Dr. Dov Rand Is The Medical Fountain of Youth

Dr. Dov Rand, MD is a Physiatrist or a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician who founded the Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey. As a NJ Bioidentcal Hormone Specialist, he formulates a customized plan for patients who through the aging process experience health issues like menopause, andropause, fatigue, depression, poor memory, insomnia, weight gain, lowers blood pressure, debilitating hot flashes, muscle atrophy, and more. Dr. Dov Rand provides education and specialized treatment to his patients based on proven science and well-published peer-reviewed medical journals (Medicaldailytimes).

Dr. Rand finished his medical education at the College of Medicine at Howard University. He also studied at prominent institutions like St. Barnabas Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. At the preeminent Albert Einstein Medical Center, he learned not just to treat the body’s diseases or their symptoms, but to also treat the mind and spirit. Dr. Dov Rand believes in continued education and attends a variety of medical conferences. For example, he recently attended a Nutritional Medicine Conference, he extended his training at Cenegenics and studied with Dr. Rouzier, the leading pioneer of Age Management Medicine. Other medical conference areas that he enjoys attending includes Functional Medicine and Adrenal Fatigue.

As a leader in advanced medical therapies for corrective and integrative solutions, Dr. Rand offers a number of helpful services to improve his patient’s lives and to make the aging process easier. At his Healthy Aging Medical Centers, his patients receive a health fitness program that is tailored to their body functions. He further provides various life and body changing natural benefits which includes lifestyle dietary changes, nutrient therapy sessions, concierge medicine help and more.

Dr. Dov Rand is an active member and Fellow of the New York Age Management Medicine Group and A4M society. The Age Management Medicine Group delivers science-based educational solutions to doctors and other healthcare professionals. The A4M Society features physicians, scientists, government representatives, healthcare practitioners and members of the public representing varied global nations. The A4M represents many health issues provided by Dr. Rand in the field of research and age-related diseases. Dr. Dov Rand is pursuing his board certification and a masters in the field of anti-aging medicine and regenerative medicine.