Accomplishment of Dr. Jennifer Walden

She is a successful woman who is devoted, loving and skillful plastic surgeon. Due to her accomplishment, she was recognized and named as the 24 best beauty surgeons with the Harper’s Magazine in the United States. Through her practice in the cosmetic plastic surgery, she is able to help many individuals. She is also one of the good plastic surgeons in New York City which enables a lot of people to come to her for her services. Manhattan is where she started and then she left to Austin to her home in order to be close to her family and also to discover more on surgery.

Jennifer Walden is a unique woman who boards of directors of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). She as well also appeared in numerous medium podium including television and radio. In addition, she is also won numerous awards and also a writer. She also ensures that she keeps better relationships with her clients.As a self-confident plastic surgeon, she ensures that she put more effort to her work so that she can deliver better services to her clients. She is committed to taking care of her patients so they can look prettier. She studied at the University of Texas at Austin and got Bachelor’s Degree in medicine.

Furthermore, she is so passionate in plastic surgery because of the good outcome. A lot of women are happy because she is able to make them more appealing through surgery.Her accomplishment is due to the motivation she got from his family which enabled her to pursue medicine and starts her own clinic for plastic surgery. She also associates with another medical center so they can provide more inventive ways to improve plastic surgery technology hence giving her patient better service, therefore, making her be known all over the world.