree in Mathematics and Statistics. After graduation, he got a job at Watson Wyatt where he began to work as a market analyst. He later got a job at Schroders as the Product Manager which was a prominent management firm. He then joined the Investor Relations in the US as the Global Head. All these opportunities made him amass a lot of wealth in return as well as professional experience. He later got a more challenging opportunity where he worked as the Head of Investor Relations at Fortress Investment Group. The statistics guru was responsible for helping towards raising capital in various markets located in Africa, Europe as well as the Middle East.

In 2016, he was chosen to head Angelo, Gordon, and Company as the Global Head of Investor Relations as well as the company’s Managing Director. The appointment came after they realized that he had significant expertise in the global relations field, a character which was not with many people. He is also known for his excellent role in handling client services. Angelo, Gordon, and Company was founded in 1988 and specializes in real estate, managing credit as well as private equity investments. It has its headquarters based in New York. They also have offices in Asia and Europe and other locations in the US.

Gareth Henry has an excellent track record when it comes to dealing with clients needs. He feels that to be successful in the job especially in the real estate sector, a person has to consider client services. At Angelo, Gordon, and Company, Gareth helped to manage $28 billion for their clients. His global relations expertise made him push the company to more recognition across the globe as well as improved financial growth.

Gareth Henry is also a great scholar, and in 2004, he joined the Institute of Actuaries in the United Kingdom as well as becoming a Fellow of Actuaries in the US in 2007. The experienced financial executive in the math subject has made him excel to a great height in his career. He is still working hard to improve his qualifications in his career as a professional and has always worked towards making his line of expertise a success.

Fortress Investment Group: Leading in Finance and Asset Management

When it comes to valuables such as hard-earned assets, you would like a trustworthy partner to manage them. That is why Fortress Investment Group is there. The firm understands the worth of your assets and would like to make the most from it. The company was started in 1998, and it has been competently serving its clients ever since.

Over the years, Fortress has grown steadily and expanded its client base to over a thousand customers. All these clients have committed their assets of up to $43.6 billion. Despite the location of any client, Fortress can serve them satisfactorily. Among the services offered are real estate management, capital investment, credit and private equity.

Fortress Investment Group is founded on the principle of investment performance. The aim is to ensure that the company uses strategies that reduce risks to investors. Although risks are a characteristic of investments, Fortress will not promise zero risks, but it will significantly minimize them. Every client deserves high returns and gains from his or her assets.

Fortress Investment Group has been successful in all the years because of its employees. A team of experts and professionals are readily available to serve clients. The employees operate under a team spirit to meet customer expectations. The team also understands that client needs are different. Therefore, they approach every situation with a flexible and creative mind.

Fortress Investment Group is also a desirable place for career growth. Employees seeking to advance careers and hone their skills should consider Fortress. The leadership avails opportunities of mentorship, training and learning necessary skills and knowledge for the work. All you need to have is passion and zeal to be a better person than you are. The culture at Fortress motivates and inspires members to exploit their potential and become the best versions of their personalities.

Wealth management is not just a business to Fortress. They perceive their clients as an essential part of the fraternity. A healthy relationship and loyalty exist between Fortress Investment Group and their clients. Together, the company and clients create a sense of familial bond where they need each other.

Southridge Capital and The Reasons Why It’s A Company That Leads The Way

Most of the finance experts today don’t pay the price for the consequences of their ideas. They don’t seem to pay for their mistakes, and whatever they do, they still get a bailout. This is what’s going to ruin the system, and the fact that many of the investors today are veering towards avoiding the malignant mistakes and decisions that ruins the system is a delightful piece of news. One of the more superior companies today that offer the kind of financial advice that takes responsibility for the effects is Southridge Capital.

The Major Financial Player

The ReleaseFact article we can read today confirms that Southridge Capital’s innovation, financial suggestions and structured advice have now been used by many people, clients and businesses. This effectivity and positive reception of the public of the solutions offered by the company could also be why the company is deemed as a major financial player today. Truly, it’s notable to see that Southridge Capital has reached this level of success, attained such respect and has done all this in the most engrossing, ethical and unbeatable way possible.

We also read from the latest news that Southridge Capital today is famous because it is able to cover an umbrella-like variety of financial services that cover all bases, which includes financial analysis and financial statements that really impress their clients. Southridge’s Balance Sheet Optimization is also a known powerful tool that shapes the reputation of the company today. Further, Southridge Capital has gained reputation, too, because the structured financial services it offers is covering Securitization, Credit Enhancing, and Financing Solutions.

Moreoever, all of these wonderful services won’t be possible to be offered to the public without the help of the outstanding management team of the company, which includes Stephen M. Hicks, as its Founder and CEO, as well as Narine Persaud, as the Controller.

About Southridge Capital

Southridge LLC has shown a record of dedicating itself to a spectrum of financial services and solutions that help people achieve the levels of financial goals and success that they aim. With an experience of financing over 250 public companies today over the last two decades, Southridge Capital continues to lead the way.


Linda Owens Takes Reins of Highland’s Charitable Giving, Future is Bright!

In February of this year, Linda Owens joined the auspicious family of Highland Capital Management in the role of Charitable Giving Manager. Highland Capital Management is an impressive organization that manages well over $15.4 billion in assets. It was initially founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993 and stands among the biggest and most knowledgeable managers of global alternative credit.


Linda had spent time as the president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation and is well respected in philanthropic circles. With her in-depth knowledge of the Dallas area and a track record that shows incredible effectiveness, she’s surely an excellent choice to spearhead this aspect of their business. Highland Capital Management has always placed a solid emphasis on working with the community. Their investments include the areas where their employees live and work, and believe that volunteerism, financial donations to community organizations, and advisory board involvement are all vital to the success of these efforts.


Highland Capital Management’s efforts are international, and they’ve recently closed a healthcare-focused private equity fund with a value of $147 million. South Korea’s National Pension Service( NPS) serves as the anchor investor in this healthcare based fund. It was originally created in 1988 and now has a value of $499.8 billion. This fund was developed with the purpose of having specific objectives while maintaining positive returns on their investment. This ambitious venture serves as Highland’s first step into the Asian equity fund market.


This new direction is promising both for Highland Capital Management and the NPS, given that there is a rising need and availability of healthcare services in Korea. For investors, this also can provide some security in the face of multiple disruptive forces currently affecting the middle market of the U.S. Healthcare industry. Matt Jameson states “The demographic ‘graying’ of America and increased access to healthcare services in Asia are driving greater utilization levels… These factors combined with the evolution to value-based reimbursement models create significant opportunities for healthcare investors.”


Linda Owens has a significant challenge ahead of her in handling the charitable angle of Highland’s work, but given her background and the ambitions of the organization she’s joined, there’s little doubt that the future is going to be bright for investors and Highland Capital Management alike.