Karl Heideck: An Insight Into The Pennsylvania’s Weirdest Laws


Although most laws involve serious matters, there are a few exceptions. Legislators have enacted, several strange laws, in different states. Karl Heideck explores the odd rules that have been implemented in Pennsylvania. These laws regulate numerous activities and issues, ranging from fishing to paintball fights.


A Pennsylvania statute stipulates that anglers should not use comets, common carp, koi or goldfish as bait. The rule was implemented in September 2000. Using the Aquarium as bait will only land you in trouble. Another code explains fishing techniques, that are applicable in various regions. The use of dynamite is prohibited.


Weddings, that are performed in the Keystone State, are governed by numerous weird rules. One statute prohibits the firing of guns, cannons or similar weapons, by the public, during marriage events. Another law bars ministers from aiding marriages of inebriated individuals. The rule questions marriage vows of drunken partners.


Karl Heideck explains another statute that hinders parents from keeping their children away from lavatories and bathtubs. Pennsylvanian children are protected from walking long distances to restrooms during the night. According to the law, washrooms must be located within 200 feet of the children`s bedroom. People with mobile houses such as travel trailers are the only exception, in the law.


Karl Heideck warns people from shooting their paintball guns recklessly. A particular law prohibits paintballers from shooting at non-gamers. A second code stipulates the punishments of paintball enthusiasts, who damage people`s property. Another statute describes the acceptable manner, of carrying a paintball gun in a truck or car.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a lawyer, who operates in Philadelphia. He specializes in risk management, compliance and litigation. He is exceptionally talented in commercial litigation, employment matters and corporate laws. Karl is also a blog writer. He understands the importance of learning about laws. He utilizes his articles to explain various legal topics and recent changes in statutes.

Karl Heideck is a law graduate from Temple University. Heideck started offering advisory services, regarding compliance and risk management, after graduating. In his 10-year experience, Heideck has worked in various firms that include Pepper Hamilton LLP, O`Brien and Conrad.

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Karl Heideck the Ideal Litigator

Civil Litigator Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck currently works as a civil litigator in Jenkintown, PA

UPDATED May 25th, 2017 – Karl Heideck recently published a “Guide to Becoming a Successful Lawyer”. Read the full guide here.

Among the careers in law is litigation. It involves the representation of the plaintiff and the defendant in civil cases. A litigator, therefore, represents the plaintiff and the defendant before the judge. The litigators are in charge of the process of taking a case to court and seeing to it that it has come to a completion. A litigator handles several phases of a court case including pre-trial, discovery and also arguing the case for their clients in the trial. This practice depends on whether the litigator operates as an individual practitioner at a large firm, or at a small firm.

At large firms, a starting litigator does a lot of research and also writes memos. The exposure that a lawyer gains is arguing or even observing from the gallery. Once the trial is complete, the litigator handles the settlement of the case. If there happens that the other side files an appeal, the litigator will take care of it too.

Karl Heideck is such a litigator. He is well known in Philadelphia. He has a reputation as well as a wide range of experience in litigation, risk management, and compliance. Karl Heideck is currently working for Grant & Eisenhofer in compliance and risk management, as a Hire Counsel contract lawyer. He focuses on discovery phase of the court on cases involving security frauds and banking litigation.

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Karl Heideck’s first legal experience after graduating was at Conrad O’Brien as an associate. Here, he took up roles as a litigator that included handling cases of government investigations as well as white collar crimes. It is this experience that enabled Karl Heideck to secure himself a position at Pepper Hamilton as a project attorney. At Pepper Hamilton, Karl Heideck handled government investigations and also white collar defense. Heideck also handled pharmaceutical litigation and bankruptcy cases. As of now, he has been licensed in general practice.

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