TheRealReal Heads to Wall Street

“The RealReal is luxury consignment that has allowed people to get some of the best items to buy designer brands without paying designer prices. This is what Julie Wainwright knew would be a big help to all of those that may have always wanted to dress and look their best in designer garments but were unable to forward these.

Now this company is going public it seems that even more people will get a chance to embrace what this company is offering. Many people that have never heard of it are now discovering it because of the expansion.

A physical store is coming to the New York area, and this is definitely going to allow more people to hear about the company that has managed to turn a business of used clothes, handbags and jewelry that people no longer like into something big. More people are getting the opportunity to see what this company is about now that it is getting connected with Wall Street through the IPO.

It seems interesting for this company to grow at such a fast rate when others company like Dropbox have held off for long periods before obtaining an IPO. The RealReal, however, is a store that is earning money and the money is coming quickly. It makes sense for the CEO Julie Wainwright to consider an IPO because she is in the business of selling luxury items. It is easier to see the way that this company is building a presence and it makes sense for investors to get in early.

As the leader in authenticated luxury consignment Wainwright clearly has the market on lock. She is making her presences known in with Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Christian Dior brands. There are also people that are buying Rolex watches, and these name brand items have made it possible for The RealReal to become one of the most profitable resellers of used items. There is even an app available for people that want to get connected to this luxury brand. TheRealReal IPO goal is very realistic because Julie Wainwright raised $50 million in funding.” Find out more about The Real Real: